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On November 17, 2023, at the 30th China International Advertising Festival, the 2023 Digital Marketing Innovation Development Forum and Digital Marketing Practical Competition Honors Ceremony, one of the heavyweight sections, came to a perfect conclusion.

ToBid’s aggregation advertising platform has won two honorary awards in a row due to its deep involvement in the industry and its professional performance in the field of traffic advertising monetization.[Excellent Digital Marketing Technology Platform of the Year][Excellent Data Intelligent Application Products of the Year].

The China Digital Marketing Practical Competition is guided by the China Advertising Association, hosted by the Internet Advertising Working Committee of the China Advertising Association, and jointly sponsored by Zhiniuer Media and IAB China.It is a grand event that brings together outstanding digital marketing talents across the country, aiming to demonstrate and enhance the practical capabilities of digital marketing and promote the development of the industry.

This competition covers multiple subdivisions and has four major categories: case, organization, product/platform/tool, and people. More than 130 judges participated in the selection process. After fierce competition, only less than one-tenth With works and companies on the list, this selection event brings a marketing benchmark reference with practical value to the industry. It is a heavyweight marketing event aimed at discovering the transformative forces and emerging trends that affect growth in the digital business ecosystem.

Honor is a testimony of strength. Winning two awards in the competition is a multi-dimensional and comprehensive recognition of the ToBid aggregated advertising platform’s innovative technology, practical capabilities and service capabilities by the industry and authoritative institutions.

The ToBid aggregation advertising platform will officially launch the new brand ToBid in 2022. It has begun to polish the team 5 years ago. With the development of market trends and developer needs, it has continuously adjusted and launched many new products that can meet the actual needs of developers. Technology and new features.

Based on the continuous improvement of traffic group management, customized SDK, multi-dimensional A/B testing, and hybrid intelligent sorting functions, ToBid has increased its power in data product capabilities, and has successively released value estimation models for the entire user life cycle and ROI closed-loop chains. It provides many business-level reports such as road data and user granular in-depth behavioral analysis, and its digital capabilities and operational service system have once again experienced a leap forward.

The ToBid team can also provide developers withFull life cycle service plan,From budget selection, increasing advertising scenarios, channel communication, compliance, etc., we protect developers throughout the entire process; we can also createSmall data BI and end-to-end commercialization case guidance,Through the built-in data analysis and data prediction models provided by the platform, coupled with the product operation team’s cognitive understanding of the industry, developers are guided to use a higher and broader perspective to continuously optimize their products and commercialization models.

After several years of innovation and accumulation, ToBid has continued to gain industry recognition and support while promoting more and more mobile application developers to successfully increase their monetization income.Currently serving 100 million+ aggregated DAU, with 1,000+ access developers, customized operation strategies drive ARPDAU to increase by up to 248%, becoming the consensus of many well-known manufacturers such as Le Elements, Mini Play, iDreamWorld, Outfit7, Xi’an Diankou, etc. choose.

ToBid will also continue to delve into the field of advertising monetization in the future, accurately connecting traffic value and business growth in actual combat, and jointly explore unlimited business possibilities!

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