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27 years ago, the martial arts drama “Dragon” adapted from Jin Yong’s novel of the same name came out and became a classic in the hearts of countless viewers. As time goes by, countless people still miss the world of martial arts that flashed with swords and shadows and stirred up love, hatred and hatred. On May 15, “Dragon Babu Mobile Game” officially authorized by Jin Yong also celebrated its seventh anniversary.

Over the past seven years, “Tian Long Ba Bu Mobile Game” has always maintained a positive user reputation with its profound martial arts cultural heritage and excellent game quality. When it was first launched, the game was created to continue the feelings of PC game players. However, as time goes by, more and more heroes get to know all kinds of friends here and form deep friendships, and their feelings are also upgraded. Whether you are a Tianlong IP player or a general martial arts player, you can find a world created for them in this arena.

On April 26, “Dragon Babu Mobile Game” sent a sincere invitation to the young heroes who have been with it for many years on its official Weibo to review Tianlong’s memories and share every bit of their journey. This move triggered many young heroes to recall the years of knowing each other. Trampling each other in space, playing monsters, participating in the hero competition… many memories are put together to show a humane Tianlong Jianghu.

On May 8, Lao Zhao, the official official of “Dragon Babu Mobile Game”, publicly solicited the young hero’s sincere blessings for Tianlong Jianghu. As soon as the solicitation was announced, the enthusiastic submissions from Shaoxia were flooded. On the topic page, countless young heroes cherish their love for Tianlong and dedicate their sincere emotions to the game they have loved for many years. They can’t stop sending fancy blessings. In other words, they are all brothers and sisters on the road, no wonder everyone has some skills. Many young heroes have shown off their hand-drawn masterpieces. Although the painting styles are different, the blessings conveyed are not the same.

The young heroes here have just put down their pens, and the young heroes over there have begun to use their imaginations to express their birthday wishes for “Dragon Babu Mobile Game” using all things in the world as media. The foggy glass, freshly baked French fries, the “quintessence of Chinese culture” mahjong, and the sunset on the beach are all filled with the bright love of the young heroes.

High-end blessings often only require the simplest expressions. One person, one gesture, and a handwritten note. The best wishes for “Dragon Movie” to get better and better have already overflowed the screen.

The world’s turmoil comes from my generation, and once I enter the world, time rushes me! When the video “Seven Years Together” commemorating the seventh anniversary of “Tian Long Ba Bu Mobile Game” was released, how many young heroes recalled the scene of drinking and chatting with heroes from all walks of life under the city of Dali. In this video, every scene is full of affection, recording the passion and touching experiences of the young heroes. Here, surprise and joy coexist, and the young heroes and their partners who fight side by side work together to write a chapter of the Tianlong story.

The seventh anniversary commemorative video of “Dragon Babu Mobile Game” is dedicated to every Tianlong young hero

In order to better commemorate the seven years spent with Tianlong Jianghu, the young heroes in the Jianghu gathered together and formed a blessing group of 100 people. There are ordinary young heroes in “Dragon Babu Mobile Game”, players from the national competition, various great young heroes, Tianlong anchors, cosplayers, Douyin masters and other Tianlong young heroes, as well as non-hereditary people, Tianlong singers, The voice actors of Tianlong and other heroes, as well as members of various departments of the Tianlong project, jointly send their blessings to this chivalrous world.

Of course, seeing so many heroes celebrating their birthdays in “Tian Long Ba Bu Mobile Game”, the official naturally has to give back to the young heroes’ welfare. During the anniversary celebrations that last throughout May, young heroes can participate in various quiz activities every day and draw various generous benefits. Share 60,000 yuan in cash, log in to receive unlimited fashion, luxurious appearance that new young heroes/returning old and young heroes can receive, limited dragon skin, 588 wealth card, mysterious gift, seventh anniversary title, 8888 yuan bonus, and Huawei Mate60 and other surprise gifts.

At the same time, the version update also enriches the Tianlong Jianghu that the young heroes have accompanied for many years. The newly added Canglang Breaking Liao gameplay allows the young heroes to enhance their friendship in the process of dividing labor and cooperating to fight against enemy ships. In the Emotional Play Time Square, you can not only look back on the past, but also look forward to the future. When fighting against the boss of the PC game, Uncle Bucket, will the young hero think of the years that slipped through his fingers? The addition of 588 wealth card and Qinggong gameplay has awakened someone’s feelings for the world. In addition, the new artifacts of the seventeen sects are transformed, making the young hero even more like a god when he is doing justice.

The second skill of Zhenwu Guidance is Enlightenment.

New Dungeon Strategy Game: Canglang Breaks the Liao

Seventeen sects’ new artifact transmogrification

As the seventh anniversary of “Tian Long Ba Bu” said this time, “Seven years of Tian Long, I am lucky to have you!” On the first day of entering Tian Long Jianghu, the young heroes formed a team with like-minded friends and created a Gangs integrated into the collective to build a reputation, and some CPDDs formed a heroic couple and paraded in sedan chairs, and some even got married because of Tianlong and finally got married in reality. In the past seven years, many beautiful things have been born in Tianlong. In the next seven years, the world of young heroes will still be exciting.

Video of blessings from 100 people on the seventh anniversary of “Dragon Games”, congratulations from all the heroes

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