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Today, in the “crazy volume” mode of industry competition, no matter how good a work is, there is no guarantee that it will not be replaced. During the fierce battle of life and death, it is not uncommon for many masterpieces to appear briefly. In this difficult situation, there are very few products that are truly “viable”. Among them, the mobile game “Fantasy Westward Journey” is recognized as the most “tough” one.

It is not only a “super boutique” that ranks at the top of the best-selling list all year round, but also a “smart man” who has mastered the secret of long-term prosperity in a turbulent market environment. In the process of historical evolution, it continues to break through itself and refresh standards around player experience and emotional appeal. Recently, it took the initiative to absorb player feedback at the Youth Ceremony held on March 30, and issued a maintenance announcement yesterday to promptly respond and answer players’ questions, focusing on “listening to advice.”

Games that listen to the voices of players in this way are very rare in the industry, and its player-centered “play” that carefully maintains player relationships starts with a video.

On March 30, a short film documenting Zhang Yixing’s joining NetEase and personally planning the “Anniversary Ceremony” of the “Fantasy Westward Journey” mobile game was launched on all platforms and quickly spread across the entire network. As of the date of publication, this 12-minute-long film has received millions of views, interactive likes and other data are also quite impressive, and its popularity is still rising.

Fans who are familiar with Zhang Yixing should know that he is not only the star spokesperson for the “Fantasy Westward Journey” mobile game for six consecutive years, but he is also a well-known fan of fantasy. As early as when he was a student, when Zhang Yixing was writing his classmate list, he filled in “None” for almost all his preferences. Only in the “Favorite Games” column, he carefully wrote “MHXY”.

Later, his father promised him that if he entered the first round of Hunan Satellite TV’s “Star Academy” talent show, he would give him 50 yuan in game funds. The higher the ranking, the richer the bonus. Unexpectedly, he passed five levels and killed six generals, reaching the third place. After such an experience, Zhang Yixing not only received a considerable amount of funds, but also strengthened his music dream, and devoted his love and focus on games to his career, rising all the way to become a popular star today. Superstar.

To this day, after being busy at work, Zhang Yixing still has not forgotten his sincere original intention as a child. Whenever he takes a break, he will open the “Fantasy Westward Journey” mobile game to relax himself. He once won the nickname “Gangnan Cool Brother” Ranked second in the entire server, and even in some programs, his love for the mobile game “Fantasy Westward Journey” is often revealed in the gags. Netizens commented on his past: he constantly achieved perfect counterattacks and experienced a life like the hero of a cool novel.

(In “Longing for Life”, the child is named “Zhang Shisan”, and the numbers represent the thirteen skills in the game)

The bond between Zhang Yixing and the “Fantasy Westward Journey” mobile game is like a true portrayal of the shared memories of a generation of “Fantasy Westward Journey” mobile game. On the occasion of the 9th anniversary this year, as a spokesperson and also representing every consistent “Fantasy Westward Journey” mobile game player, he personally prepared an anniversary ceremony to celebrate with the players.

How much energy can a short film about Zhang Yixing’s planned activities detonate?

It is rare in the industry for a senior “hardcore” gamer to plan a game event. However, it is precisely because the “Fantasy Westward Journey” mobile game has never missed the opportunity to communicate with all users since its launch in 2015, so it can make bold attempts that others cannot, allowing players to deeply appreciate the advantages of the “Fantasy Westward Journey” mobile game. The charm of behavior forms a precious “exclusive memory” between them and the game.

Through audience comments and other information feedback, I have to say that Zhang Yixing really understands the psychological appeal of players, and the proposals he prepared can be described as high-energy throughout. The imaginative creativity set off a wave of interaction that filled the screen, and the irresistible “gifts” kept poking everyone’s psychological anchor points.

Using “nine” as the key word, he pioneered multiple welfare sections based on the differences of different players: 9999 immortal jade will be given to all servers in the form of “airdrop”; a summoning spirit with 9 skills will be rewarded to everyone on site; Select 9 or 81 people on site for a pet-sharing game; design a lottery gift package that will impress veteran players, such as a rare beast trick; and finally, in the game, give each friend present an exclusive costume prize… ….

