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The peak number of Steam online players exceeded 34 million, and Simplified Chinese became the most commonly used language on the platform After “Phantom Parlu”, the second unexpected hit in 2024 is coming
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2024 can be said to be a great year for women. New games are in open beta, old games are refreshed, the hard work of various manufacturers and the enthusiasm of National League II players have once again made this track burst with vitality that cannot be underestimated.

The lingering power of “1.18 Decisive Battle at the Top of Country B” has not dissipated, and the arrival of Valentine’s Day has pushed the prosperity of the B gaming circle to a higher peak. Among them, the one that Mr. Gyro wants to talk about the most and thinks is the most important one is one of the winners of the “1.18 Business War”, the unlimited romance mobile game “Outside the World” under NetEase Games.

This may be the second-tier game in China with the most “idiots” played by players (and the most nicknames for the male protagonist) in recent times.

“The fourth brother was nagged for a lifetime after eating two steamed buns”, “cruel widower”, “aunt’s literature”, “three straw rabbits”… the plot details related to this game have been repeatedly tasted and spread by a large number of players. It is a recent national phenomenon. B A hot topic.

However, the female-oriented track has already entered a mature stage. What kind of troubles do players in the National Secondary League with eight cyber men on their mobile phones per capita have never seen? Why do they favor this newcomer “Beyond the World” so much?

It’s better to clear away the clouds and find out.

The lover who “sees you forever” and the birth of the “nurturing” game

In fact, if you observe carefully, you will find that the emotional relationships established between players and the male protagonists of “Beyond the World” seem to be somewhatExtraordinarily deep.

“Ordinary” refers to the player’s experience in most national B games. When we first meet (in public beta), there is always a period of ambiguity before the relationship can gradually get better, but “Outside the World” allows the player and the male protagonist to almost skip this running-in period.

Counting on my fingers, it has been less than a month since the game was launched, but the players and the male protagonists feel like they have been in love for “life and death”. This strong emotional atmosphere directly leads to the Valentine’s Day activities being accepted by players, and even “getting what they want” – instead of “the two of them don’t feel familiar with the main plot, but they are on the high speed in the card.” Driving” feeling of fragmentation.

In the “Heartbeating Moment” limited card plot, this is the first time that “I” (the player) and the male protagonists have played in the game.real world lineCelebrate Valentine’s Day. Watch movies, catch dolls, stroll on the snowy streets, enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner…

These charming and heartwarming couple activities are full of human fireworks, giving players a heart-stirring experience.

In addition to the exciting experience, the plot of this Valentine’s Day event also strives to soothe the “uneasy feelings” in the hearts of players – all players who have experienced the world of “Old Shadows of the Age” (the first dungeon world of the game) will definitely feel sorry for the male protagonists in their hearts. I have more or less regrets and debts, and I look forward to meeting them again. The Valentine’s Day plot uses various small Easter eggs to give players a “boomerang”: when you draw a wishing note with the male protagonist under the tree, you will find that the patterns are actually very important tokens to the male protagonist in the dungeon world: watches and rings. , straw rabbits, and wood-carved dolls, this undoubtedly brings different surprises to players.

Objectively speaking, from the time I started playing the server to now, “Outside the World” feels more like a “growth” product to me. While the production team is intensively preparing for version content updates, it is also actively responding to player demands:

In response to the art controversy, a long article was specially issued to explain the design ideas, release the process draft, detailed changes, etc. since the project was established, and promised to further improve the quality of art in the future; this Valentine’s Day card pool also optimized the drawing rules and achieved it in advance. inform.

What is the charm of National League B, which is the first to break out of the drama at the beginning of the year?

Above, Mr. Gyro mentioned that the relationship between the player and the male protagonist of “Outside the World” seems to have gone through “lifetimes”, so that players can get a deeper feeling during the Valentine’s Day event. To create such an atmosphere, everything must start with the plot.

Looking at the entire field of mobile games, “Beyond the World” ranks first in terms of plot structure and arrangement and control of player psychology.

For example, in the world of “Old Shadows of the Age” (the first world that players experience at the start), the main plot is full of suspense and excitement (it will end immediately if you are not careful) to attract players’ attention.

In the tense atmosphere, several male protagonists appeared one after another, either to help “me” (the player) or to guide “me” to find the truth. In short, they have full favorability.

Just when the player feels confused, the timely question from “I” on the screen will immediately dispel this confusion.

——”What is our relationship?”

——”We worshiped together before.”

In this way, the seemingly over-the-top actions of the male protagonists become reasonable. The ambiguous and fast pace at the beginning not only does not arouse the players’ disgust, but also arouses their interest in searching for the truth in depth.

When players travel through several branch dungeons, they will understand that “Outside the World” uses “time” as a clue. From the perspective of “my”, the main plot is the first time I meet them, but from their perspective, it is not the first time. see me”.

Why are they like this? What ever happened?

