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As a blockbuster new product in YOOZOO’s “Youth” IP series, the Chinese punk card RPG “Youth Journey to the West 2” has been officially announced to be launched on April 30. For this reason, the official also released a new brand creative film today (April 3), interpreting the game features of “true national fashion, true relaxation, and true welfare”.

Since the release of YOOZOO’s first juvenile series product, “Youth Three Kingdoms”, the “Youth” IP has been accompanying players for nearly ten years. After three years, Yozuo has launched a new product of the “Journey to the West”, “National Trend” and “Journey to the West” series, as well as the signature of the “Journey to the West” series, which has attracted a lot of players’ attention. At present, the number of reservations for “Journey to the West 2” across the entire network has exceeded 5 million, and the popularity is very impressive.

So, in what dimensions will the so-called “true national trend, true relaxation, and true welfare” be reflected?

True national tide, a new interpretation of the chapter of Journey to the West

In terms of world view presentation, “Journey to the West 2” deconstructs and reorganizes the myth of Journey to the West and the civilization of the Tang Dynasty, and then cleverly combines various elements through the mysterious and powerful power “Lingyan”, allowing the aesthetics of the Tang Dynasty to merge and collide with the future industry. , using the Chinese punk art style to present a brand new oriental fantasy industrial world.

The familiar characters and scenes from the Three Realms in the myth of Journey to the West and the Golden Age of the Tang Dynasty retain the style of the Tang Dynasty while incorporating a large number of modern trendy punk elements. In this journey to the west to prevent the disaster of Moyan, players can not only encounter different styles of Yanling, but also enjoy the splendid Tang Dynasty Sleepless City, the majestic Jiuxiao Temple, the vast Xiaoleiyin Temple, and the vast sky. The vast Five Elements Mountain, as well as the Wuzhuang Temple with giant trees… “Young Journey to the West 2″‘s modern interpretation of the Journey to the West chapter in a parallel world is undoubtedly a highlight of this work.

It’s so easy, zero-loss training and no more burdens

Play games and check in every day? Does Qing Rong seem to be working overtime?

In order to let players say goodbye to the “burden of development”, “Journey to the West 2” has made major innovations in the development system. In addition to ensuring that all development progress is inherited and all invested resources can be transferred with one click without loss, it also introduces functions such as easy cards that can recover 100% of lost resources the next day, and star upgrades for idle characters. As a result, players finally no longer have to devote all their time and energy to tedious development, resulting in the game experience being as stylized as going to work.

Real welfare, every day you can draw hundreds of spirits to fill up

What players are most concerned about is naturally the intensity of the game’s welfare distribution and the rhythm of welfare distribution in long-term operations.

For this reason, “Journey to the West 2” is also prepared. In the first week after the game is launched, players can receive two top-quality derived spirits by logging in continuously. In addition, there are also generous benefits of hundreds of draws every day. You can choose one of them ten times in a row, and each time must contain the top-quality derived spirits. At the same time, players only need to join a guild to obtain gold coins, and directly purchase in-game gift packs for zero dollars, which helps players summon the three worlds’ derived spirits and easily increase their strength.

Build a new card RPG experience

In addition to the traditional level-breaking gameplay, players can also freely explore the large map through the joystick in “Journey to the West 2” to search for treasure chests and generous benefits hidden everywhere. While appreciating the gorgeous scenery of the oriental fantasy industrial world, you can interact with NPCs from various places and gain a deep understanding of all aspects of this world. From the gods and spirits in the myth of Journey to the West, to the literati and ordinary people in the prosperous Tang Dynasty, everyone has their own interesting anecdotes, which are quite in-depth to explore. In addition, various small gameplay methods such as light puzzle solving and copy clearance further ensure the immersive experience of players.

Obviously, “Journey to the West 2” has deeply absorbed the essence of the past products of “Youth” IP, and made an all-round optimization and reconstruction of the gameplay. Let us wait for the arrival of the public beta to see what new situation this new product will open up for IP.

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