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I always feel that Chinese players are inexplicably serious, yet inexplicably tolerant.

You will see them unceremoniously giving bad reviews to the Souls-based masterpiece Old Man Ring’s DLC “Shadow of the Golden Tree”(It is worth noting that there is a huge difference between the negative review rate in Chinese and non-Chinese languages).

But we can also see that they are sufficiently tolerant towards the gaming companies that once betrayed them – although these are most likely not the same group of players, you have to acknowledge the diversity of Chinese players.

Just look at this: on June 27, the Chinese version of World of Warcraft’s nostalgic server was just opened – and the server was opened on a weekday without the store and some services being open – and the players crowded the server.

At around eight or nine in the morning, some servers even had queues, and some players also complained on social media: it was impossible to squeeze in.

The new servers that opened for registration today showed the classic “more people than monsters” scene of World of Warcraft. As an old player who got into World of Warcraft in the vanilla era, I couldn’t help but create a new character on the new servers. But it turned out that I was overthinking.

I can’t grab the monster. I can’t grab the monster at all.

Really, the entire novice village is full of people, not to mention that I chose the most popular race in World of Warcraft: Blood Elves.

Although there is a halo bonus of playing the nostalgic server for free for 14 days, it is indeed worth sighing: after so many years, World of Warcraft is still as terrifying as ever.

Unfortunately, I didn’t capture the hottest scene of the new server in the morning.

However, compared to the nostalgic server, players who have been playing World of Warcraft over the years may be more concerned about the news of the official server.

At today’s “Mana Crystal Face-to-Face”, NetEase and Blizzard announced the time for the official Chinese server to return: the official server of “World of Warcraft” will be restarted on August 1, and the new data “War at the Center of the Earth” will be released.(ie version 11.0)It will be launched globally on August 27; in terms of price, the official promise is that the monthly card price for the national server will not increase.(That is, keep the monthly fee at 75 yuan).

In addition, World of Warcraft has also brought a lot of compensation to the long-awaited Chinese server players: such as the Chinese server exclusive mount “Ashi’ada Dawnbringer”, the pet “Glory”, 14 days of free play time, 500 additional merchant points per month, and a 50% experience increase for the nostalgic server per month.

At the same time, a reward of 1 million yuan was offered to encourage the domestic server team to compete for the global first kill of the 11.0 epic group dungeon.

But I know that this news may not satisfy all World of Warcraft players.

Taking a look at NGA, the “headquarters” of Blizzard players in China, some people complained that the returning benefits were not generous enough, some complained that the official server was opened too late, and some were eager to try and join Azeroth as soon as possible.

And after all the arguments and noise, someone asked coldly: Will you stop playing World of Warcraft because the compensation is too little or the official server comes too late?

Yes, World of Warcraft is too old for Chinese players – it is old enough to become an exclusive memory of youth for WOWers, and it is old enough that World of Warcraft players have developed the muscle memory of playing RPGs through playing day after day.

A rain in Feralas, trapping you and me here

To some extent, this long journey of World of Warcraft has already become a part of many people’s life and entertainment. Even though the times have changed, there are countless excellent games and countless choices for players, but they still follow the most “primitive” instinct in their hearts to open World of Warcraft, jump into this game that they have run tirelessly, and pursue the irretrievable past time.

Just because of love.

During the days I was away from Blizzard, I saw players sitting together in the NGA “Azeroth Council Hall” countless times to discuss the date of the return of the Chinese server, and I was also asked again and again by the Overwatch players around me when Overwatch would “return”.

Now, Blizzard is finally back. Are Hearthstone, Overwatch, StarCraft, Diablo, and Heroes of the Storm far behind?

The following is a long picture review of the face-to-face meeting:

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