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【Game-Time News】

NetEase Games’ 520 online conference, which is in its tenth year, announced today that it will meet with you again at 19:30 on May 20, 2024. By then, 12 new games will be unveiled, and 35 popular games/IPs and platform products will be launched on the release stage, bringing blockbuster version updates and big moves.

Judging from this year’s official theme of “Being with Love,” NetEase Games hopes to reinterpret the relationship between games and players through 520 Game Love Day, a festival that has been created for ten consecutive years.

At present, more and more games tend to open up more space for players to create independently, allowing millions of players to participate in building the social atmosphere of the game while also creating exciting game content to feed back the game. The relationship between the game and the player is no longer a subject-object relationship, but a relationship that spans both inside and outside the game and grows together. Therefore, on the occasion of 520 Game Love Day, NetEase Games launched co-creation activities on multiple social media platforms, hoping to encourage players to fully express their creativity and participate in it, and jointly create a vibrant game world. Adhere to the original intention of loving each other and explore the infinite possibilities of games together.

This year, NetEase Games 520 press conference will continue the online release format and be broadcast simultaneously on BiliBili, Douyin, WeChat video accounts, and CC Live. Each live broadcast room will drop mobile phones, monitors, limited edition figures, rare peripherals, etc. Massive benefits not to be missed.

12 new games are launched, covering various types of works

At NetEase Games 520 press conference in 2024, 12 new games will be announced with the latest updates.

The long-awaited mobile games “Everlasting”, “Seven Days World”, “Shattered Land”, “Operation Apocalypse”, “Firefly Assault”, “Visions of Mana” will all be unveiled one by one, and there will also be There are “Marvel’s Ultimate Revival” which will be exposed for the first time in China, the fantasy adventure game “Jiuji: Qifeng Journey” based on the world view of “Jiuji IP”, the 3D magical adventure masterpiece “Dragon Spirit Realm”, the Western The fantasy strategy card RPG game “Raid: Legend of Shadows” and the VR game “Fist of Brave” will all announce the latest developments, and NetEase’s flagship martial arts mobile game “Sixteen Voices of Yanyun” will be officially launched on July 26. Another layer of mystery will be unveiled.

Yanyun sixteen tones

Firefly Assault

Marvel Ultimate Reversal

broken land

Jiuji: Journey to Qifeng

Operation Apocalypse


Raid: Legend of Shadows

Dragon Spirit Realm

Brave fist charge

seven day world

Eternal Calamity Mobile Game

Lord of the Rings: Strife

Traveler on the wrong road: Overlord of the Continent

Big news on popular online games has been added

Many NetEase game classic IPs and popular games that have been launched and are loved by players will bring a large amount of useful information. The game products participating in the conference include “Egg Party”, “Fantasy Westward Journey”, “Westward Journey”, “Westward Journey” “The World”, “A Chinese Ghost Story”, “Backwater”, “Identity V”, “Onmyoji”, “The Day After Tomorrow”, “Harry Potter: Magic Awakens”, etc., so many beloved games are released together. News, is there the one you are looking forward to?

Nishuihan IP

light encounter

my world

Harry Potter: Magic Awakens

520 Love Day is full of benefits inside and outside the game

In addition to rich game information, as an annual festival for game lovers, there are of course welfare prizes inside and outside the game. This year, a total of 25 popular games/IPs will bring exclusive 520 welfare rain. You can get it by logging in to the game on the same day and celebrate the festival in the game.

In addition, watching live broadcasts on BiliBili, Douyin, WeChat video accounts, and CC Live will also provide multiple benefits:

First level:Search NetEase Game 520 on Bilibili, Douyin, and WeChat video accounts, make an appointment to watch the live broadcast, and you will have the opportunity to win massive prizes such as mobile phones, monitors, and rare figures.

Second level:Search #520与爱合# on Bilibili, Douyin, Xiaohongshu, and Kuaishou, and participate in the bounty co-creation program. If your works meet the conditions, you can share the cash prize of 10,000 yuan.

The third level:NetEase CC live broadcast, Bilibili, and WeChat video account live broadcast rooms will regularly drop lucky bag rewards.

The fourth level:Go to the cooperation platforms “Meituan Hotel” and “Tongcheng Travel”, search for “NetEase Games 520”, and immediately receive the exclusive discounts for the 520 conference.

Some prize benefits

In 2024, NetEase Games will continue to uphold its love, join hands with players, and stay with love!

The following are the games and platforms participating in the 2024 NetEase Games 520 Online Conference (in no particular order):

“Sixteen Voices of Yanyun”, “Firefly Assault”, “Marvel Ultimate Reversal”, “Broken Land”, “Jiuji: Journey of Qifeng”, “Operation Apocalypse”, “VSISIONS of Mana” , “The Raid: Legend of Shadows”, “Dragon Soul”, “Fist of the Brave”, “Seven Days in the World”, Everlasting IP, “Eggman Party”, “Lord of the Rings: Strife”, “Walker on the Wandering Road: Continental Overlord” “, Nishuihan IP, “Beyond the World”, “Peak Speed”, “All-Star Streetball Party”, Fantasy Westward Journey IP, Westward Journey IP, “Minecraft”, A Chinese Ghost Story IP, “Pro Evolution Soccer”, Tianxia IP, “The Painted Traveler in Time and Space”, Onmyoji IP, “Light Encounter”, “Identity V”, “The Shore of the Earth”, “Endless Lagrange: Reorganizing the Galaxy”, “The Day After Tomorrow”, “Diablo: Immortal”, “Knives Out”, “Super Vanguard”, “One Dream”, “Harry Potter: Magic Awakened”, “Ace Racing”, Tianyu IP, “Pokémon Adventure” “, “Werewolf”, MuMu Simulator, Master, NetEase Super Member, NetEase E-Sports Center, NetEase E-Sports Event, CC Live

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