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Players who are familiar with SLG games should all have felt that the current market for this category is in a “open roll, open reality” situation. Major manufacturers seem to be working hard to meet user needs, but in fact they are either making toothpaste-squeezing optimizations or making pseudo-reforms that change the soup but not the medicine. At this time, both players and the market need some fresh blood to “transfuse” the category.

Among them, “World Reborn”, developed by Tencent’s Northern Lights Studio and published by Ruyi Jingxiu, has obtained the official IP authorization of “Civilization”, the originator of 4X strategy games and endorsed by Sid Meier. Since its first exposure in March, it has continued to receive high attention from SLG enthusiasts. The number of reservations on the official website has now exceeded 5.5 million.

On July 6, “World Qiyuan”, which has been scheduled to be publicly tested on July 16, held an “offline public beta tasting session”. This event was attended not only by well-known big players in the SLG circle such as Doraemon, Super Devil, and Handan, but also by representatives of the top 100 guilds such as Guangwuzhizhi, Shenzhou丨Lingyunzhi, Qi丨Lu, Picturesque Jiangshan, and representatives of the Xinyue Club, including Longwo Changcheng, Jingshi Liuyun, and Zuijiutianxia.

The on-site activities were also very exciting. For example, while sharing his R&D philosophy, producer Yang Hai also reiterated the user development idea of ​​”reducing liver and krypton”, which once again strengthened the game’s determination to bring down the price of SLG.

While explaining the idea of ​​”long-term operation” of the game, the publishing producer Su Jun announced a number of public beta welfare activities including the Sky City Racing Competition and the UGC Navigator Program.

In addition, Fang Bing, a military instructor, professor, and doctor of military science at the National Defense University, also explained in detail to the players the issues related to the linkage between the game and the 055 destroyer, helping to push the atmosphere on the scene to a climax.

Theme Revolution: All-inclusive ONE SLG

ONE SLG is a new concept proposed by “World Origin” since its exposure. Its connotation is to accommodate all themes on the earth since the birth of mankind, including the ancient times, the firearms era, the electrical era, and even the future era will be included.

Such a bold concept comes from sufficient confidence. As a mobile game with the official authorization of the Civilization IP, “World Epoch” perfectly inherits the multi-civilization setting of the “Civilization” IP. In the game, players can choose different civilizations such as China, ancient Greece, ancient Egypt, etc. to start, promote the evolution of civilization through their own efforts, and fully experience the charm of human civilization and technological development in various regions under the background of different eras.

Looking at the current Three Kingdoms-themed SLGs on the market, there is a common problem: they can only present the “width” of human civilization horizontally, but cannot interpret the “depth” of human civilization vertically, and therefore cannot break the vertical user circle barriers to which the theme belongs. However, “World Founder” is different. The expansion of the theme’s inclusive margin allows users of any interest circle to experience the content they like and more naturally immerse themselves in the game process of development and conquest.

In the game, technological development is the core driving force behind the evolution of civilization. The arrival of each new era is accompanied by research breakthroughs in the “technology tree” system, including resources, buildings, and arms.

From the ancient times when the “fishing net warrior” soldier could only be unlocked by researching the “sharp weapon” technology, to the firearms era when the “rifling” research was completed and the musketeers and assault rifle infantry joined the army, to the firearms era when fighters, bombers and other air combat units appeared one after another… It can be said that it is the existence of the “technology tree” that enables the game to fully interpret the dynamic charm of “civilization evolution” at the micro level. Under this set of gameplay, whether you are a fan of cold weapon wars or a modern military enthusiast, you can follow the pace of civilization evolution, find the content you love, and experience the fun of “constantly playing and always new” SLG.

The most direct example is that after the game announced the military linkage with the J-20 and J-8II, it has aroused widespread heated discussion among military enthusiasts. At the offline tasting event on the 6th, in addition to the 055 large destroyer linkage that continued to surprise players, the official also released a suspense picture, which led to speculation among the players on the scene about this new mysterious linkage.

Although the picture only has a few words “the truth is only within the range”, combined with the tail flame of the mysterious object when it takes off, plus the meaning of the term “range”, I believe everyone should immediately think of the equipment “strategic missile”. As for what model it is and how it will be presented in the game, the answer will be revealed on July 16.