By unpacking the secrets like a gift box layer by layer, the fun of Zhang Yixing’s whole life quickly raised the excitement threshold of the audience in front of the screen. Humorous and funny barrages such as “generous and generous”, “I have believed, don’t live up to it” came one after another, as if This celebration is just as lively online. During this period, several shots of Zhang Yixing’s planned confrontation from the perspective of an ordinary player aroused emotional resonance among netizens and further enhanced the program’s effect.

The reason why the mobile game “Fantasy Westward Journey” is “classic” is that it always focuses on using its own exciting game content to attract players and build up the community. When it comes to distributing benefits, the project team is always cautious, fearing that a slight inadvertence could easily turn the hard-earned materials into eye-catching gimmicks, destroying the emotional bridge that the game and players have cherished for many years. In the view of the project team, the 9th anniversary of the mobile game “Fantasy Westward Journey” is an important node. In addition to showing sincerity, welfare activities must also be full of ritual feeling. Therefore, Zhang Yixing’s ideas and the game team came together in an effort to maximize the benefits for players. dream.

Overall, netizens were almost all impressed and surprised by Zhang Yixing’s whimsical ideas, including the design of the event site. He hoped to have the “most fun” anniversary celebration. In addition to hoping that the outer decoration of the clothing can be fancy enough, there should be a unique awards ceremony at the end to complete the beautiful ending.

With so many ingenious ideas, people can undoubtedly see the vitality of the product to keep up with the times. It is also thanks to the effective deepening of the emotional relationship with the players that the players will never give up on the game. Although it was only through the release of a short video, players’ attention to the anniversary ceremony suddenly reached a climax, causing heated discussions among the core group of people. At the same time, driven by the star effect and the aggregation platform, it finally triggered off-circuit communication. It was a great boost for the grand ceremony.

An anniversary ceremony reflects the evergreen myth of the mobile game “Fantasy Westward Journey” that will never end

At the same time as the video was broadcast, the anniversary ceremony for the “Fantasy Westward Journey” mobile game players also kicked off at 3 p.m. The game team had an in-depth face-to-face communication with the players at the Daming Palace in Xi’an, and It brought many major revelations and completely ignited the excitement of players.

The newly launched official position system starts from three advanced directions: Wen Dao Line, Martial Arts Line, and Wen De Line, allowing players to be in the officialdom of the Tang Dynasty and feel the charm of one page of Chinese history. Specifically in terms of the detailed performance of the system, the mobile game “Fantasy Westward Journey” fully studies the “workplace culture” of the prosperous Tang Dynasty, and ingeniously constructs a virtual scene that complements historical records. For example, officials of fifth rank and above will have the opportunity to participate in the canonization ceremony with a full sense of ceremony and enjoy the sense of honor given by the grand promotion process. Relatives and friends of officials can also go to watch the ceremony and appreciate the official style of the Tang Dynasty. The official position system undoubtedly reflects the game’s active exploration in the deep integration of content and culture.

The mobile game “Fantasy Westward Journey” itself carries the Chinese mythological aesthetics, and therefore entrusts the profound cultural emotions of countless players. And this kind of cultural emotion does not stop in the game. The offline “Fantasy Westward Journey” mobile game has also successfully broken the gap between reality and reality, highlighting traditional cultural heritage and value with modern national trend art forms, and continues to impress players.

The venue for this youth festival is the Daming Palace National Heritage Park in Xi’an, the ancient capital of the Thirteen Dynasties. As we all know, this capital city is the starting point of the journey in the game and the beginning of dreams. The Daming Palace is a treasure that reflects the peak period of the Tang Dynasty. The activities here can be said to complement each other and have great potential in inheriting and promoting the achievements of Journey to the West. In particular, the dazzling light show at night brings a feast of light and shadow of “Westward Journey”, attracting many tourists and locals. Stop, take photos and check in, feel the vivid image characteristics of the “Fantasy Westward Journey” mobile game, and then become interested in the game itself. The offline “Fantasy Westward Journey” mobile game has also become more accessible, opening a window for players to perceive Chinese history and urban culture, inviting players to visit Chang’an City together, and jointly create a unique experience for every player. Dream Night of the Tang Dynasty.

