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Recently, Supersonic, Unity’s mobile game publisher, celebrated its fourth anniversary. data shows that since Supersonic launched its mobile game distribution solution, the platform has successfully released more than 100 games, with global downloads exceeding 4.9 billion times.

In 2023, when competition in mobile games is extremely fierce, three games from Supersonic from Unity have successfully ranked among the top ten in the global super-casual game download list in 2023, namely “Bridge Race” (No. 2) and “Going Balls” (No. 3). (No. 9) and “Tall Man Run” (No. 9). In addition, “Bridge Race” and “Going Balls” are also on the 2023 global download list of all categories, ranking 11th and 12th respectively; not only that, “Tall Man Run”, “Emoji Puzzle” and “Build a Five games, including “Queen”, “Slow Mo Run” and “Hide ‘N Seek”, also successfully entered the top 100 global downloads list in 2023.

With rich publishing experience, Supersonic from Unity successfully created a number of popular games last year. For example, “Build a Queen”, a parkour-type hyper-casual game that integrates a variety of game mechanics, quickly ranked fifth in the world in terms of downloads within one month after its launch in August last year, with cumulative downloads exceeding 60 million in five months. It has always been among the top 20 most downloaded games in all categories in the world.

Also according to statistics, with the download volume of Supersonic’s games, Unity will become the second largest hyper-casual game publisher and the fourth largest game publisher in the world in 2023 (after Azur, Tencent and Onesoft). At the same time, Unity also ranks as the seventh largest publisher in the world in 2023, with its downloads tracking Meta, Google and ByteDance.

In terms of technological innovation, Supersonic from Unity has made many important updates to the platform, committed to continuously improving distribution efficiency and data transparency, and providing developers with rich development knowledge and resources, so that developers can more efficiently and conveniently create and Polish popular games.

For example, the “Knowledge Center” will be launched in 2023. This is a one-stop resource library specially created for developers, providing developers with exclusive content and massive resources to help developers improve their skills in game conception, prototyping, absorption testing, marketing, creative material production and growth.

The Supersonic platform also launched a new A/B testing page and a revamped “All Games” page last year. The new A/B testing page will revolutionize the traditional game testing process by providing more accurate and statistically significant insights before developers decide how to move forward with their games, while the revamped All Games page Allow developers to quickly view the relationship between game KPIs (such as CPI, game time, retention rate) and have a clearer understanding of what needs to be paid attention to and optimized.

The launch of the Supersonic app provides developers with a complete toolkit to manage, monitor and optimize game production and distribution. Developers can get complete data on in-game metrics and traction performance directly from their mobile phone, as well as access to a knowledge center and testing tools.

Nadav Ashkenazy, chief revenue officer at Unity Grow, said: “2023 is a very exciting year for us as we overhaul the Supersonic game self-publishing platform. Every step we take is dedicated to supporting the partners we work with. Developers increase data transparency and provide technical support, empowering them to efficiently achieve game business growth; at the same time, we also provide professional insights to help developers improve their soft power in game conception and other aspects. We are deeply proud that “Bridge Race” Classic games such as “Going Balls” and “Tall Man Run” can still be on the list strongly, bringing excellent gaming experience to users and creating considerable profits for developers; and “Build a Queen” and “Slow Mo Run” etc. The new game has also been a huge success in terms of downloads and revenue. We are deeply grateful to the growing number of game studios choosing to publish their games with us.”

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