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【Game-Time News】

On June 6, the two-dimensional real-time naval battle mobile game “Azur Lane”, jointly developed by Manju Network and Yongshi Network and exclusively distributed by bilibili Games, ushered in the last update of the seventh anniversary celebration event. The long-awaited “Sea and Sky – Harmony of the Phoenix”, “Crocodile – The Flawless Heart of Wisteria” and “Eldridge – Meet in the Warm Sunlight of the Shade” three pledge costumes were officially launched, and there were also public welfare linkage activities and game content optimization updates, which brought a perfect end to the seventh anniversary of “Azur Lane”.

In addition, the new Wings of Love gift box was also launched yesterday along with the new vow costume.

[Blue Charity in action, building a coral ecological defense line in the South China Sea]

The coral sea protects all living things. On June 6, Azur Lane cooperated with the China Environmental Protection Foundation and Bilibili Charity to jointly carry out the South China Sea coral protection and coral reef restoration campaign, and work together to protect the ecology of the South China Sea. The official also specially invited the bilibili UP host “Yidiandianyidianbuyi” to visit the South China Sea Coral Conservation Area and the South China Sea Institute of Oceanology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to reveal the knowledge of coral planting and protection, and record the precious scenes of the South China Sea environmental guardians recreating the “undersea forest”.


The public welfare documentary “Azur Lane: South China Sea Coral Protection” was launched on the bilibili platform yesterday. Commanders who are interested can go and watch it. At the same time, after the third wave of the “Azur Lane” 7th Anniversary Celebration Event was launched yesterday, Commanders can complete the linkage event tasks in the game to obtain the linkage limited costume “Dragon Warrior-Leisurely Blue Sea Journey”.

Picture 5.jpg

Commander, welcome to swim in the blue sea with Long Wu and pay attention to public welfare!

Picture 6.jpg

[There is no limit to the good deeds, and the exploration of the Blue Charity will never end]

Over the years, Azur Lane has been committed to exploring the innovative integration of games and public welfare. Starting from the measures to protect the natural environment, participating in the marine protection public welfare action to protect seals, and helping to protect rare and endangered animals such as giant pandas; to raising public health awareness and promoting eye health knowledge on Eye Care Day; to deeply exploring and promoting Chinese traditional culture, linking with Beijing shadow play, Sichuan Opera face-changing, etc., and cleverly launching special dress-up in the game. All of these have won wide praise from players.


On this basis, Azur Lane’s exploration of public welfare has not stopped. At the end of 2022, it joined hands with the Shanghai Blood Center to open a new chapter of cooperation between games and blood donation. The “Let Life Set Sail Again” voluntary blood donation charity event demonstrated Azur Lane’s innovative attempts and social responsibility in promoting social welfare.

Picture 8.jpg

Picture 9.jpg

[Fully optimized and refreshed, looking forward to unlimited fun tomorrow]

The seventh anniversary celebration of “Azur Lane” is about to come to an end. In the last update of the event, in addition to the pledge costume change and public welfare linkage, the game also added a variety of scientific research-equipment development, character voice, optimized and fixed individual BUGs in the game experience, to escort the commander’s adventure game experience.

Entering its eighth glorious year, Azur Lane remains vigorous and shows lasting operational strength. The game is ready to bring a series of innovative experiences to commanders in the near future. The upcoming upgrades cover many aspects, such as free switching of BGM on the main interface, custom battle UI and holiday islands, ensuring that the game can give players a brand new experience in terms of vision, hearing and gameplay.

Picture 10.jpg

Among them, the Development Plan 2.0 will further optimize the navigator training mechanism and launch a new development character Siren-Leader. The new 3D dormitory system is not only a resting place for the characters, but also a creative interactive platform to help deepen the emotional bond between players and characters.


With the launch of the third wave, Azur Lane has engraved an unforgettable sailing memory with the Commander in this early summer. Through large-scale events such as[Blooming in the City of Glory]we have witnessed the shining debut of new characters and new costumes, experienced the carefully designed event plots, and received rich game rewards; from interface adjustments to function upgrades, every step of optimization is a precise response to player needs; multiple cross-border linkage benefits also demonstrate the sincerity and love of Azur Lane for the Commander.

Let us go hand in hand, with infinite longing for the blue sea and blue sky, and move towards a brighter future.

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