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Game-Time reports/”Eggman Party”, which has swallowed 500 million players a year, is becoming popular all the way from online to offline. In the context of “everything can be transformed into Danzi”, with the launch of offline licensing and IP derivatives, Danzai has penetrated into all tier cities, and co-branded fashion games and cards have appeared intensively in offline business circles.

What is even more surprising is that NetEase Games recently reached an in-depth cooperation with the Shanghai Consumer Rights Protection Committee (hereinafter referred to as the “Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee”) to jointly carry out game anti-addiction promotion activities and launch the “Anti-Addiction” of “Egg Boy Party” Addicted to fun cards.”

Since the “Strict Prevention of Addiction” achieved initial results, the awareness of the protection of minors in the gaming industry has generally increased, and it has also opened up more possibilities for unprotected jobs to move forward. Today, “Danzi Party” cooperates with the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission to innovatively explore new ways to popularize anti-addiction science.

In response to the “old and difficult” problem of preventing minors from becoming addicted, in December last year, “Danzi Party” announced in its “Second Letter to Parents” that it would launch three major “anti-addiction” measures to strictly prevent “pretending to use adults”. personal account” and other behaviors. This includes omni-channel access to the face recognition mechanism for high-risk groups, the establishment of a dedicated customer service portal for underage refunds on the entire platform, and the launch of one-click ban on recharge and ban on games.

Now, “Egg Party” has directly approached the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission to cooperate with them in jointly producing fun anti-addiction cards. It is reported that each set of cards has 10 Q&A cards and 5 KV cards. The front of the Q&A card matches the cute egg boy image with anti-addiction questions and answers, and the back includes answers and anti-addiction tips.

The image and popularity of Danzai’s IP can make this set of anti-addiction fun cards attract more people’s attention. This kind of educational and entertaining form that combines knowledge and fun can also make anti-addiction science knowledge more easily understood and recognized by young people, thus safeguarding the physical and mental health of minors.

The Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission said that this cooperation is an innovative practice for it in the protection of teenagers’ online rights and interests. Through cooperation, the Consumer Protection Commission hopes to guide more young people to combine work and rest, arrange gaming time reasonably, and enjoy a healthy and happy online life.

In order to guide more young users to participate, this set of anti-addiction fun cards is not for sale, but is given to players for free as a lottery. From January 19th to 21st, players only need to follow the “Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee” official account to obtain the verification code, and log in every day to participate in the lottery.

The reason why the lottery is used instead of selling means that this event is not a marketing activity for profit, but is aimed at promoting anti-addiction science. At the same time, the lottery format not only enhances the fun of the event, but also allows anti-addiction knowledge to be disseminated to a wider group of players, achieving another successful example of unprotected work and anti-addiction innovation in the gaming industry.

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