Taking the main line as the starting point, players come to their past and go to their future by taking on different side tasks (carrying out the male protagonist’s personal line). The whole story becomes clear. It turns out that “I” participated in every major stage of their lives, and it turns out that “I” casually said something that affected their lives.

Finally understand that everything is cause and effect, reincarnation and reincarnation. The strong sense of fate is moving, and the images of the male protagonists have also become more three-dimensional and profound. Compared with the straightforward narrative methods of most National League II games on the market, the jumping and narrative plot development of “Beyond the World” is obviously more able to mobilize players. mood.

Supporting such a clever technique is the unique infinite flow theme of “Beyond the World”, which provides players with the conditions to reasonably shuttle between various dungeons and timelines, and unfold the story from multiple angles and in all directions. The development team connected these together to present players with an ultimate romance.

As a result, Gu Shiye, Yi Yu, Xia Xiaoyin, and Bai Yuan changed from “men who fell in love with each other” to “fateful lovers” of the player. Superficial sensory stimulation was upgraded to deep-seated emotions. They truly became the player’s heart. Got a name.

More importantly, the intertwined timelines make the concept of “time” unequal between the player and the male protagonist: from the perspective of “I”, I may just complete tasks one by one; but for the male protagonists, This world is their real life. “I” accompanied them briefly, and then disappeared without a trace. Not only did they not know when they would meet next time, but they also had to endure the abuse of the passage of time, from young to mature, and when they saw “I” again, they were always as beautiful as ever. Heart.

It is precisely because of this core dramatic conflict that every male protagonist bursts out with extreme emotions and brings many famous scenes to players:

Yi Yu’s 9-minute countdown; Gu Shiye’s final monologue; Xia Xiaoyin’s hard mouth and soft heart; Bai Yuan’s life trapped by three straw rabbits…

These have become points that players will never forget and savor over and over again. There are even players who, after completing the male protagonist’s personal side quest, re-watch the main plot and discover small details that were not noticed during the first playthrough, thus gaining a better understanding of the male protagonist’s behavior and developing deeper emotions towards him.

A large number of second-generation works were born, and the male protagonists of “Beyond the World” even became popular in the circle and in the real world:

When the player and the male protagonists have established a deep emotional foundation, the next stop “Heaven and Earth Unbound” world will then open. In the plot details, there will be a “call back” from the previous world, making the player always feel that “he” has always been there. ; The completely different Xianxia style, the completely different identities and encounters of the male protagonists also make players guess what kind of “boomerang” and development there will be in the future – familiarity and freshness coexist, bringing a rich and unique experience.

How can a “non-involution” game bring the ultimate sense of immersion to players?

In the eyes of many game practitioners, “immersion” is like clouds in the sky, which seem very close but always seem to be difficult to touch. In order to pursue this erratic goal, developers have made too many efforts of one kind or another. Mr. Gyro once also believed that in the face of the current market, “ultimate immersion” must be achieved by higher-dimensional production.

Then I was “slapped in the face” by “Outside the World”. It does not involve any fancy gameplay. It creates a cinematic narrative through the organic combination of text, pictures, and music in a refined framework, easily bringing players the ultimate sense of immersion.

In addition to the exquisite plot shaping, the structural design of “Beyond the World” derived from the theme of “infinite flow” is also the key to achieving the immersion goal. For example, the settings of “Main God Space” and “Main God Store” give players a more immersive feeling when drawing cards and developing them. They are preparing to enter the dungeon both inside and outside the game.

Another example is the personified “System Brother” (who often makes venomous comments about players). He not only assumes the function of dispatching tasks, but also seems to have an ambiguous relationship with players:

Even a gift of ten companies is packaged so thoughtfully…

In addition to the story, it also takes care of the players’ emotional experience, which is very clever and clever. On the one hand, through the system’s few words, it connects commercialization with the theme of the game, allowing players to get more involved in the game; on the other hand, through the system’s Riddler-style complaints, it strengthens the recognition and sense of satisfaction of the player’s character.

In the development module, the design of “Outside the World” still follows the theme of “Infinite Flow”.

In addition, in the view of Mr. Gyro, “Beyond the World” is able to attract the attention of players, and its tight rhythm, straightforward and refreshing flow experience is indispensable – and this is also the pain point of many National Secondary players at the moment.

The server provides a complete experience (the old movie world of the era), and even each branch is a short story with a beginning and an end, allowing players to quickly assume the role and create an emotional link with the male protagonist. The emotional resonance of “Outside the World” among players is obviously more intense and direct, and it has also formed its own differentiation.


In recent years, the National Second Division circuit seems to be getting more and more “crazy”.

This is of course a compliment. As an old player who has been exposed to otome games for many years, Gyro-kun has watched the growth of the national second team, and has also followed “the more you eat, the better”. “Outside the World” is obviously the one that surprised me the most this year. It not only made the industry re-recognize the importance of “telling good stories”, but also made people feel the possibilities beyond “involution”.

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