Gameplay Revolution: Beyond Battle Reports, Expand a Larger Three-Dimensional Battlefield

Development and confrontation are the eternal themes of SLG games.

Thanks to the addition of a large number of special arms, buildings and other content designed with “civilization evolution” as the orientation, “World Origin” has built a more strategic large-world sandbox for players, opening up a brand new “three-dimensional battlefield of sea, land and air”, forming a clear distinction from traditional SLG.

First of all, in this new gameplay ecosystem that focuses on “civilization evolution”, players can finally say goodbye to the stereotyped “T0 lineup for pioneering” on the road to development, get rid of the established process of “land acquisition and upgrading → routine city construction → participation in war”, and embark on a more differentiated and distinctive path with thousands of faces for thousands of people.

More importantly, when civilization developed to the age of firearms and industry, with the unlocking of various types of aircraft and the addition of airspace competition, “plane warfare” officially upgraded to “three-dimensional warfare” and formed a new circular restraint chain.

Before attacking a city occupied by other alliances, it becomes normal for flying balloons and bombers to launch air strikes on enemy ground units first. However, correspondingly, the enemy can also conduct air counterattacks through fighter jets and anti-aircraft guns. Furthermore, how the attacker uses ground forces to clear air defense facilities and completely gain air supremacy is a new round of game, which progresses step by step.

Burden-reduction revolution: a fun strategy that is neither expensive nor tiring

In response to the core pain point of SLG, which is “forcing players to spend money and spend money”, “World Root” has always adhered to the slogan of “fun strategies that are neither expensive nor tiring”, and has been promoting a “burden-reduction revolution” with a series of measures that have been substantially implemented.

For example, in the dimension of “reducing krypton”, “World Revolution” has “cut prices and increased benefits” many times, directly bringing the price of SLG to the lowest in history, causing a stir in the industry.

First of all, the price of the game’s five consecutive draws is only 388 gold coins (RMB 38.8 yuan). At the same time, without mixing the card pool, the orange drop rate is as high as 6.66%. Compared with the traditional SLG five consecutive draws that cost nearly 100 yuan and have an orange drop rate of about 5%, it can be said to be a “discount”.

Not only that, when it comes to satisfying the “freeloaders”, “World Root” is also not stingy. At today’s tasting session, the official stated that during the public beta, 15 five-star general cards will be given away for free throughout the season. Each person will receive 16,000 gold coins and 130 free card draw opportunities. Based on a 6.66% card draw chance, even “zero-氪” players can easily get 37 five-star heroes.

In addition to the layers of welfare, the game has introduced a large number of “liver-reducing and burden-reducing” designs, aiming to convey to players the concept that decision-making, operation, and development are not tiring.

Finally, based on the negative feedback commonly seen in the development process of traditional SLGs, such as “everyone scrambling for land” and “vacant loss of research queues”, this game also resolves these issues by adding functions such as land improvement, research vacant time compensation, and a catch-up mechanism.

Whether it is the intensity of “reducing krypton” or the meticulousness of “reducing the burden”, “World Qiyuan” has reached the highest level in the current SLG track.

With the rise of the “burden-reduction revolution”, games will greatly narrow the distance between the general public and SLG. On this basis, coupled with Tencent’s huge social resource advantages, the contribution of “World Qiyuan” to the expansion of user volume in the SLG track after its launch can now be predicted.


Through this “offline public beta tasting session”, players can experience the core content of “Qiyuan like” in advance before the game is launched, enhance the player’s gaming experience through benefits, and make the game more fun through optimization and reform. As long as SLG still has room for improvement, the exploration of “Qiyuan like” will never stop.

From the above, we can see that Tencent and Ruyi Jingxiu have a long-term plan. They hope to start a “comprehensive revolution” by focusing on themes, gameplay, and experience of multiple content modules, and re-define the appearance of SLG games in the new era in the name of “Qiyuan-like”, so that every type of player can find a new product form with a sense of belonging and substitution. At the same time, the “Qiyuan-like” content framework established by them is also expected to inspire friendly companies and lead SLG back on the fast track of rapid development in the near future.

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