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Let’s talk about the launch of SLG “Three Strategies”. How many industry perceptions has it broken? Japan follows the EU in enacting new laws: forcing Apple to support third-party app stores and third-party payments
【Game-Time News】

It all stems from the sudden popularity of a game.In April this year, “Farlight84” officially launched global public beta and launched on iOS, Android and Steam platforms.

The game’s initial low profile managed to fool everyone. During the public beta phase of the game, with almost no marketing costs or purchases, the first-month installation data of 5.1 million was obtained solely through user self-propagation. On May 19, the official announced that the number of registered users on ; Immediately afterwards, “Farlight84” entered the Steam Top 20, ranking among the top 10 free iOS games in 10 countries and regions, and the top 10 action games in 25 countries and regions, not to mention other platforms.

Such achievements are hard-won. In 2017, “PUBG” became popular, completely igniting the tactical shooting game category, and “eating chicken” officially became a popular term. Immediately afterwards, “Fortnite” and “Free Fire” were launched one after another, and 2018’s “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: Stimulating Battlefield” brought the category into the Red Sea. Zhuyu comes first, and the powerful suction capacity of head products severely squeezes the living space of rising stars. Therefore, when word spread about the “Farlight84” project under the guise of TPS, the industry generally took a wait-and-see attitude.

But the more this happens, the more the project team polishes the quality of the game to the extreme.

Take the game voice as an example. For a long time, the general understanding of voice by game manufacturers is:Just listen.However, in tactical shooting games, game voice is the key to ensuring the game experience. The essence of the tactical game lies in the cooperation between black and black, and through group battles, flexible positioning and finally reaching the finals, completing the feat of winning the chicken game. In this process,Game voice is indispensable – it needs to make players feel like they are on the battlefield the moment they turn on the sound.Under the hail of bullets, the rustling sounds of opponents came from the distant hills shrouded in mist. Your teammates nearby gave you a gesture, and his voice came from the headset: “Don’t be afraid, let’s come together.”

Game voice can’t just be “heard”.

Real-time voice is easy to understand. There are 60 people in a game, 2 or 4 people form a team, and the mic can be opened for a small team or for the whole group. Range voice means that players within a certain coordinate area can hear each other’s voices – within a certain range, the sound is reachable; outside the range, communication is impossible.

Then, “Farlight84” became popular, and the number of players increased sharply. As a key scene in facing the surge in traffic, the pressure of game voice increased sharply.

So Lilith Games found NetEase Yunxin. The two parties quickly reached a consensus that the core of game voice lies in:At the lowest possible cost, we provide players with a high-quality, highly stable immersive experience, so that gamers can hear their conversations truly and clearly – remote connections feel as if they are close to their ears.

The application scenarios of game voice in different games are different. Especially for a game that is in the blowout period and is launched on multiple overseas platforms for global players, the challenges encountered are unpredictable.Technology is important, but“Worry about customers first”Excellent service is the key to breaking the situation.

Each stage has different tasks, but what remains unchanged is the urgency of customer needs and the service attitude of the Yunxin team.

As early as the quotation stage, the Yunxin team organized a docking test simultaneously.We have conducted detailed research on the three core scenarios of real-time voice, ranged voice and audio routing and forwarding in “Farlight84”, and provided a list of API interfaces to reflectComplete coverage of Yunxin capabilitiesand further provides reference for access codes and best practices for related scenarios, allowing Lilith to have a stronger sense of the implementation path of the solution.

From Day 1, Yunxin has made it clear that it starts from customers and provides nanny-style services. “Farlight84” version iteration is fast and the integration window period is short. Whether it is meeting needs or solving problems, the release plan of “Farlight84” needs to be stuck. Our project team tests together with QA on-site at Lilith, often working until the early hours of the morning.Ensure that any problems players may encounter can be verified and fixed in a timely manner;For audio noise reduction and echo processing, weRecommended appropriate audio parameters based on business scenarios,The game voice quality in “Farlight84” is guaranteed.

In addition to a reliable team,Reliable tools are the key to ensuring service.To this end, we developed the Compass Platform and Safe Pass solution.

