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[May 14, 2024]The soul-like meat pigeon game “Church of the Dead” produced by Melancholia Studio and published by Remai Games will end early access and launch the official 1.0 version on Steam and Epic on May 28, priced at 54 yuan. , a bi-weekly 40% off sale. Nine distinctive bosses, seven areas with different styles, 25 controllable characters, and more than 300 attack modules and equipment entries constitute the unique “strategic meat pigeon + soul-like blacksmithing” experience of “Death Church”. Can the precarious city of Langster escape from the clutches of the devil? Will your plan bring blessing or disaster, or is it something else? Complete the endgame challenge with your powerful minions of the living dead, and the mystery will be revealed.

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From the first-generation EA version’s “0 Crystal Difficulty” trial, to the “3 Crystal Difficulty” new characters joining the battle in the major update, the opening of the new area “The Counselor’s Secret Room”, and the introduction of new gameplay, those action game players who dare to challenge themselves , always able to withstand the double test of strategy and operation, controlling the servants of the living dead in the main hall of the church, waving the sharp blade in his hand and killing the boss with clanging sounds. In the upcoming official version of “Death Church”, players will finally welcome the long-awaited “5 Crystal Difficulty” and three new bosses: the Golden Apostle Sickle and the Golden Apostle Bow from the Golden City camp. Of course, there are also There is the most anticipated ultimate demon body.

The Golden Apostle Sickle is good at short-range fast-break attacks. He has flexible body skills and quick attack movements. He can often catch players’ inadvertent defensive flaws and launch fierce and continuous attacks.

The Golden Apostle Bow is good at long-distance fire suppression. He has the most exaggerated attack range in the game. When facing players who blindly defend, they will be showered with an overwhelming rain of arrows.

In addition, both Golden City Bosses have new features.[黄金化]when the player’s attack hits[黄金化], you will suffer the same imbalance effect as being perfectly parried.Attacking hastily will only lead to[黄金化]Restraint, so patient observation and delicate attack cancellation will be the key skills to fight against the boss of the Golden City, or the decisive difference between the masters and the top masters in the later gameplay of “Death Church”.

The Devil, the ultimate boss that appears at the end of the game, will be the most powerful existence in the game, possessing treacherous mobility and gorgeous offensive methods. Perhaps among all Souls-like games, the difficulty and sense of oppression of Demons are also in the first echelon! Therefore, within fifteen game days, please upgrade the level and equipment of the living dead servants as much as possible, and calmly deal with every fatal blow from the demon!

During the early access period, the Melancholia team took extensive feedback and suggestions from players. First of all, the backpack management gameplay has been significantly adjusted, and the stacking quantity of many items has been increased. This ensures that players still need to make decisions and think, while releasing the pressure of early play. In addition, the overall difficulty curve of the game has also been greatly optimized. Although players are still encouraged to have superb strategies and operations in the later stages of the game, in one round of the game, with the addition of a series of new guides and tutorials, the balance between the characters Adjustments have made the gaming experience smoother and more enjoyable.

After more than a year of updates and iterations, the official version of “Death Church” is already the first choice for lovers of soul-like and action games. Whether you are an old player of the EA version or a new friend who is new to this game, I believe “Church of the Dead” is worth trying. Experience the thrill of fighting with swords, halberds or other unexpected weapons in the dark and solemn Middle Ages, in the endless cycle of death, and becoming more courageous as you fight.

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