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Summer is coming, “Seven Days World” will be officially launched, and the game will be launched on July 10. Many players are curious about the game’s[Anomaly]gameplay, so let’s make a detailed introduction today!

In the game, players play as Transcendence who will explore various places on Necot Island. Through three different modes of play, namely, large world exploration, giant wedge first pass, and containment well hidden level, Transcendence will have the opportunity to encounter[Anomalies]and capture them.

There are many types of[Anomalies]with dozens of anomalies for players to choose from. These anomalies with different images will also affect players’ gaming experience in their own different ways.

For example, the[Red Dragon Puppet]has a cute knitted doll appearance but is filled with an unidentified mysterious stuffing. It also has a personality similar to that of a human. It calls itself a 13-year-old girl with well-developed language skills. However, under its cute appearance, it has a powerful fighting ability that can spray flames of over 1700 degrees Celsius.

This type of anomaly can be classified as a combat exploration anomaly. As long as the Transcendents carry them in their cradle backpacks, they can assist in combat and autonomously attack various enemy targets in the game.

There is also an anomaly in the shape of a samurai[Jie Zhan]. Its humanoid appearance allows it to use a samurai sword to fight against deformed creatures, and it can even use powerful skills such as “Dimension Slash”. I believe they will accompany players to explore the world and reduce the players’ combat burden.

It’s time to see the strength of[Innate Working Holy Body]| The gameplay of abnormal objects in

In contrast, there is another type of anomaly stationed in the player’s camp, the territory-type anomaly, which works in a completely different way. It is mainly divided into the housekeeper type and the material type. The housekeeper type anomaly is responsible for production assistance, defense, logging and collection in the territory, while the material type anomaly can produce resources and recipes by itself. The territory-type anomaly will help the production and manufacturing of the transcendents, improve the collection efficiency, and make the player’s survival experience smoother by establishing pipelines.

It’s time to see the strength of[Innate Working Holy Body]| The gameplay of abnormal objects in

In addition, the game has designed unique interactive gameplay for different anomalies. For example, some anomalies have skills that automatically interact when the player’s character is sleeping or resting, bringing benefits to the player. Players can also interact with their own anomalies and experience the joy of “picking up anomalies” in the game.

It’s time to see the strength of[Innate Working Holy Body]| The gameplay of abnormal objects in

No matter what type of anomaly, it requires a special containment unit and has its own characteristics. The anomaly level represents the strength of their ability, the stability level is related to their activity recovery speed, and the rarity represents their uniqueness. Powerful and unique anomalies have different characteristic entries. Through this cultivation gameplay, a unique “powerful anomaly lineup” will be formed, which will bring qualitative changes to the player’s gaming experience. Conversely, players also need to provide a reasonable containment environment for anomalies, which will allow anomalies to recover faster and put them to work. Of course, if you want them to be workers and squeeze them hard, it is also feasible in the game. All choices are given to the players, which is also a reflection of the ultra-high degree of freedom of “Seven Days World”.

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