It is useless to say that it is stable. Stable performance at the data level is the real thing.Compass is a quality data platform provided by NetEase Cloud to customers.It has three major strengths:

1. Comprehensive monitoring of key indicators:

For player portrait refining and staged summary analysis scenarios, based on project-level analysis and insight tools, by analyzing historical usage and quality details in different dimensions such as regions, networks, devices, versions, etc., we can gain insight into business scale change trends and development patterns, and facilitate targeted targeting. Comprehensively carry out operational activities and optimize quality experience – it also supports viewing indicator details and key usage characteristics of player voices from multiple dimensions such as region, network type, SDK version, operating system, device model, room size, etc.

2. Hierarchical drill-down of business diagnosis:

Provides a variety of investigation and analysis tools to deal with abnormal experience problems such as voice lag for players. Combined with various scale and quality data, it can efficiently display the details of each voice call and end-to-end full link details, quickly locate problem channels and users, and realize any call Root cause investigation.

3. Automatic monitoring of product anomalies:

For high-concurrency scenarios in special periods, application-level monitoring dashboards are provided to monitor the usage scale of players, rooms, etc. as well as quality details such as lags and delays in real time to help grasp real-time dynamics. For critical activity re-insurance scenarios, configure usage or quality alarm policies, and abnormal problems will be exposed immediately.

The Compass Platform enablesBusiness process transparency,to quickly expose potential risks and real-time anomalies.As an overall solution that integrates product online operation quality monitoring, indicator monitoring analysis and abnormal problem diagnosis, Compass ensuresQuality data is fully open and transparent.This allows planning, main processes, and front-line staff to locate problems and perceive changes in a timely manner.

Next is the content security audit tool,Safe pass.As a one-stop secure communication solution jointly created by NetEase Cloud Trust and NetEase Yidun, targeting game voice scenarios,SafeTong provides three content security audit solutions: real-time, bypass, and offline:

Safe pass can realize theComprehensive control of player communication and interactive content,Ensure the healthy ecology of the game.

At the same time, based on its services to a large number of game customers, NetEase Cloud TrustDeveloped a full platform SDK,Whether it is for self-developed engines or external commercial engines (including UE, Unity, etc.), it can provide smooth and stable docking services.

At a technical level, the primary purpose isEnsure a stable communication experience for players,Solve common problems in traditional voice solutions, such as volume jumps and sound quality degradation caused by volume type switching.

But we hope to go further,Based on its own understanding of the game scene, it gives players of “Farlight84” an immersive game experience.

For example, during the game, players do not necessarily want all their voices to be collected by the microphone, but they do not want to switch the microphone on and off frequently, so we provideMicrophone’s ability to collect sound thresholds——If the volume is less than the threshold, it will not be heard by other players; if the volume is greater than this threshold, it can be heard by other players.

For example, when the sound is played externally, we often encounter the problem of sound mutation and sound quality degradation caused by the upper and lower mics.We provide a brand new Wwise docking solution,Optimize audio performance in this scenario.

For example, when players form a team and go from matching outside the game to starting a battle within the game, voice switching will occur. This is often achieved by switching rooms, but this will cause the problem of voice inconsistency. In order to ensure speech continuity during this process,We are based on the solution of adding multiple rooms to ensure that the team’s voice is not interrupted.

For example, to address the impact of different noises caused by the external environment on voice interaction in games, NetEase Yunxin developed the latest AI noise reduction 3.0 technology,It can intelligently analyze environmental sound components and automatically identify and filter environmental noise. The algorithm effectively solves the most challenging noise types in audio noise reduction: non-stationary noise and transient noise, and ensures voice quality while reducing noise. After turning on AI noise reduction, directional noise reduction can be performed on background vocals, keyboard sounds and other noises in noisy environments. It will also improve the suppression of steady-state noise in the environment and retain purer vocals. However, such a powerful algorithm itself is only based on a self-developed lightweight deep neural network with low overhead.Suitable for implementation on mobile terminals and ensures ultimate real-time performance——This point has been fully verified in “Farlight84”.

Taking the best practices of NetEase games as the cornerstone and leading technology as the spear that can break the sky,NetEase Yunxin continues to overcome technical difficulties and is committed to providing players of “Farlight84” with the ultimate voice experience matching game quality and creating a game voice 3.0 solution:

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