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As a game that has just celebrated its first anniversary on the market, Peak Speed ​​has won the love of countless players with its solid quality. While dispelling the doubts at the beginning of its launch, it has also become a dark horse and has firmly established its foothold in the niche field of track racing.

However, Peak did not stop there. Just after its first anniversary, Peak Speed ​​held the “Summer Driver Conference” on the evening of July 6th – “More Than Real Cars, This Time It’s the Real World”, giving back to the players who supported it with solid product content and generous benefits.

Facing the shocks and challenges of the new year, Peak Speed ​​is obviously well prepared this time. The content of the press conference is full of sincerity, and can even be described as “far ahead”.

Next, let’s take a look at how Peak Speed ​​handled this press conference!

[Quality is far ahead, not afraid of the real car competition of hardcore bloggers]

As the first domestically produced simulated racing game, Peak Speed ​​has faced difficulties and challenges far beyond other racing games since the project was launched. You know, the most important thing about simulation is the “immersion”. If the quality cannot be restored to 1:1 reality, then this game is destined not to be recognized by hardcore racers. It is no wonder that this category is only popular overseas. It is bound to be difficult for Peak Speed ​​to stand out in this category.

So how did Peak Speed ​​achieve 1:1 reality restoration and become the first to try it in this category?

In order to better demonstrate the quality, at the press conference, Peak Speed ​​even brought a multi-million-class sports car, Lamborghini SVJ, to do a 1:1 comparison between the real car and the game.

What’s interesting is that this competition between “real” cars attracted the top figure in the technology circle, “Movie and TV Hurricane Tim”. Tim was invited as a simulation tester to unveil the curtain of this “real” press conference.

Tim compared everything from the overall appearance, interior, engine, and even the shape and position of the screws.

This directly demonstrates the value of the phrase “1:1 perfect replica of the real car”. It is beyond everyone’s expectation that it is so real.

At the press conference, Tim even sat in the cockpit of a Lamborghini and compared the in-game car perspective with the real car, marveling at the care that went into polishing the game’s quality.

The reason why Peak Speed ​​can achieve such a level of sophistication is also related to the team’s personnel composition and philosophy.

70% of the people in the Peak Speed ​​Project come from the automotive field. Before engaging in game development, they were not only enthusiastic fans of console racing games on the market, but also body designers, modification designers, chassis engineers, professional racing drivers…

Their passion and professionalism allow them to know more than 100 sports cars like the back of their hands. When building a car, they follow industrial standards and polish it to perfection in terms of vision, hearing and touch.

In terms of visual presentation, they have restored the details of more than 1,000 parts of the vehicle, replicating the appearance and interior of the real car 1:1. It is no exaggeration to say that if you want to understand a luxury car in depth, you don’t need to go offline, just turn on the peak speed.

In terms of auditory sense, the sounds that the ears can distinguish are actually very limited, but Peak Speed ​​is not ambiguous. They used more than 10 professional recording devices to collect sounds and restore every place in the car that can make sounds.

To what extent can it be restored?

For example, when you sit in different positions in the car, you hear different sound feedback. When you start the car while sitting in the cabin, you can even hear the shaking and resonating sounds of the car.

As for the most important aspect, which is the invisible and inaudible one, the feel, Peak Speed ​​has spent the most time and energy on it, and even made corresponding real physical feedback for different road surfaces and weather conditions to ensure that each car has its own operating feel.

With such ingenuity, each car of Peak Speed ​​is endowed with soul and character. It is no exaggeration to say that there are 100 cars with different feedback and driving pleasure.

In terms of audio-visual and touch quality, it is no exaggeration to say that Peak Speed ​​is “far ahead”.

[Leading the concept, a new exploration of people, cars and life]

After comparing the “real car”, the next step is to enter the highlight of this Peak Speed ​​conference – the “real world”.

Almost everyone knows that racing games are all about “speed”, and Peak Speed ​​is no exception. But this summer, Peak Speed ​​suddenly decided to “wander”.

“Racing is not the only purpose of driving a car.”

The so-called “real world” emphasizes the immersiveness of the world. If “real cars” are to satisfy all players’ fantasies about luxury cars, then “real world” is to satisfy all players’ fantasies about playing with cars – it can be interacting with your car alone, or traveling with a few friends, or even a group of people online… What you can do in real life, you can also do in Peak Speed, and it’s even simpler and more fun!

In order to achieve this effect, Peak Speed ​​first carried out pilot projects in the Alps and Chongqing, two places with the highest player demand, and opened up all the forks in the map, turning the originally closed tracks into an immersive small world.

