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On May 16, the “China Game Cloud Market Tracking, Second Half of 2023” report released by International Data Corporation (IDC) pointed out that the size of China’s game cloud market reached US$1.74 billion in 2023, basically maintaining the same level year-on-year. Among them, Tencent Cloud has won the first place in multiple dimensions such as public cloud/dedicated cloud infrastructure usage, cloud gaming solution usage, and CDN market share, relying on its cloud infrastructure spread across 26 regions on five continents and its internationally leading gaming technology accumulation. .

In recent years, more and more manufacturers have embraced the game cloud, further promoting the development of the game cloud industry. At the same time, the gaming cloud’s demand for cloud computing and network infrastructure has also increased to an unprecedented level. In this regard, Tencent Cloud relies on its rich game ecological resources and advanced technical capabilities to launch a number of game life cycle solutions, covering different stages such as game development and testing, distribution and launch, and operational growth, covering game socialization, information security, and anti-cracking. Anti-cheating, cloud-native game development, elastic scaling, high availability, game security, data operations, user growth and other dozens of important game scenarios.

Self-developed database to stably cope with traffic peaks

Tencent relies on its self-developed distributed NoSQL database to support the business model of full-region full-server and partitioned servers. It successfully copes with the test of traffic peaks through functions such as non-stop server expansion and contraction, automatic server merger, etc. Opened to partners through Tencent Cloud as the core database support business for games, it has successfully helped multiple game manufacturers achieve millisecond-level latency, tens of millions of QPS, unlimited horizontal expansion without the need for separate databases and tables, fine-grained rollback, server merging, and lossless Flexible configuration changes to effectively serve the game business.

Audio and video social networking to create innovative gaming experiences

For players, the essence of tactical games lies in teamwork and cooperation, with great attention paid to multi-player audio and video calls and low-latency interaction capabilities. Tencent Cloud provides high-quality game voice communication for millions of players in a large number of games in many countries and regions around the world, greatly improving game sociability and user retention.

Integrated protection to ensure the safe launch of the game

Based on EdgeOne, Tencent Cloud has built an integrated security acceleration solution for games, enabling a “lead as soon as you go online” gaming experience. On the one hand, Tencent Cloud carries 100% package download and hot update services through the enterprise version content acceleration package, reserve sufficient bandwidth resources for customers in advance, and effectively cope with the sudden increase in traffic on the day of game release.

On the other hand, Tencent Cloud provides high-defense IP function protection for the game’s lobby, login, payment, API and other services, effectively responding to multiple DDoS and CC attacks; and through CLB convergence and high-defense package function modules, it protects the four aspects of the game. Layer business game server for protection to ensure the business operation of the game server to the greatest extent.

Tencent Game Cloud has covered more than 90% of China’s leading game manufacturers, including well-known game manufacturers such as Perfect World, Haoteng Jiake, Youzu Games, Xindong Games, Sanqi Interactive Entertainment, and Tanwan Entertainment.

Today, embracing the game cloud and strengthening cooperation with technical service providers have become key strategies for the development of the game cloud industry. As China’s first cloud computing company with over one million servers, Tencent Cloud has more than 2,800 acceleration nodes around the world, covering more than 70 countries and regions, and can provide EB-level mass storage services, 160T CDN bandwidth reserve, and edge security acceleration Platform EdgeOne and other security protection products provide players with stable and high-speed gaming services and provide reliable underlying support for the innovation and creation of high-quality games.

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