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The peak number of Steam online players exceeded 34 million, and Simplified Chinese became the most commonly used language on the platform After “Phantom Parlu”, the second unexpected hit in 2024 is coming
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Now when it comes to party games, “Eggman Party” will always be the one that cannot be bypassed.

With a huge user base of 500 million, a full-blown original content ecosystem of PGC+UGC, or a series of linkage activities with large quantities and high quality, “Egg Party” can be said to have been soaring all the way in the past year, becoming It has become the leader in the domestic party game track and has also confirmed its status as a national IP.

In the new year of 2024, “Egg Boy Party” has also found its own direction for this year.

Recently, the national original park plan of “Eggman Party” was officially launched. With the goals of “originality and co-creation” and “building a solid national identity”, the “national original park game” has also become the brand of “Eggman Party” in the new year. Positioning, combined with the important marketing node of the Spring Festival and winter holidays, promote “Egg Party” to a wider audience. In terms of specific content, there are not only creative competitions paved with 15 million real money incentives, but also the “Creator Rights Protection Center” dedicated to original protection has been officially established; the national animation IP “Bear Infested” plus the national actor Yang Zi’s Joining the franchise not only brings the joy of “Eggman Party” to a higher level during this Spring Festival, but also makes the foundation of “Eggman Party”‘s national popularity stronger.

Speak up for originality: To create a carnival paradise for all, Danzai must carry out originality to the end

Looking back on the dazzling achievements of “Egg Boy Party” in the past year, the original content composed of PGC + UGC definitely contributed. On the one hand, as a supplement to the official game content, these original contents have greatly enriched the game’s gameplay content and improved its playability, and spawned a huge PGC+UGC content ecosystem, from which countless creators have benefited, forming a game A closed loop of content production and consumption; on the other hand, the dissemination of original content on social media has also brought a lot of unexpected traffic to “Egg Boy Party”, and topics outside the circle are also one after another.

According to official data, in the past year, “Egg Boy Party” has produced more than 100 million UGC maps. Such a huge amount of original content can be said to be a huge “wealth” for “Egg Boy Party”. The birth of this “wealth” is inseparable from “Egg Party”‘s devotion to PGC+UGC original content. From the optimization and upgrading of underlying editing tools to the construction of a complete ecosystem, “Egg Party” has transformed original content into All key nodes have basically been connected.

This year, “creating a national original paradise” has become the new direction of “Eggman Party”. Regarding the “original paradise”, “Egg Boy Party” chose to “encourage originality” and “protect originality” to go hand in hand, and the “National Paradise Carnival” and the Creator Rights Protection Center came into being.

In the “National Park Carnival”, “Eggman Party” provided 15 million real money as cash incentives and launched corresponding activities in three tracks: map creation, social media communication, and map play. In the map creation competition alone, multiple awards such as the “Super Master Award” and “Super Craftsman Award” have been set up. A single player can receive up to 1.5 million cash rewards. In addition, the official also opened a special chapter on public welfare to encourage creators to create public welfare themed maps and speak out for love. Players who play the charity map can also contribute to the charity fund, making every park footprint meaningful.

In the “National Original Paradise” of “Egg Boy Party”, creators, players and even every ordinary communicator can find the value of their roles. This sense of importance and belonging makes “Egg Boy Party” a dream come true. The paradise in the world is getting closer and closer.

According to the rights protection process, creators can initiate rights protection in the Rights Protection Center, and NetEase Games’ professional team will provide legal advice and assistance, as well as 1v1 full-process follow-up services. In addition, the official will also bear all subsequent litigation costs that may arise from creators’ rights protection to ensure that every creator can receive corresponding legal advice when facing infringement, and can effectively collect evidence and file lawsuits.

What can be seen is that “Eggman Party” will only pay more and more attention to original content as time goes by. If the “Paradise Carnival” is a recognition of the creators of the past year, then the “National Paradise” that is now open Carnival” and “Creator Rights Protection Center” are the beginning of the new year’s original content.

With generous competition incentives, a complete original rights protection mechanism, and positive and diverse social values, “Egg Boy Party” is building a comprehensive original incentive system. It is these efforts that make “Egg Boy Party” ” “National Original Paradise” is not just a slogan, but a truly convincing fact.

Accumulating energy for the people: Two top national figures gathered on Danzi Island

“Egg Boy Party” has always been known as a “collaboration maniac” and a “hot meme maker”. Not only does it have frequent linkages, but most of its linkage targets are popular IPs that are well-known to the public. It is both interesting and interesting. This time, the official announcement of “Egg Party” has reached a linkage with the national IP “Bear Infestation” that has been popular for ten years, and announced that Bear Big Bear II will meet with you during the Spring Festival.

At this point, “Eggman Party” has officially achieved the achievement of unlocking all three domestic animation giants (“Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf”, “Pigman” and “Bear Bear”). For many young people, these three animations are like childhood memories. Regardless of the emotional filter, they are also extremely excellent works among domestic animations. To this day, they still have considerable influence and are true National animation works.

“Egg Boy Party” obviously not only starts from the animation field in building a national brand, but also has many blockbuster moves in the entertainment industry that young people are also concerned about, such as the selection of spokespersons.

On January 17, “Egg Boy Party” officially announced that the national girl Yang Zi has become another spokesperson for “Egg Boy Party”. Topics such as #杨子蛋子Party Spokesperson #杨子新中国式马面skirt# also appeared on the news without any surprise It has become a hot search on Weibo. So far, the reading volume of the two hot search topics is around 100 million, successfully breaking through the circle.

Yang Zi really doesn’t need too much introduction. She became a national daughter in her childhood with “Family with Children”. Now she is also a well-known movie star active in the domestic film and television industry. She has appeared in many blockbuster works and is a well-known and high-quality actor in the industry. The collaboration between “National Actors” and “National Party Games” has already become a hot topic.

In fact, if you look a little further, you will find that “Egg Boy Party” actually has its own set of standards for the selection of spokespersons. In November last year, “Egg Boy Party” officially announced its first brand spokesperson-Wu Lei. As a national actor who was also born as a child star, Wu Lei also has many well-known masterpieces. At the same time, his young and sunny image perfectly fits the joyful attributes of “Egg Boy Party”.

From Wu Lei to Yang Zi, we can probably summarize the selection criteria for the spokespersons of “Egg Boy Party”, which are high reputation, high nationality, and high level of own strength. And this actually symbolizes the characteristics of “Egg Boy Party” in all aspects, the same high reputation, high nationality, and high standards represented by the down-to-earth efforts behind the content production.

Whether it is the linkage with “Bear Bears” or Yang Zi’s endorsement, “Egg Boy Party” is an important step in creating a “national original paradise”. With the support of national IP and national movie stars, “Egg Boy Party” The national foundation of “Egg Boy Party” has undoubtedly become stronger. From ordinary people to celebrities, when everyone can find their own happiness on Egg Boy Island, the national character of “Egg Boy Party” needs no introduction.


Competition in today’s party game track is fierce. In addition to the leading products that have been launched, there are also many manufacturers who are also eyeing this track. However, “Egg Boy Party” remains unmoved in the face of external competition and maintains its own content supply rhythm. It has mature plans from the official to UGC content side, and high-quality content is also continuously updated into the game. In the near future, Speaking of which, there are a series of blockbuster contents such as “Egg Festival”, “Paradise Carnival”, “National Park Carnival”, “Bear Infested Linkage”, “Yang Zi Endorsement”, etc. It can be said that “Egg Party” is in this game between itself and In its own competition, it still uses high-quality and high-level content and marketing, constantly seeks innovation and changes, and achieves self-iteration and upgrade.

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