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In the past two weeks, I have truly felt the vitality of the “summer season”.

Whether it is the successive bombardment of new games in the second-hand game market or the global preparations for the launch of stand-alone blockbusters, I think there will be no shortage of industry topics and observation perspectives this summer.“Ace Fighter 2” was launched in the early morning of the same day.It once again ignited a big fire and completely activated the discussion enthusiasm of players across the entire network.

The new FPS game “Ace Fighter 2” produced by Tencent Magic Cube Studio Group is now available for downloading on the official website. After the actual experience, I believe that even if there are many masters in this summer season and the subsequent competition pressure in the industry continues to rise, products like “Ace Fighter 2” will still be able to fight: because it is trendy enough and sophisticated enough, and the FPS thinking accumulated by Magic Cube for many years will usher in another wave of concentrated outbreak.

The “Ace” is back, but the world has changed

In the summer of 2019, “Ace Fighter” launched by Tencent Rubik’s Cube Studio Group was all the rage.

This shooting mobile game has attracted a lot of attention with its cool hero skills and refreshing shooting feel. I still remember that playing this kind of hero shooting game on mobile phones was still considered a false proposition by many players, but “Ace Fighter” provided an excellent solution and created a strong enough combat feedback, which was a good story at the time.

It can even be said that the “Ace Fighter” of that year did gain an advantage in the mobile track, which made enough players exclaim in amazement.It turns out that you can really enjoy a gorgeous, high-speed shooting experience with heroic mechanics on your mobile phone.

Many people still remember this amazement.

But the problem is that in just a few years,What was once a breakthrough has become a daily routine today.Action, shooting, open world… It seems that any category is not difficult to realize on mobile devices now. The technology has been upgraded, the players have become more skilled, and the market has shifted. If there are no surprises in “Ace Fighter 2”, can Ace Fighter work in this day and age?

With some doubts, I entered the game to experience it as soon as possible. Although the rules were not so surprising, I have to say that whether it is the appearance or the feel, “Ace Fighter 2” still has some magic that makes first-time viewers excited and tremble.

The first is the shooting experience that all players will care about.

After all, it was created by Magic Cube, who has been exploring the FPS track for many years. “Ace Fighter 2” still does a remarkable job in adjusting the shooting feel, and the shooting feedback of different guns is quite good.The shooting experience on mobile devices also perfectly restores the classic FPS shooting feel.Players can often achieve better results against the enemy by flexibly using common FPS techniques such as suppressing the gun and burst shooting in actual combat.

The overall gameplay of the game adopts the classic blasting mode. Players are divided into two sides, the attacking and defending sides, in a 5V5 confrontation. The team that gets 9 points first wins. The rules are simple and easy to understand.Old players don’t need to be taught, new players can learn it at a glance.It can be said that the entry threshold has been minimized in terms of gameplay rules – the complexity and heterogeneity of the rules are not the pursuit of this series.

Mofang’s ideal “Ace Fighter 2” should be faster-paced and more exciting – the sensory impact must be sufficient.

Therefore, in terms of TTK (Ti‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌me To Kill) design, Ace Fighter 2 is much shorter than its predecessor or other FPS mobile games, which means that the outcome of a gunfight between players may be decided in a split second. This places higher demands on players’ reaction speed and mastery of weapons and firearms, making the game faster and more exciting. But for players, this also means a lower tolerance for error.

At the same time, the rich selection of firearms and props and the combination of hero skills also provide the game with a deeper tactical game.

Characters from the first Ace Fighter, such as Zhao Hailong and Li Zhengyu, have returned to Ace Fighter 2, and each of them has powerful skills that are very different from the first. For example, Zhao Hailong, one of the protagonists familiar to players of the first generation, is still the reckless king who likes to charge in Ace Fighter 2, but he can rely on his reconnaissance skills to quickly find out the enemy’s position in the point, and use the shock blast skill to quickly enter the point and defeat the enemy.

In short, the core experience of the first generation is still useful, and the technological presentation and rhythm that keep up with the times are enough to make people addicted.

The second is a breakthrough in audio-visual style.

The first generation of “Ace Fighter” is a tough game with beautiful graphics and cool characters. You know, it is not easy to render the charm of characters in the FPS track, but Magic Cube still did it.

The overall art style of “Ace Fighter 2” is more like American comics. The tough character lines and retro colors have greatly improved the stylization and recognition. With the right details, it is definitely worth the price for players who are likely to become fans of the characters.

