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Huawei Game Center and 40+ Hongmeng native games will be exhibited at 2024 ChinaJoy to explore extraordinary experiences and witness the rebirth of games 3 years of revenue of $100 million, DAU exceeds 1 million, let’s talk about the VR game “Gorilla Tag”

Sensor Tower Store Intelligence Platform shows that in June 2024, a total of 38 Chinese manufacturers were shortlisted in the TOP100 global mobile game publisher revenue list, with a total of US$2.04 billion, accounting for 39.2% of the revenue of the global TOP100 mobile game publishers in this period.

Special note: This report only counts publisher revenue and does not include third-party Android channels in China.

Top 30 Chinese Mobile Game Publishers by Revenue

After the official public beta test on May 21, Dungeon Fighter: Origins, published by Tencent, topped the domestic iPhone overall ranking and mobile game best-selling ranking for 38 consecutive days. After briefly giving up the top spot to Honor of Kings on June 28, it returned to the top spot on July 2. As of press time, the game’s revenue in the Chinese iOS market has exceeded US$400 million, and it also topped the global mobile game best-selling ranking in June, ending the monopoly of Monopoly Go! on the ranking for the past seven months.

Despite the competition from several blockbuster new games recently, Honkai Impact 3rd has become the most popular game in the world thanks to the 2.3 version released on June 19.[再见,匹诺康尼] The company also added rich content such as the new character “Firefly” to maintain stable revenue. At the same time, Genshin Impact launched the upper and lower card pools of version 4.7 “Spinning the Endless Dream” on June 5 and 25, respectively, which increased MiHoYo’s revenue by 9% month-on-month in June.

Diandian Interactive’s “Whiteout Survival Endless Winter” was launched on the Chinese iOS channel on June 1, and its revenue and ranking have steadily increased since then, allowing the publisher’s revenue on the mobile application platform to increase by 11.8% month-on-month, setting a new record. In January and February of this year, the game once topped the Chinese overseas mobile game revenue list, and has since remained in the top two of the list, creating a precedent for the integration of ice and snow doomsday themes and business strategy gameplay.

Following the release of the second half of version 1.0 on June 6, the open world RPG mobile game Mingchao launched version 1.1 “The Past Year Riding the Sky and Awakening the Awakening” on June 28, ushering in the second revenue peak after its listing and ranking 15th on this issue’s global mobile game best-selling list.

Although facing strong competition and challenges in the domestic market, Mingchao’s performance in overseas markets has been steadily increasing. It is the second-highest-grossing 2D mobile game in overseas revenue in June, second only to Honkai Impact 3rd. In the Korean market, the game ranked fifth on the mobile game best-selling list in June, surpassing Solo Leveling: Arise, and is the highest-grossing 2D mobile game, which has attracted the attention of the industry. In the Japanese and Taiwanese markets, it ranked 16th and 7th on the mobile game best-selling list respectively. Overall, the revenue from overseas markets in June has exceeded 80%. The publisher Kuro Games’ revenue increased by 106% month-on-month, and its ranking rose by 10 places, ranking 8th on the Chinese mobile game publisher revenue list and 24th on the global publisher revenue list.

As the first SLG mobile game released by Bilibili, “Three Kingdoms: Conquering the World” was officially launched on June 13, and on the same day it entered the top three of the best-selling iPhone mobile games in China. The publisher set a record in the past 8 years, with revenue in June increasing by 380% month-on-month, and entered the top ten for the first time. The successful launch of this game not only enabled Bilibili to break out of the field of two-dimensional mobile games, but also injected new vitality into the field of sandbox strategy mobile games.

Thanks to the further growth of revenue from its multiple merger mobile games in the US market, Lemon Micro Fun’s revenue in June increased by 5% month-on-month, setting a new record again. Sensor Tower game intelligence data shows that in June, global merger mobile game in-app purchase revenue reached US$124 million, an increase of 73% over the same period last year, and 2.24 times that of June 2022. Leading manufacturers represented by Lemon Micro Fun and Magmatic Games have given new experiences to the classic merger gameplay, bringing rapid growth to this track.

While topping the domestic iPhone casual mobile game best-seller list, the doomsday survival Roguelike shooting mobile game “Fire at Zombies – Tide of Zombies” was released to overseas markets by Dewdrop Games in early May. In June, the game successfully entered the 9th place in the mobile game best-seller list in the Taiwan market, China, and led to a 13% month-on-month increase in Dewdrop Games’ revenue, ranking 27th on the Chinese mobile game publisher revenue list.

Outside the list, the 38 Chinese mobile game publishers shortlisted for the global top 100 in terms of revenue are: Tap4Fun, World of Games, Glacier Network, Youka Network, Changyou, ELEX, Youku and Yale Technology.

Top 20 Chinese App Store Mobile Games by Revenue

In addition to the new entrants “Three Kingdoms: Conquering the World” and “Endless Winter”, other mobile games that have seen significant growth this period include “Egg Party” and “Identity V”.

“Egg Party” celebrated its second anniversary on June 14. With the launch of various activities such as the “Century Round Dance”, the game’s revenue in June increased by 28% month-on-month, and its ranking moved up 6 places to 12th on the list.

“Identity V” launched the second wave of Sanrio celebrity collaboration on June 27. On the same day, the game entered the top five of the domestic iPhone mobile game best-selling list, and the daily revenue reached the highest value since its listing. The revenue in June increased by 45% month-on-month, returning to the 17th place on the list.

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