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As the world’s leading real-time 3D interactive content creation and growth platform, Unity believes that in 2024, application and game developers will use cutting-edge technologies to continue optimizing customer acquisition and monetization strategies to further tap growth potential.

For example, developers will take measures to monetize non-paying users, while expanding the depth of gameplay to acquire in-app purchase users and increase the frequency of advertising forms such as interstitial ads; in terms of using innovative technologies to improve marketing efficiency and revenue, in-app bidding It will be more widely used, and developers will continue to use data to improve advertising quality and make important decisions with the help of tools such as absorption testing.

Diversified monetization is the general trend, and in-app purchase revenue and advertising monetization are moving at the same time.

Hyper-casual game developers will be more careful in choosing the games they publish and try to explore categories with deeper gameplay to facilitate the addition of in-app purchase models and some more lucrative advertising units. At the same time, the concept that once insisted that “advertising will have a negative impact on app subscriptions and in-app purchases of heavy games” is gradually changing. More and more app and game developers are beginning to experiment with advertising forms that are actively selected and triggered by users. Such as incentive videos and points walls to monetize non-paying players.

Data empowerment further improves advertising quality

While there has always been a close focus on ad quality, this year the conversation around ad experience will shift to being data-led. For example, developers can continuously improve ad quality and optimize ad experience through personalization and data-centric methods to achieve a better balance between ad revenue and user churn.

Unity LevelPlay aggregation platform’s Ad Quality tool allows developers to understand the advertising content trends of the application at a glance and find the right balance between revenue and user churn.

Nimrod Zuta, vice president of product at Unity Grow, said: “Developers need to weigh the balance between revenue performance and user experience. There has been a lot of discussion about ad quality and ad mix. I predict that this year developers will rely more on data to measure different ad formats. and the quality of ad content. This focus on ad quality will help developers achieve balance.”

In terms of advertising creatives, data-driven methods to improve advertising quality will also help developers better balance advertising effectiveness and user churn, thereby optimizing the advertising experience.

Technology first, comprehensively popularize in-app bidding

Looking ahead to the new year, technological innovation and user experience will become key drivers of industry development. In an increasingly diversified market environment where opportunities and challenges coexist, fully grasping market dynamics and arranging growth strategies in advance is the key to achieving new developments and breakthroughs. Unity will continue to lead technological innovation, empower developers and advertisers with leading technologies and solutions to provide users with a better in-app experience, and open a new chapter of growth.

*The above information is based on predictions and is speculative.

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