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If I want to say which of the many new games in 2023 is my favorite, it must be “Operation Delta”. As a player who was lucky enough to participate in last year’s offline tasting event, I will never forget the high degree of completion and high-quality content displayed in the first test.

Not long ago, “Operation Delta” officially announced that it will launch a large-scale PC test called “Codename: ZERO” on March 7. In the warm-up stage before the start of the test, the three related videos first released by the official on station B have been played more than one million times, among which the actual demonstration of the new mode “Comprehensive Battlefield” has reached 3.08 million views. It’s enough to show how high players’ expectations are for the new content of “Operation Delta”.

This time, Mr. Gyro was also fortunate enough to be invited again to experience the offline flash trial event of “Operation Delta” on March 2. Less than five months have passed since the first beta, and I can’t help but wonder whether the players’ enthusiasm for “Operation Delta” is still there? In such a short period of time, can Linlangtian bring us new surprises? With this doubt, I came to the event site.

Trial session × FPS player exchange session

Although it is already early spring, the outdoor temperature in Shanghai is still too low for people to stand, but this has not weakened the enthusiasm of the players. There was a long and winding queue outside the venue, with people joining the end of the queue one after another.

This trial activity is basically divided into four links: the “Dangerous Action” trial from 10:30 to 6 o’clock in the morning, and the “Comprehensive Battlefield” new mode experience after 6 o’clock. At the same time, the R&D team will conduct a live sharing session. Development content will be shared in the event, and the highly anticipated exhibition match will conclude the event.

Because I came early, I came to the queue area early to blend in with the players to hear what everyone was talking about. From observation, some of the players here are “reminiscing about their youth” because of the Delta IP. There are also many FPS players who have never played the Delta series of games and find resonance in chatting about other games. Many of them are attracted by the high quality of the game records. of widespread users. For example, the boy standing in front of me told me that he had a strong interest in games after watching the recording at station B, so he wanted to come over and play.

Are players satisfied with this offline trial experience? Judging from the reactions at the scene, the answer may be yes. Because the atmosphere of communication in the venue was also very strong, everyone was immersed in the fun of the game.

Among them, there was a “big brother” who seemed very excited after finishing the game. When I asked out of curiosity, he said: “Fortunately, I asked my teammates to stand behind, otherwise the team would be wiped out in this wave.” He said that he has not played an FPS game for a long time. Players like him who have to bow to the times cannot compete with young people in terms of operation, so he cannot play many popular fast-paced FPS games. But when he played “Dangerous Action” today, the other two players in the team basically had to listen to his orders, which made him feel very fulfilled.

In addition to the fun brought by the game, the official also buried a surprise at the end of the event. Chen He, the owner of Tianba Club and a well-known artist, suddenly appeared at the trial meeting and participated in the official live broadcast. As a public figure who is often active in the gaming industry, Chen He is also a senior gaming enthusiast. At the game scene of the game, Chen He actively communicated and cooperated with his teammates, showing superb gaming skills. In-game interviews also said that the game was really good, presenting a wonderful showdown for the audience.

As the event ended, many players still gathered at the scene and were still not satisfied. It can be felt that “Operation Delta” has sown a seed of expectation in the hearts of players.

New and old gameplay of classic IP, where does the fun come from?

For a classic IP with a history of more than 20 years, the influence of “Delta” as the originator of the category goes without saying, but it can make players from all audiences so enthusiastic. How can Linlangtian reproduce this classic IP according to today’s industry standards? What about the fun? I think I may have the answer after participating in today’s event.

First of all, the “Dangerous Action” mode, the “leading game” of “Operation Delta” that was first exposed to the market, cleverly captures the preferences of today’s players. This mode combines the recently popular evacuation gameplay with Delta IP, allowing players to explore and obtain resources on the large map, and start thinking about layout from various aspects such as fighting against AI bosses, players, and participating in map tasks. While the team considered settings that are more in line with the habits of mass players, it also ensured a hard-core gameplay and increased the strategic nature of the game by introducing the “operator” system.

It can be said that, on the basis of the original IP, “Dangerous Action” has optimized and innovated all the gameplay points favored by FPS players in the past, while retaining the IP’s “realistic military” and “large battlefield multiplayer competition” features, allowing players to In one mode, you can fully experience diverse content such as exploration, confrontation, and gaming, and it is full of new ideas.

