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Domestic game “Done!” I’m surrounded by beautiful women! “(hereinafter referred to as “Surrounded by Beauties”) became popular immediately after being launched on the Steam platform on October 18, and has continuously topped the best-selling list in China. On November 9, Sina Games invited the main game role players in “Beauties Surrounded” Zhong Chenyao, Wang Ziyun, Dong Qi, Wang Xingchen and former RNG e-sports club top laner Letme to conduct a “dimension-breaking” discussion on Weibo. The live broadcast attracted a large number of fans, game fans, and e-sports fans to participate in the interaction. The number of live broadcast viewers exceeded 5.9 million. Topics derived from the live broadcast were on the hot search 16 times. The one-and-a-half-hour live broadcast received more than 300,000 comments. Screen interaction, ranking first on Weibo live broadcast popularity list.

After “Surrounded by Beauties” sparked initial buzz in the game circle, Weibo quickly followed up, providing traffic portals for “Surrounded by Beauties” by opening the screen and setting up a follow aggregation page, and linked the e-mail to the official account of @SinaGames Active discussions with big V celebrities in the sports and entertainment fields, professional media, etc. stimulate user interaction and boost the popularity of the game. From the news trends #我在狠狠series# to the discussion of industry value #talking about electronic girlfriends product cyberlife#, to the starring actors sharing their gaming experience #中陈瑶瑶说说我是一个游戏人会做成子梓困#, we have deconstructed “Beauty” from multiple angles “Surrounded” created multiple hot searches, pushing the game into the public eye. Since its release, “Surrounded by Beauties” has been on the hot search list 24 times, forming a stable voice on Weibo.

At the same time, the platform immediately planned a multi-dimensional live broadcast based on the “real-person interaction” game characteristics of “Surrounded by Beauties”. It is understood that this live broadcast is the first time that several leading actors of the game have appeared together on a social platform.

During the live broadcast, Weibo once again showed its ability to make memes, and the creation of hot search topics such as #letme lianmai##Zhongchenyao also remember to be happy today# not only allowed gamers to understand the story behind the game, but also brought the game and its creators together The influence is brought to the public’s attention. After the live broadcast, the popularity of starring Wang Xingchen soared to the first place in the field of “game animation”, surpassing many well-known games such as Genshin Impact.

Previously, Letme was one of the first players of the game to share her game experience on Weibo, and attracted onlookers because of her humorous and sharp comments. Therefore, this live broadcast caused many netizens to “exclaim”: The dimension is broken! Secondary content related to live broadcasts has also been spread to video platforms such as Douyin and Bilibili, achieving cross-platform popularity.

“Surrounded by Beauties” has become a hit on Weibo, not only because of its novel model and platform of “short drama + game”, but also because of its innovative male emotional game setting, which has strong social and topical attributes. On Weibo, the first window for national social interaction, strong topicality coupled with cross-circle user discussions, secondary creations, and secondary communication formed by social chains have continued to increase the popularity of the game.

(Check in on Weibo after the live broadcast)

In addition, as a product with more than 600 million monthly active users, Weibo has established a diverse content ecosystem centered on interests, gathering a large number of active users and creators in the fields of entertainment, games, and e-sports. The soil characteristics of this platform are consistent with the characteristics of “live-action film and television interaction” of “Surrounded by Beauties” across the two fields of games and entertainment. In addition to game players, discussions among media, KOLs and users in the film and television field have further promoted the traffic interoperability and content complementarity of “Surrounded by Beauties” in the two circles of ACGN and entertainment, and also accumulated experience for the game itself to break out of the circle and enter the public sphere. Communication basics.

Taking the topic aggregation page as an example, through the game aggregation portal, the popularity of several main actors and their upcoming dramas has rapidly increased on Weibo; the topic aggregation page of “Surrounded by Beauties” is displayed through the actor’s homepage, and the actor’s fans can use this portal Go to the homepage to learn more about the game.

Disclaimer: The market is risky, please choose carefully! This article is for reference only and is not a basis for buying or selling.

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