Some role displays

For FPS games that revolve around characters, each character must have enough memorable points. This is not only about combat performance. The development of the story, positioning and even some small details may become the key to improving user stickiness.

Therefore, we can see that the character display interface of “Ace Fighter 2” does not use the popular card-based display, but instead customizes a dormitory for each character based on their characteristics, and there are also characters in the room to display corresponding actions, thereby assisting the portrayal of the character’s image and making it unforgettable.

In general, Ace Fighter 2 is exquisite and dynamic in both its gameplay and audio-visual presentation. The sudden launch of the game is indeed a pleasant surprise – in the current shooting game market, such a unique product is rare.

How dare you start testing without any warm-up?

So in this era where people always like to push the publicity and promotion volume to the sky, why does “Ace Fighter 2” dare to try a surprise test with no preheating?

In terms of unique gameplay, they were able to use Dark Zone Breakout to iterate some hardcore basic rules into a “new generation of universal FPS”. In terms of cool audiovisuals and high-speed excitement, Ace Fighter 2 also has a large DAU. In terms of the understanding and presentation of gun shooting, Mofang is experienced and clever.They always use their strength to give unexpected surprises in areas that everyone has expected and imagined.This is a very valuable brand thinking for a large category like FPS which is somewhat lacking in vitality.

While polishing the gameplay, Magic Cube also pays attention to active operations. “Ace Fighter 2” is obviously released with great sincerity.

At the communication meeting, Ace Fighter 2 announced that it would be in the gameUnconditionally return all the recharge amount of players in the Ace Generation game.This means that old players can choose the skin they want to a certain extent when they enter Ace Fighter 2. For IP fans, this attraction is not small.

In addition to sincere operational activities, Magic Cube has also been strong in building an ecosystem. The efforts of Dark Zone Breakout in incubating KOLs and building a high-quality creative ecosystem are obvious to all in the industry.

As Tencent’s new shooting ace, Ace Fighter 2 is not only in the classic shooting e-sports track, but also has a character style that is popular among young people. Its ecosystem obviously has a lot of room for imagination. At this communication meeting, Ace Fighter 2 gave its general ecological layout and incentives for the future, mainly starting from the two aspects of creators and e-sports ecology.

The first is the “Ace Creator” Alliance,The focus is mainly on the creator level, creating a creator ecosystem for “Ace Fighter 2” through official traffic support, MCN joint construction, exclusive props sharing, etc.

The second is the “Ace E-sports Ecosystem”.We will combine global e-sports event operations, club-exclusive props and generous bonus incentives to build the e-sports ecosystem of “Ace Fighter 2”.

It is foreseeable that early planning at the ecological level will have a profound impact on the iteration of gameplay content, the dissemination of brand image, and the construction of player communities. Multi-dimensional efforts inside and outside the game have long become a magic weapon of Magic Cube.

Running wildly on the road of “FPS for All”

Finally, let’s take a look at the original protagonist of this communication meeting, “Dark Zone Breakout” – it is definitely the best example of the successful path of the Rubik’s Cube FPS.

As a frequent visitor in Tencent’s financial reports in the past two years, the development of Dark Zone Breakout can be described as rapid.

Judging from the growth in the number of players, the number of registered users exceeded 4 months after the game was launched.5000wthe number of global users exceeded 13 months after its launch80 millionAt this communication meetingThe number of registered users nationwide exceeded 100 millionThe news has completely confirmed the brand value of “a new generation of national FPS”.

This ferocious growth trend is obviously not only due to the gameplay itself,Its attempts in building ecology and player culture are also worth paying attention to.Judging from the planning ideas given by “Ace Fighter 2” at this stage, this new game is likely to inherit the valuable experience accumulated by “Dark Zone Breakout”. Where it will eventually lead the Cube, let’s observe from today.


Is the appearance of Ace Fighter 2 very sudden? I think based on the current state and accumulation of Mofang, the real “big move” may still be in the future. I believe that the pioneering value of products such as Dark Zone Breakout and Ace Fighter 2 in the FPS track cannot be ignored.

While we were seriously analyzing that tactical game categories were not easy to promote and traditional battle FPS had reached its end, Magic Cube had already formed its own set of methodologies and product lines, overturning many stereotyped negative views on FPS. I would like to believe that no matter how far Ace Fighter 2 can go, Magic Cube has proved a truth:Those markets that seem to be seamless always hold new horizons for teams with courage and talent.

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