Taking Chongqing as an example, players can drive luxury cars on the streets of Chongqing and experience the endless fun of the 9D city, or get off the car and take photos with Hongyadong, Jiefangbei, and Qiansimen Bridge at close range, and experience cloud tourism without leaving home. The game will also match NPCs and gameplay to make the “real world” more three-dimensional and more immersive.

Not only that, Peak Speed ​​also surprisingly announced that Yangshuo, Guilin and Crescent Moon Lake, Gansu will also be included in the game, and even released the actual game screen. By then, players will be able to race along the Guilin River and feel the beauty of nature and humanity, or they can cross the sandstorm in Gansu and enjoy the fun of off-roading.

However, Peak Speed ​​admits that this is only the first step into the “real world”, and putting the world into the “real world” is their goal.

The development team announced the “Real World Co-creation Plan” to involve all racing enthusiasts – the next real world location is voted by players; the real world gameplay is decided by players. Domestic tourist attractions such as Tibet, Dali, and Hong Kong, or overseas popular attractions such as Egypt, Iceland, and Miami, will they be available in Peak Speed ​​soon? We are still waiting for the players’ choice. But Peak Speed’s intention is obviously to perfectly integrate the high-quality immersive world into the racing world.

From an objective perspective, Peak Drive’s pursuit of excellence in audio and video performance and vehicle restoration is not only to ensure the player’s gaming experience, but more deeply, its ambition is to create a “real” world exploration experience that is rooted in reality and gives players an immersive experience.

The diverse driving experiences, from tranquility to wildness, from romance to excitement, make the “real world” full of infinite possibilities because of every choice made by the player, and it is truly far ahead.

[The welfare is far ahead, the welfare strength of 666 lottery king]

Regardless of whether it is a real car or a real world, the two major qualities of Peak Speed ​​have already impressed me. What I didn’t expect was that the subsequent welfare part shocked me even more – the new version launched on July 8th is too sincere.

First of all, the new track[Haruna Mountain]launched by Peak Speed ​​is full of emotions. They specially invited the drift king “Keiichi Tsuchiya” to become the special consultant of the[Haruna Mountain]track and participate in the design of the[Haruna Mountain]track.

Famous scenes such as “Five consecutive hairpin bends” and “Tofu shop” have been made into the game. Players can drive their dream car to try to pass the drainage canal and create their own Haruna Mountain legend. It can be predicted that the[Haruna Mountain]track will become the only holy place for players to experience JDM culture!

Secondly, they launched the game’s top and most popular classic sports cars of the year, the Lamborghini Reventon and RX-7, this season.

Lamborghini Reventon, limited to 21 units worldwide, is a sports car inspired by fighter jets. It has a sharp appearance and powerful performance comparable to fighter jets. It is also known as the “supercar that can challenge fighter jets alone”. Its super performance is unmatched, and its unique driving experience in the world has fascinated thousands of drivers.

As one of Mazda’s most classic sports cars, the RX-7 is regarded as the perfect “dream car” by many Japanese sports car enthusiasts for its unique rotary engine sound that makes people intoxicated. Its graceful streamlined appearance, strong power output and excellent handling performance.

What is unexpected is that they actually put such luxury cars online for free!

They also prepared an unprecedented welfare giveaway for the midsummer driver season: 666 draws of super welfare (new players can get an additional 270 draws) are given as soon as they are said, which is really “pampering fans”. Moreover, all players can use the 666 draws to exchange for two top sports cars, Lamborghini Reventon and RX7, for free.

You should know that in Peak Speed, 666 draws are equivalent to 15 648s, which is a top-level benefit of over 10,000 yuan per person. In the entire gaming circle, such a level of benefit is unique.

Peak Speed ​​released such benefits during the summer vacation, which clearly shows the mentality of “I will not make money this summer vacation” to give back to players. This courage and vision are truly “far ahead” in the industry!

Finally, Peak Speed ​​also announced multiple surprises in addition to the 666 draws – the “Legend Cup” event that takes players to the real track, the “Naraka: Bladepoint” mobile game linkage featuring real martial arts and real racing, and the 718 Drivers Festival offline ceremony, etc. You can already imagine how lively this summer driver season will be!


At the end of the press conference, Peak Speed ​​spoke frankly about the original intention of development with the story of “5 years, 600 million yuan, and 0 rework” – that is, to adhere to the standards of real car experience, treat every visible and invisible detail with care; insist that every investment must be truly beneficial to the player experience, whether it is quality or welfare.

Dianfeng’s player-first development and operation philosophy is truly worthy of the title of “far ahead”!

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