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Perhaps it is precisely because of the buyout system that allows “Stardust” to do more innovation.

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Game-Time report/The release of the version number on January 26 is a good day for many players, especially for Eagle Point users, because this day can be described as a double happiness:

On the same day that “Paom Paom” received its version number, another Eagle Horn game “From Stardust” released its scheduled PV and real-game demo, announcing that it would be officially released on February 27.

“From Stardust” is a 3DRPG two-dimensional mobile game released by Nous Wave Studio, a subsidiary of Eagle Point Network. It is also Eagle Point’s first buyout mobile game. Of course, even if we zoom in on the entire industry, Yingjiao is also the first well-known two-dimensional manufacturer to seriously make buyout mobile games.

Public information shows that “From Stardust” will be first exposed in September 2021. At that time, after “Arknights” became a blockbuster, the outside world had been paying attention to Eagle Point’s next move. However, to everyone’s expectation, Eagle Point chose a rarely-trodden path of buyout.

Two years after being exposed, “Come from Stardust” received a version number in December last year. Although the issuance of version numbers is normalized, version number resources are still tight, and some companies may only be able to obtain one version number a year. “From Stardust” The approval of the version number of “Stardust” also proves that Eagle Point’s buyout system is not a joke.

Game-Time once pointed out that Yingjiao is involved in the seemingly thankless buyout system market. Insiders may be optimistic about its market potential and sentiment. On the one hand, there are many popular buyout systems on the PC and mobile terminals. The emergence of the product is, on the other hand, Yingjiao’s attempt to test a variety of business models.

In terms of gameplay mechanism, although it is a turn-based gameplay, Eagle Horn has incorporated more action elements into “Come from Stardust”, including common defense and rebound mechanisms in action games, as well as refreshing combos, etc., allowing players with disabled hands to play Being able to perform gorgeous combos may become a major feature of “From Stardust” that attracts players.

In addition, the game also continues the science fiction theme that Eagle Point is good at, and even creates an alien language to further enhance the authenticity of the game’s world view and enhance the player’s sense of immersion. Perhaps it is precisely because of the buyout system that “From Stardust” is allowed to make more innovations and try to bring more different experiences to players.

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