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Giant Network2024The offline grand ceremony of the ZT Carnival was held6moon8Nearly a thousand players of the entire ZT series and the core game development team gathered at Chengdu Dong’an Pavilion to experience the immersive Tang-style grand event, talk about the game and interact with it, taste delicious food and receive gifts, and celebrate this carnival feast exclusively for ZT!

Figure 1: 2024 ZT Carnival Offline Ceremony

Figure 2: 2024 ZT Carnival Offline Ceremony

Figure 3: 2024 ZT Carnival Offline Ceremony

Figure 4: 2024 ZT Carnival Offline Ceremony

At the Chengdu Dong’an Pavilion ceremony, player representatives had face-to-face exchanges with the entire ZT game development team. This is a traditional activity of the ZT Carnival over the years. Through close and in-depth communication with players, we jointly create the future development and innovation direction of the game.Working together to create a better journey’s philosophy, talk about the game, and offer suggestions for the future of the ZT series.

Figure 5: 2024 ZT Carnival Offline Ceremony

Figure 6: 2024 ZT Carnival Offline Ceremony

In the Carnival press conference,IPMr. Zhao Jianfeng, the track leader, announced the latest data after the launch of “Primitive Journey”. At present, the accumulated150010,000 new users entered the game, and the number of old players returning reached500At the same time, he also excitedly said that in the past year, the total number of players in the entire ZT series has increased by2022The sales doubled in 2017, reaching the highest point in nearly a decade. This achievement is undoubtedly the best proof of the continuous innovation and efforts of the ZT series team in the past year.

Then, Mr. Zhao Jianfeng also revealed the future plans of the ZT series: the ZT series will launch mini-program versions of “Original ZT” and “King’s ZT”. He said:We hope that through technological breakthroughs, players can join the game of ZT in a more novel, convenient and simpler way.

Currently, the WeChat applet version of “Primal Journey” is in the testing stage, and the applet and the mobile game will be interoperable. In this way, players will be connected together, which will not only expand the base of game players, but also enrich the existing game ecology. The WeChat applet version of “Primal Journey” to be officially launched will focus onThe journey is fun and not tiringThis feature.3In 2018, it is worth mentioning that this product has already reached the sixth place in the WeChat mini-game best-selling list without much promotion. It is growing very fast, and many players are feeling the charm of Zhengtu through this new era. Therefore, we still need to continue to innovate in gameplay and bring better games to everyone.

Figure 7: 2024 ZT Carnival Offline Ceremony

The CCTV Animation representative came on stage and presented Zhengtu with a precious manuscript of Journey to the West. This gift was not only a token of gratitude to Zhengtu,IPChinese Culture Protection ProjectIt is not only a recognition but also an encouragement and support for the inheritance and development of Chinese culture.

Fang Shaohuang, the inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage of dragon boat making skills, came on stage and showed the real dragon boat he made by himself. Every detail of the dragon boat embodies the craftsman’s hard work and wisdom.IPTrack managers Zhao Jianfeng and Fang Shaohuang jointly put the finishing touches on the dragon boat, giving it new life.

Figure 9: 2024 ZT Carnival Offline Ceremony

At the end of the press conference, nine game producers went to the launch platform together to light up the shining lights and start the lighting ceremony. At this moment, the atmosphere on the scene reached its peak, and the bright lights reflected each other, symbolizing the brilliant future of Zhengtu.

Figure 10: 2024 ZT Carnival Offline Ceremony

Figure 11: 2024 ZT Carnival Offline Ceremony

Figure 12: 2024 ZT Carnival Offline Ceremony

Today, the National War E-sports Finals also kicked off.IPA number of its terminal and mobile games competed fiercely one after another. Top players formed teams offline and presented wonderful games to the audience with their excellent operation skills and teamwork. The live broadcast started simultaneously, and the commentator’s passionate commentary made the audience excited and cheered one after another. After fierce competition, the champion stood out, stood on the podium, and won the final glory with the trophy in hand!

Figure 13: 2024 ZT Carnival Offline Ceremony

Figure 14: 2024 ZT Carnival Offline Ceremony

2024The offline grand ceremony of the ZT Carnival was held6moon8The day ended successfully, with laughter and warmth. Players not only enjoyed the fun of visiting the garden, listening to music and watching plays, but also tasted authentic Sichuan cuisine and appreciated the beauty of the traditional culture of the Land of Abundance. Thank you for your enthusiastic participation and support, let’s meet again next year!

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