In fact, it is not difficult to find that this anniversary ceremony is like a microcosm of the “Fantasy Westward Journey” mobile game’s long-term continuous innovation and improvement of the “people-oriented” operation route:

“Fantasy Westward Journey” mobile game has been on a long road for 9 years. From the beginning to the end, it has focused on innovating and maintaining a stable rhythm to update optimized content that keeps pace with the times. Not only is it popular with old players, but it has also won the praise of young users in the new era. .

From the perspective of online operations, the mobile game “Fantasy Westward Journey” abandons the shortcomings of traditional MMOs such as heavy emphasis on krypton and pure numerical value, and turns to traditional culture as the starting point to create an immersive and warm content experience for players.

For example, the official position system of the Tang Dynasty mentioned above allows players to enter the history of the Tang Dynasty, understand the magnificent political culture of China, and personally feel the pride and pride of being a child of the Chinese nation; furthermore, the “Three Realms Search” launched in the 9th anniversary version The gameplay of “filling lyrics and composing music with music” is closely connected with traditional cultural elements, which not only gives the game a deeper cultural connotation, but also motivates players to participate in it, triggering a lot of discussions on cultural identity in the community; there are also lantern festivals to pray and visits to temple fairs Forms such as lighting up lamps and praying for blessings are not only intended to inherit the grand view of traditional culture, but their implicit value lies in creating a warm “home” for users. During the Spring Festival this year, many players sent blessings to each other through these appropriate gameplays, set off lanterns together to make wishes for the next year, and fully experienced the flavor and fireworks of the New Year in another space. This approach of paying attention to players’ emotional experience and building game content based on players’ feelings is the key to the long-lasting and stable operation of the “Fantasy Westward Journey” mobile game.

Back offline, the “Fantasy Westward Journey” mobile game actively carries out cultural tourism linkage and cultural creative linkage, whether it is the “Lights Shining in Chang’an·Dream China Year” co-created with Xi’an Qujiang Cultural Tourism on New Year’s Eve last year, or joining in this year’s Spring Festival Going to the Tianjie Festival held by Luoyang Cultural Tourism Group in Henan Province, the cultural background of the “Fantasy Westward Journey” mobile game was emphasized. Not only that, with the help of traditional symbols such as lanterns, the mobile game “Fantasy Westward Journey” can establish a deeper connection with players outside the game, further demonstrating the product’s posture and pattern of inheriting the past and integrating with the present.

In addition to the joint cooperation, a series of large and small activities such as the Youth Festival and the annual live broadcast that it has carefully created are actually implementing the original intention of the game and the team to truly accompany users. For example, allowing player Zhang Yixing to participate in the planning of this anniversary ceremony, the wonderful light show at night, and the invitation of the first-generation spokesperson Miriam Yeung to perform a memory killing in the previous live broadcast event, etc., every arrangement and arrangement focuses on emotional companionship. In this journey of companionship, players not only gain a visual feast and momentary satisfaction, but also receive a sincere response to their long-term companionship. It is this mutual spiritual protection that enables the mobile game “Fantasy Westward Journey” to create an everlasting myth.


“Transmitting the beauty of culture and creating a dream life”, the mobile game “Fantasy Westward Journey” originated from the Westward Journey culture, but on the way of inheritance, it weaves a unique dream story between itself and the players. This is definitely a milestone in the history of mobile games. A very unique mental journey.

It is a very rare case in the industry for a top star to endorse for 6 consecutive years. Today, when Xianxia is facing aesthetic fatigue and MMOs are aimless, the mobile game “Fantasy Westward Journey” can still be timeless and gain the trust and recognition of players, which makes me have expectations and longing for its future path forward.

After its ninth year, the mobile game “Fantasy Westward Journey” and its players will continue to write their own legend.

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