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Game-Time report/As the Spring Festival approaches, the domestic game industry has received another regrettable news. 91Act, the developer of the side-scrolling ACT game “Blue Wings: Chaos Effect”, was forced to lay off all employees due to cash flow problems. Only founder and CEO Jiang Lei remains.

According to official news posted online, the company was dismissed due to lower-than-expected revenue from the official version of BlazBlue: Chaos Effect, coupled with problems with cooperation with its partner DeNA and insufficient cash flow. The company faced huge financial pressure.

Even part of the cost of the severance of all employees came from the bank loan obtained by 91Act founder Jiang Lei by mortgaging his property.

As soon as the news came out, many players and netizens naturally felt sorry for 91Act to reach this point. You know, “Blue Wings: Chaos Effect” just left EA on January 31 and released the official version on Steam. It did not run away due to financial problems, which is already very difficult for domestic solo games.

Although the game has caused dissatisfaction from some players due to the update of some systems in the official version, as the saying goes, love comes with deep responsibility. I am afraid that even the players who expressed different opinions at the time, few really wanted to see the direction of the game. This ending.

However, although all members of 91Act have been laid off, Jiang Lei does not intend to give up all future possibilities of “Blue Wings: Chaos Effect” immediately. In the announcement, he stated that the game will continue to operate and update with a small amount of income after the current release.

Even in the live broadcast of Station B, Jiang Lei announced a more specific possible update plan for the game, including the update of the new game system, the optimization of the experience, the update of new characters, etc., as well as the recall of some old employees through the minimum wage to promote The game is being ported to possible mobile and console versions.

In addition, Jiang Lei encouraged players during the live broadcast to support the team by purchasing genuine games and receiving positive reviews.

Game-Time couldn’t help but feel pity for the current situation of 91Act. There are some reasons, such as the contract dispute between the company and DeNA, and of course changes in the game market.

Although action meaty pigeon games have always been loved by players and have produced some popular solo games, in recent years, even in the independent game field, games with similar gameplay have increased visibly. In an increasingly competitive environment with ever-escalating player expectations, even the most promising products can face unsatisfactory market response.

Game-Time can only hope that Jiang Lei and 91Act can survive the current difficult moment smoothly, and they will have good luck in the future whether they are reborn with “Blue Wings: Chaos Effect” or starting over.

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