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On June 19, the developer of the domestic space-themed first-person shooter game “Border”, “Lancet Studio”, issued a service suspension announcement, stating that Lancet Studio temporarily received a unilateral notice from the publisher of “Border”, SkyStone, that it would stop operating “Border” in July 2024. After June 30, all network functions of “Border” will be stopped. The team recommends that players immediately stop purchasing all “Border” products.

details as follows:

In response to this, SkyStone Games, the publisher of Borderlands, issued a statement in response to the Lancet Studios service suspension announcement that night:

Regarding the suspension notice of “Border” issued by Lancet Studio

Since Border was launched in April last year, Lancet Studio has not been able to make changes to the problems in the game, and has not made any new content for nearly a year, which has seriously affected the player experience and caused the number of online players to be almost zero in recent months. Since the studio stated that it would not maintain and update the game in the future, we could not continue to operate the Border project. We had to inform the studio in early June that we would return the PC version distribution rights in accordance with the agency contract, and the operation after July 1 would be the responsibility of the studio. Lancet Studio expressed its unwillingness to continue to maintain Border and notified the server supplier to stop the service. Therefore, the suspension of service was entirely the decision of the studio and had nothing to do with Xingchen Games.

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