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-Let me ask you a question. In a city like Chengdu, how can you legally make 6 million in just four months?

– Haha, don’t rush to think “how is this possible”, this is a true story that happened to several game enthusiasts. They are the R&D team behind the hit game “Rage Heroes” developed by Y3 Editor – Tongyi Games. Since its launch at the end of March, the game’s revenue has exceeded the six million mark, and its popularity has not diminished. In a “slow-life” city like Chengdu, there is no busyness and pressure like in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Every day, you can sleep until you wake up naturally, drink tea, chat, and then earn millions. Their lives are like a cheat, today we will reveal how they did it!

The full interview video is at this portal:

[A few “outsiders” became the “miracle stupid kids” who created popular games]

The protagonist of the story is[Pigeon Kang]the chief planner of the “Rage Heroes” team. It was he who started planning this work with a few “outsiders” last year. The four members of the initial team were engaged in hardware, art, architecture, property management and other professions, with almost no game development experience. It was a pure “grassroots team”, with only one thing that was professional – they were all senior players.

“Ge Zikang” used to do graphic design. Like many Internet companies, he often worked 996, and his basic operations changed. The excitement of each month stopped at the last second before the salary text message. It was not until 2019 that he started to try to make maps for “Warcraft 3”. Not only did he make some money, he also became the official “Outstanding Map Developer of the Year” in 2021.

With the launch of the Y3 editor, he found that it was more convenient and faster to use Y3 to make graphics than the previous War3, and the Y3 editor did not require programming experience. He successfully recommended his own development experience to three other friends to learn by themselves, and they created “Rage Heroes” in just 7 months. Unexpectedly, within less than four months after the first work was launched, the turnover exceeded 6 million, becoming a super hit on the platform. This success made a big difference in their lives.

The income of more than 6 million yuan made everyone feel like they had become rich overnight. Some bought houses and cars, and some who had not dared to get married before now came to propose marriage. They were no longer short of money for daily food and clothing. During this period, everyone took their families to travel to Tianjin, Beijing, Shanghai, and Nanjing. The team also moved from the “black-hearted studio” to a high-end office building, upgraded the computers, and had a meeting room and a tea room.

In just a few months, they have achieved a huge change in their lives, which was unimaginable when they were working on “Palu” in their previous company. Moreover, in Chengdu, a city with a leisurely pace of life, there is no 996 even during the critical period of development, which is really comfortable. This is the freedom they dream of.

[From careful “opening up” to bursting with imagination, Y3 gives newbies “courage”]

What exactly is “Crazy Heroes”? Simply put, let your character spin around in a pile of monsters, congratulations, you have learned how to play the game~ Simple, refreshing and easy to play, but also full of strategy, this is the magic of “Crazy Heroes”.

“Pigeon Kang” said that the reason why they chose “Survivor-like + Pigeon Mowing” is because the gameplay is simple and refreshing, and it is very suitable to be the first game of the studio. During the production process, they truly felt the ease of use and power of the Y3 editor. Various codes have been highly modularized and visually integrated. Elements such as terrain, weather, and skill effects can all be built with the mouse, and click to get them. Demos can be quickly built to verify the gameplay, and many innovative contents such as team BOSS, four-player online, and treasures were quickly iterated on the basic mode. This is also the key reason why the work was initially launched for testing in just 7 months.

The modular design of Y3 makes development very simple, and it also makes the imagination of team members explode wildly! In the middle and late stages of development, when designing rampage skills, everyone came up with various fantastic ideas, such as driving a motorcycle and transforming into an armed helicopter, etc., and of course, some choices were made in the finished product. When playing with friends internally, because “Pigeon Kang” is really a bit worse than the game masters, he often sends money first as a sign of respect, so he specially added the resurrection coin and help function.

[A wonderful future, the dream and ambition of game lovers]

Talking about the future of “Crazy Heroes”, the team’s plans in terms of team expansion, office environment, game content updates, etc. are progressing steadily.

The Y3 editor also brings together thousands of art and sound resources. If the team wants to add new characters and monsters, they can call them directly. Even if they want to remodel, the massive materials and model bases will greatly speed up content production. In terms of copy mechanisms and plot performance, ECA triggers can be used to directly input all Chinese like WeChat chat, thus achieving unlimited freedom in rule making.

From being cautious in the initial attempts to being confident in large-scale content production now, “Ge Zikang” and his partners have experienced rapid growth in development. Their once vague dreams have gradually become clear ambitions, and the success of “Rage Heroes” seems to have made them feel the warmth and power of their dreams.

【Dreams are actually very simple, everyone can be a runaway hero】

Looking back at the creation process of “Rage Heroes”, “Pigeon Kang” feels that we are a group of players who understand the game and have got a handy “weapon”. Every member of the team is a hardcore player, so they know where the excitement of the game is, and the overall direction is believed to be correct.

When trying to create a new track for the game, he learned that Y3 is very friendly to novice authors, with a low learning cost and a fast development cycle. In addition, Y3 is constantly being optimized and iterated, and is currently very well optimized. The character’s movements are very smooth when moving through WASD, and it can run smoothly even when there are a large number of monsters. Therefore, he recommends that novice authors come and experience it.

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