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On the afternoon of May 11, the New Quality Productivity Digital Innovation Alliance jointly sponsored by People’s Daily Online, People’s Venture Capital, Sugon, and Youzu Networks was officially established and held an unveiling ceremony.

Unveiling ceremony of New Quality Productivity Digital Innovation Alliance

The relevant person in charge of the alliance said that with the rapid development of new generation information technology such as artificial intelligence, the formation of advanced productivity resulting from revolutionary breakthroughs in technology, innovative allocation of production factors, and industrial transformation and upgrading has accelerated, representing the evolution direction of advanced productivity. New productive forces emerged at the historic moment. In order to establish an open platform that promotes exchanges and cooperation among industry, academia, and the investment community, promote digital technology innovation and integration, empower enterprises’ digital transformation, and assist in the formulation of relevant policies and industry standards, the three sponsors decided to rely on their respective advantages to jointly Initiate and promote the construction of the Digital Innovation Alliance for New Productivity, and gradually form a closely connected, highly efficient, collaborative, and organically unified innovation ecosystem in the field of digital economy by integrating high-quality enterprises, scientific research institutes, investment institutions and other parties, thus creating a new model for our country. contribute to the further development of qualitative productivity.

The game industry is the vanguard of digital and intelligent development, and is also an important force in promoting the development of new productivity. As a representative of a leading enterprise in the industry, Youzu Networks has actively implemented its mission of “technology to spread civilization” in recent years, pursuing technology foundation, breakthrough innovation Based on the idea of ​​​​following the “Global Card+” strategy, we continue to increase research and development efforts and the application of cutting-edge technologies such as AI. The company’s research and operation efficiency and profitability have been comprehensively improved, becoming a solid force in promoting the accelerated development of new quality productivity.

In June last year, YOOZOO Networks established the “AI Innovation Institute”, which is committed to promoting the in-depth integration of games and AI, focusing on AIGC and AI-enabled game globalization, and providing full-link support for game research and operation. In the research and development process, AI has been used in many fields such as YOOZOO Online art asset production, localized multi-language version production, audio production, code generation, AI translation, intelligent NPC and other fields. In the distribution process, the advertising engine developed by the AI ​​Innovation Institute, with the support of the self-developed big data platform, uses AI to drive high-quality advertising strategies and improve material attribution and targeting capabilities to ensure the best advertising effect. , and at the same time, use AIGC to quickly iterate on art styles and understand user preferences in a timely manner through advertising effect tracking. In addition, YOOZOO Networks has extensively used AI technology in areas such as advertising and animated shorts to better meet players’ growing demand for game content.

YOOZOO Networks stated that in the future, the company will continue to promote the in-depth integration research and application of AI technology and games, while improving the efficiency and quality of game development, comprehensively improve players’ gaming experience, and actively explore in-game AI+UGC content ecology, AI social networking Interactive and other multi-module technical support continuously improves the quality of game products and operations, providing players with a game world with thousands of people and faces.

In addition to increasing internal investment in AI, YOOZOO Networks will also continue to promote the in-depth integration of AI technology and other cutting-edge technologies with games based on global game development and distribution. In the future, it will actively cooperate with relevant scientific research institutions, top universities and computing We will cooperate with leading companies in the field of large models to jointly explore the application scenarios of cutting-edge technologies in games, and carry out industrial ecological construction and upstream and downstream layout to comprehensively enhance corporate competitiveness for the future.

By joining the “New Quality Productivity Digital Innovation Alliance”, Youzu Networks will also actively play a leading role in actively building new quality productivity while sharing practical experience to jointly promote industry development.

Introduction to People’s Venture Capital

People’s Daily Online Venture Capital Co., Ltd. was established in 2013. It is the only holding company of People’s Daily Online whose main business is equity investment. Over the years, People’s Venture Capital has used its own funds and private equity funds to invest in dozens of projects, and is committed to using investment as a link to promote the development of People’s Network, investors and invested enterprises to build a new development model of capital integration, business integration, and resource integration. ecology.

Introduction to Zhongke Shuguang

Shuguang Information Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 1996. It is a holding company under the Chinese Academy of Sciences. As a leading enterprise in my country’s core information infrastructure, it provides innovative, efficient and reliable IT products, solutions and services to Chinese and global users. After more than 20 years of development, Sugon has profound technological accumulation and leading market shares in supercomputing, storage, security, data centers and other fields. It has fully leveraged its advantages in high-end computing and deployed in intelligent computing, cloud computing, big data and other fields. Technology research and development creates a computing industry ecosystem, providing solid and credible support for scientific research exploration and innovation, industry informatization construction, industrial transformation and upgrading, and digital economic development. Sugon has built a number of national-level supercomputing centers and collaborated with the Ministry of Science and Technology to create a “National Supercomputing Internet” platform, with more than 200 application, data, model and other service providers already settled in the platform.

Introduction to Youzu Network

Founded in 2009, Youzu Games Co., Ltd. is a global gaming company integrating research and operation. It is headquartered in Shanghai and has branches in Germany, Singapore, Japan and other countries. In June 2014, officially listed on China’s A-share main board. Up to now, has successfully launched to the global market including “Young Three Kingdoms”, “Young Three Kingdoms 2”, “Young Journey to the West”, “Young Journey to the West 2”, “Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming”, “New Tomb Raiders”, “Fei” Nearly a hundred game products including “Colorful Echo”, “League of Goddess”, “Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of the Zodiac”, etc. As one of the earliest game manufacturers to go overseas, YOOZOO has accumulated more than 1,000 partners overseas, has a distribution network in more than 200 countries and regions including Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Asia and South America, and has served nearly 1 billion users around the world.

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