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Steam’s popularity is still rising. Data shows that the number of concurrent players on Steam exceeded 34 million on March 2, setting a record high for the platform. In January this year, the number of concurrent players on Steam just exceeded 33 million.

The continued popularity of Steam after the beginning of the new year is inseparable from the several popular games that will explode in 2024.

In January, the open-world production game “Phantom Parlu” developed by Japanese game studio Pocketpair became the biggest hit at the beginning of the year, with the peak number of online players reaching 1.83 million.

In February, the online peak number of “Helldiver 2”, a multiplayer third-person science fiction shooting game produced by Arrowhead Game and published by Sony, exceeded 400,000, successfully breaking into the top 10 online peak games on Steam.

In addition, the ARPG “Last Age” version 1.0, developed by Eleventh Hour Games and launched in February, achieved a peak online player count of over 200,000 in less than a week.

And we can also find that the above three products all contain a certain degree of multiplayer elements – it can be seen that multiplayer connections are becoming an indispensable part of boosting the popularity of games.

Coupled with the return of players of “Ring of Elden” stimulated by the DLC to be released this year, and the stable performance of the recently released “Granblue Fantasy: RELINK”, the stable development of Steam user base is being cleared. In addition, as more and more game manufacturers begin to launch service-oriented games with higher user stickiness and stronger social attributes based on the platform, Steam’s audience will continue to expand.

It is worth mentioning that according to Steam hardware and software survey data, affected by the Spring Festival, the share of Simplified Chinese on the Steam platform soared by 7.62% in February 2024, and now accounts for 32.84%, surpassing English and becoming the most commonly used language on Steam. This also means that Chinese players are increasingly becoming an important group that cannot be ignored on the Steam platform.

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