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On June 6, NetEase’s Danzai IP derivative game “Danzai Huahua” started the “first slide test”.

To be honest, when I first learned that it was a match-3 game, I didn’t have high expectations for this product, because the match-3 category is a red ocean, and many long-term products of oligopolies have always performed stably. But after I opened “Egg Slide” with “lack of interest”, the game experience made me shine.

During my lunch break, I kept swiping on my phone. I thought I would go to sleep after finishing this level, but I kept swiping and finished dozens of levels in one go.

First-class feel and refreshing feeling, with immersive and innovative match-3 experience

The core match-3 gameplay is of course the main reason for such a smooth experience: the significance of classics is that you can have a relaxing and pleasant time in it whether it is 2004 or 2024. The development team’s tuning of the game’s sound and visual effects, control of level values, and the rhythm of pop-up events, all aspects of micro-management make “Egg Slide” really fun to play, with moderate difficulty and no jamming.

The most anticipated thing in each level is this “Boom!”

As far as I know, the numerical value of match-3 games is always a big problem. The clearing score, the step limit, the quantitative elimination unit…these problems cannot be quantified in theory, and not only do they require a suitable numerical model, but they also need to go through a lot of testing. Obviously, “Egg Slide” has such a mature performance in the “first slide test”, which is really promising in the future.

For example, let Dan Xiaohei wield the salted fish stick to smash the difficult blocks for you.

What is even more worth mentioning is the “emergency event” gameplay that pops up from time to time during the game. Gyro divides the current events into two categories: one is related to the overall world view and the main storyline, such as rescuing a little egg boy who is suspected to be trapped in a nightmare;

Players will see an animation clip when entering the event

The other is a limited-time event that motivates players to complete levels, such as collecting a certain number of “hearts” within a specified time, or maintaining a winning streak, and then giving players generous props as rewards.

It was because of these two events that the spinning top became more and more courageous during the lunch break…

And in the second incentive event, by giving players clear goals that can be achieved in the short term, accompanied by powerful props rewards that enhance the experience, it becomes natural to keep unlocking the next level.

Lively yet unique “landscape construction”

Another major module of the game is the simulation business construction – the “bottle caps” obtained by players can be used to develop and upgrade various scenes and buildings on the Danzai Island, and interact with the characters on the island in an interesting way. Although the combination of three-in-a-row and this type of gameplay is not new, with the blessing of the IP, the simulation business module currently displayed in “Danzai Huahua” is unique and ingenious.

As the construction landscape is completed, more and more little egg kids are attracted to the island, and the island gradually becomes full of life. Just like a wonderful little world, players can tear open a corner of this interesting and strange world and observe the daily life of the egg kids on the island:

They queue up to buy desserts, knead dough to make their favorite buns in the bakery, play on the seesaw, stroll hand in hand, and do some square dance from time to time… By clicking on the status of the egg kids and interacting with them, they seem to feel their current mood and wishes.

In other words, in the construction module of “Egg Slide”, not only the scenes and buildings are landscapes, but the eggs themselves are also a kind of landscape. The mobile phone screen is like a window, allowing people to peek into and even participate in their lively lives. Thus, the spinning top gains a kind of fun of nurturing and accompanying, a kind of joy of getting to know and get closer to the eggs.

This unique flow experience in “Dan Zai Hua Hua” is of course due to NetEase’s shaping of IP in recent years.

With an almost textbook IP creation path, Danzai has a vivid and complete IP worldview and constantly updated online and offline derivative content. It has also successfully transformed from an ordinary character in casual games into a unique, living and cute creature in the hearts of players, naturally attracting hundreds of millions of users who are willing to learn more about their daily lives.

So, why did NetEase choose the match-3 track?

The “2022 Casual Game Development Report” released by Gamma Data pointed out that the revenue of China’s casual game market exceeded 34 billion yuan; the scale of casual game users exceeded 500 million, and more than 70% of them preferred elimination gameplay.

There are undoubtedly many opportunities behind such a market and user scale. At the same time, the large DAU attribute of “Egg Party” provides a solid user base for the IP to expand outward, and the brand tone of all ages is naturally adapted to the casual game market.

In addition, Gamma Data said that the top casual games with in-app purchase monetization have been stable, and nearly 50% of the products have been in operation for more than five years. Although it seems difficult for newcomers to stand out in this situation, for “Dan Zai Hua Hua” which is backed by a leading company and has its own IP resources, this road is much easier.

On the one hand, the quality and strength of the current tests do allow it, and on the other hand, NetEase’s ambition to develop the Danzai IP in the long term and in an all-round way can be seen from the continuous refinement of the layout of IP derivative content. In this way, it is reasonable to choose the match-3 track, which is also more acceptable in the casual track.

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