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Today, Tencent Games officially announced that its sci-fi strategy shooting game “Edge of Rebirth” will officially end operations in mainland China at 11 am on September 9, 2024.

“Edge of Rebirth” was launched on September 8, 2023. It is a third-person sci-fi strategy shooting game developed by Tencent NExT Studio. It cleverly combines PVP and PVE through the “control” element, redefines the overall gameplay of PVPVE games, and incorporates a new concept of human-machine collaborative tactical shooting. It attracted a lot of attention from players at the beginning of its launch.

After the launch of Reborn Edge, the reviews on major platforms were mixed, but it ultimately failed to maintain long-term operation. Today, 10 months after the game was launched, Tencent officially announced that it will terminate the operation of Reborn Edge. The official said that it will hold a series of compensation activities, and the specific details will be announced in subsequent announcements.

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