But to carry the charm of the “Delta” IP, the reproduction of its classic gameplay is naturally indispensable, which is the “Comprehensive Battlefield” mode that is the focus of this test. “Total Battlefield” restores the multiplayer large-scale PVP gameplay of “Delta Force”, supports 64v64 confrontation of hundreds of people, and allows players to create richer tactical options by destroying scene elements.

Players can not only experience exciting large-scale gun battles, but also control a variety of vehicles including armored vehicles, tanks, helicopters and ships, covering the three major combat areas of land, sea and air. Greatly improves the diversity and fun of combat.

In addition to the gameplay, the “Ember Zone” map of “Total Action” is a 1:1 replica of the popular map Cracked of “Delta Force: Black Hawk Down”. After more than 20 years, this once-popular map is re-presented in front of players with a new look this year. I believe it will also evoke fond memories of countless old players.

While paying tribute to the classics, the official also created an original map “Climb”, using the classic beach landing battle scene to bring players the fun of maritime combat.

Compared with “Operation Dangerous”, “Total War”‘s grand battlefield brawl atmosphere and operations covering land, sea and air are more entertaining, allowing even those who are experienced in FPS to have fun, recreating the feelings while taking into account the needs of different players.

In the game, we can also clearly feel the team’s pursuit of high quality. The most intuitive manifestation is the significant improvement in the texture and immersion of the game screen. It is reported that the development team has made special improvements to game scenes, colors and other issues based on feedback from first-test players.

In less than 5 months, “Operation Delta” has moved towards high-quality content, gameplay, and art, with large quantities and sufficient management, and on the basis of classics, it has achieved innovation and optimization that satisfies players. . This also reveals that without a team that is truly deeply involved in FPS and understands the essence of Delta IP, it would be difficult to achieve such a finished product in a short period of time.

Only real “players” can make good games

When I participated in the trial play of “Operation Delta” for the first time, I raised doubts about the simultaneous development and launch of the three terminals and the strategic direction of global distribution without market verification. Where does their confidence come from? At that time, producer Shadow said that it came from the team of Linlang Tianshang. But at that time, I only knew roughly that this was an experienced FPS development team.

It wasn’t until today’s live broadcast sharing session, when the development team went offline to further communicate with players, that I deeply realized that this team is not only technically excellent, but more importantly, they are a group of people who love FPS and Delta IP. loyal fans and know how to connect with players, which is the root of their confidence.

To give a striking example, during the sharing session, a planner came on stage wearing a player uniform, and his other identity was fuge, a former PUBG professional player. From an e-sports master to a planner, fuge shared his growth process.

Similarly, R&D also introduced the development of game content to players offline, and professionally shared the gun modification gameplay and operator design ideas. First, the depth and breadth of firearm modification are explained in detail, covering various aspects such as accessory types, attribute systems, parameter adjustments, functional features, etc., providing each player with a high degree of freedom in personalized selection.

Firearms Modification Tutorial

Later, it showed how to combine teamwork and tactical strategies through operator design, which is lacking in other evacuation FPS games on the market. It can be seen that the R&D team is well aware of the pain points of FPS players in the past and has dealt with them one by one.

The game’s chief planner also taught players some practical combat skills. Although it is all theoretical knowledge, planning is actually a real skill. In the evening exhibition session, game planners competed with professional players on the next stage. Even facing professional players, the planning team did not fall behind and showed off many dazzling moves.

Game understanding of the chief planner

At the sharing meeting, the official also released Easter eggs that only old Delta players can understand, truly restoring the gun animation. Further highlighting the team’s understanding of Delta IP. Combined with this re-enactment of the classic gameplay of “Total Battlefield”, the team not only showed respect for the classics, but also injected its own unique insights and emotions into the IP. In the future, we can at least look forward to the quality of the “single-player campaign” in “Operation Delta”.

It can be said that the R&D personnel of Linlangtian are not only developers, but also real gamers. They go deep into the player circle, understand the pain points of FPS players, understand player needs, and also understand the charm of Delta IP. It is precisely because of this that the game quickly gained widespread recognition and continued following after being exposed. The resonance brought by this recognition is not only reflected in the players’ positive feedback on the game, but also in the team’s ability to absorb players’ suggestions in a timely and effective manner, forming a virtuous cycle of two-way interaction.

This trial activity is a strong proof of the quality of the game and a demonstration of the game development team’s deep understanding and respect for players’ needs. It can be felt that they are eager to make “Operation Delta” a leader in the industry and strive to achieve the “best” standard. If we can continue to uphold this enthusiasm and focus, the FPS market may really change in the future.

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