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On the evening of June 9, Henan TV’s 2024 Dragon Boat Festival Wonderful Tour was broadcast live on Henan TV, Xinhua News Agency, People’s Daily and other media. Henan TV and Xishanju Jianwang 3’s joint program “Thunder Shakes the Mountains and Rivers” was the finale.

The program carries an inspiring spiritual force, conveys the unyielding will of the spearman to guard the soul of the Tang Dynasty alone, and expresses a strong and sincere sense of family and country.

This time, Xishanju has climbed to the top of the national style ceiling in Henan TV’s 2024 Dragon Boat Festival Wonderful Tour. It is not only Henan TV’s recognition of Xishanju’s cultural heritage and its deep cultivation of high-quality products, but also a “double sword combination” of like-minded people.

Happy Dragon Boat Festival, inheritance without boundaries

Wrapping up the nostalgia with rice dumplings, the love for the country and family is strong. It is the Dragon Boat Festival again. Flying dragon boats, wearing sachets, eating fragrant rice dumplings, and offering sacrifices to the ancestors, the “ritual sense” of the festival comes with it. For thousands of years, the excellent traditional Chinese culture has been precipitated and passed down in the ritual sense of the festival: racing dragon boats, unity; wrapping fragrant rice dumplings, harmony and reunion; remembering the ancestors, thinking of the love for the country and family.

Henan TV’s 2024 Dragon Boat Festival Wonderful Tour, through the collision of dreams and reality, and the combination of tradition and modernity, truly expresses the profound reflection and healing of Chinese traditional programs on current life.

The dance “Thunder Shakes Mountains and Rivers” vividly interprets the touching story of a Tang Dynasty soldier and his white-haired army defending the country for 40 years, fighting a desperate battle under numerous crises, and sharing the same hatred for the enemy with his wife, the white-haired army and the people to defend their homeland together.

The Tiance sect and its classic image in Xishanju Jian Wang 3 have always been the spiritual symbol of the Tang Dynasty generals defending their country and fulfilling their duties loyally. They interpret the iron-blooded responsibility and sense of responsibility of the soldiers and embody the passionate spiritual core: not fearing hardships and dangers, and devoting themselves to the country.

The program “Thunder Shakes the Mountains and Rivers” is deeply integrated with Jian Wang 3. With a dance full of lofty sentiments and aspirations, the spirit of the Tang Dynasty soldiers who were not afraid of sacrifice and devoted to the country is fully reflected. It also allows the Chinese sentiments that have been accumulated for thousands of years to continue through the combination of tradition and modernity.

Henan TV’s “Chinese Festivals” series of programs is based on tradition and Chinese culture. It uses many innovative ways to bring the audience an excellent sensory experience, presenting the cultural heritage of traditional festivals, thus completing the rebirth and persistence of Chinese culture. In recent years, many excellent programs have frequently become popular, attracting the attention and interest of the new generation of young users in traditional culture.

Xishanju has been in the queue to shoulder the responsibility of spreading culture. During the Dragon Boat Festival, Xishanju’s high-quality content inspired Henan TV, creating a “new trick” for inheritance, recreating the passionate scenes of martyrs defending their country, and passing on traditional culture in a more vivid and vivid form, so that new-era users can more vividly experience the profound spirit of sedimentation.

The love between me and the person who accompanied me is long-lasting, and we will talk about the new chapter in “Boundless”

Inheriting the cultural ingenuity, Xishanju has been inheriting the ancient and innovating, and deeply exploring the infinite possibilities of spreading traditional culture through games. In order to promote the classics of national quintessence and reproduce Chinese art, we have successfully created many fine products, which have been frequently recognized by authoritative platforms such as CCTV and Henan Satellite TV. This dance program is also a new stamen blooming in Xishanju’s inheritance vision.

Of course, all cultural heritage and innovation are built on the solid foundation of Xishanju’s creation of high-quality IP and adherence to the principle of “content is king”. Thirty years of self-research and long-term operation have enabled us to create and accumulate rich original content, providing a continuous source for cultural heritage.

From the customized Cantonese opera “The Decisive Battle of Tiance Mansion” to the song “Vanguard Chang’an”, and then to this dance “Thunder Shakes Mountains and Rivers”, every appearance of Xishanju on stage is based on its own solid accumulation, creative collision and adherence to its original intention.

This can also be seen from the fact that Xishanju has been operating Jian Wang 3 for nearly 15 years. With the company and witness of the heroes, we continue to invest, iterate and update to ensure that the beautiful world of Jian Wang 3 does not lag behind the times.

We believe that Xishanju’s attitude of providing long-term services to players with high-quality content and its original intention of using technology to empower the creation of original domestic high-quality games will gain more and more sincere recognition, and more and more like-minded partners will keep pace with us.

Xishanju will continue to work hard to promote Chinese traditional culture, so that traditional culture can be passed on and reborn.

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