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If someone had told Mr. Gyro at this time two years ago that the next product that would have an impact on the Three Kingdoms SLG track would be made by Station B, Mr. Gyro would probably have heard it as a joke. However, since the release of “Three Kingdoms: Conquering the World” (hereinafter referred to as “Three Conspiracies”) owned by bilibili Games last year, the game’s volume and attention have been increasing day by day, and this view is gradually becoming a reality.

On May 10, bilibili Games held a “Sanmou” tasting meeting in Shanghai. At the meeting, they shared the three-year development process behind the game, the operational commitments the team brings to players, and the resource tilt provided by Station B this time. , and finally officially announced that the game will be released on June 13th.

In this year’s Three Kingdoms SLG track, bilibili Games will take the lead in a “tough battle” that has attracted much attention from the industry.

SLG had to open the book again after “operating the knife” on the pain points of the category

Why does “Three Conspiracies” have the potential to impact the Three Kingdoms SLG track that is already a red sea? Looking back at this product after several major transformations in testing, the core thing is still the series of transformations made by the game itself in the SLG category.

At the tasting meeting, the producer said that one of the goals of “Three Conspiracies” is to “recover” players who can no longer stay in SLG games due to time, energy, money, etc. To this end, “Sanmou” chose to “operate” on the pain points of traditional SLG mobile games – lowering the game threshold and breaking the players’ stereotype of “both annoying and annoying” about SLG mobile games.

When these ideas are implemented into the game, they become innovations in game mechanics and changes in player experience.

For example, “Sanmou” introduces a career system covering six professions for the first time in the SLG mobile game. Different job types can change the player’s game experience. Some of them are more suitable for new players to open up wasteland, or to join the league as soon as possible. Play a role in siege operations and experience the growth and social fun of SLG games. In terms of burden reduction, “Three Conspiracies” directly covers multiple aspects of the player’s game experience. From land and road opening, training and upgrading, to assembling for siege, all can be completed automatically by being handed over to hosting or making an appointment.

When it comes to “reducing krypton”, the production team chose a more unpretentious and even a bit real way to show sincerity – directly comparing the unit price, card draw rate and resource demand with the mainstream SLG in the market. Then use the notarized orange yield rate and operation guarantee to give players another reassurance.

It is with this determination to “take action” on the “stubborn diseases” of traditional categories and the pain points of players that “Three Conspiracies” has officially sounded the clarion call for the opening of the SLG category.

Relying on the content platform and 100 million to create an ecosystem, “Sanmou” has blazed a new path in the category?

In addition to the product itself, the attention Bilibili has given to “Three Conspiracies” has also become another focus of the industry.

Although Bilibili is the first to set foot on the Three Kingdoms SLG track, it is also one of the content creator platforms with the most active users. The Three Kingdoms-themed content has always had a large and stable audience at Bilibili. Only the old version of “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms” is played The volume has exceeded 550 million. Therefore, it is not difficult to imagine that Bilibili, like many game manufacturers, is familiar with the importance and methods of creating content and alliance ecology in this category.

Judging from the large number of content related to “Three Kingdoms” produced by Up owners who are fans of the Three Kingdoms theme in Bilibili earlier, “Sanmou” has laid a good foundation in the content ecology by relying on Bilibili. This kind of “game” The phenomenon of “Before it’s released, the community is popular first” may be very common in second games, but for an SLG game, it is enough to be called fresh. In addition to the uniqueness of the “Sanmou” product itself, Gyro speculates that the traffic tilt given by station B itself also plays an important role.

At the appreciation meeting on May 10, Station B once again proved that “Sanmou” is indeed taking such a new path of parallel content and products. Station B officially announced that it will invest 100 million in cash investment and traffic support in the first year to build the content and alliance ecology of “Three Conspiracies”. Not only that, there are also a series of related incentives for the development of the alliance, such as in the name of the alliance Help the inheritance of traditional culture and cooperate with Bilibili to help fund the protection of historical sites in the Three Kingdoms.

In fact, it is very rare for a new SLG product to achieve this level before it is launched, especially for new entrants in this category. But if you think about it carefully, Bilibili, which is centered on content ecology, also needs to do this in order to maximize its platform advantages. On the one hand, it is to help “Sanmou” take the lead in becoming famous in the SLG track where traffic is as expensive as gold. , to gain continuous attention from users. On the other hand, this can also provide “Three Conspiracy” players with content choices after reducing their burden in the game to a certain extent – whether it is the choice and understanding of professions in the game, or research on military commander matching strategies. , the interesting gossip in the alliance, or the cultural topics related to the Three Kingdoms brought out by the game, all of which can allow “Three Conspiracy” players to further experience the core fun of the Three Kingdoms SLG game.

From this point of view, it is not difficult to guess that Station B initially chose to make “Sanmou” not only because of the quality and potential of the game itself, but also hoped to take this opportunity to fully combine its platform advantages and the potential of the game. Combined, “Sanmou” has become a very unique and cutting-edge existence in SLG from product to operation, so many actions in the game are closely related to it.

With such an ambitious product to stir up the gradually solidifying SLG market, it is no wonder that it has received so much attention from the outside world. Mr. Gyro has previously taken stock of the products that are worth looking forward to in recent times. Among them, the SLG category has also gathered many new products. Now that “Three Conspiracies” is officially scheduled for June 13, we will wait and see what kind of shocks the SLG track will have.

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