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Game-Time report/No one expected that last year’s storm called “Egg Boy Party” lasted for a whole year and gained momentum.

In a direction that has never had any successful reference, NetEase has created a phenomenal product beyond the imagination of the industry: 100 million monthly active users, 100 million park maps, and quickly swallowed 500 million users in 560 days. Today’s ” “Eggman Party” has firmly taken the lead in the three major categories of “party games”, “family games” and “UGC games”.

Looking back at the “wild surge” of games in the past year, it is inevitable to make people curious: What advantages does “Eggman Party” rely on to gain a foothold at the top of the market? What is its future evolutionary direction? After reaching the milestone of 500 million users, what kind of room for growth will this universal product have?

With the game’s recently exposed new brand positioning as “National Original Paradise Game”, Game-Time will try to analyze: What new heights will “Eggman Party” be pushed to?

After being out of the industry for a whole year, what is your core competitiveness that is difficult to copy?

Behind the popularity of “Eggman Party”, it is naturally inseparable from the relaxed and simple bottom-level party gameplay, which can quickly build a joyful experience for multiple people to play together, and the gameplay is naturally inclusive and scalable. However, the frequency of official PGC output is often difficult to meet the speed at which players consume party game content.

What really made a huge contribution to the game’s long-term success is Danzai’s powerful UGC function.

The official provides creators with a large number of easy-to-use tools, and continues to introduce new technologies to break the upper limit of UGC creation. For example, the “Universal Generator” combines the hottest AIGC and UGC. Users only need to enter any words to generate various types of UGC. A variety of components create a new intelligent creation scene. “Egg Boy Party” also launched the super-heavy “Egg Code” function. Users can put “events”, “actions” and “conditional” statements together like “building blocks” to implement the logic of the scene in their mind. Transforming it into a richer game experience also helps the quality of UGC content develop in a more professional direction.

In the gaming circle, the creator ecosystem has always been a major driving force for product development and can help achieve greater dissemination. Based on industry-leading UGC tools, “Egg Boy Party” has almost reached the ceiling level of UGC ecology. While repeatedly breaking through the circle, it continues to explore more possibilities of UGC.

Official data shows: Last year, more than 100 million park maps were created in the “Eggman Party” park, with an average of 3.8 maps being created per second. A total of more than 20,000 artisan eggs participated in the creation, with a total creation time of more than 70 million hours. ; On the day of the “Egg Festival” on December 15, the park also produced 330,000 maps in a single day; high-frequency and high-quality UGC content also drove players’ enthusiasm for the experience.

According to official statistics, a total of 200 million Eggboys participated in the park throughout the year, and more than 12 million Eggboys found partners in the park. In terms of interactive data performance, all park maps received a total of 2.2 billion collections, more than 700 million likes, and 16.4 million shares throughout the year; the map “Mengze’s Arena” even set a single record with 120 million plays. The record for the most played maps.

Secondly, with a huge player base of 500 million, “Egg Boy Party” has achieved phenomenal national popularity. The free and diverse content system and huge user base mean that Danzai IP has high multi-cultural scalability, can accommodate almost all types of cross-industry linkages, and can continue to dominate user awareness.

Under the circumstance that “everything can be transformed into Eggboy”, the high-frequency IP cross-border linkage with an average interval of less than 11 days allows the “Eggboy Party” linkage universe to continue to grow. Covering almost all areas such as animation, catering, public welfare institutions, trendy games, and fast-moving consumer goods, it penetrates into all aspects of users’ daily necessities, food, housing, transportation, and entertainment.

Not only is it cooperating with top brands in daily consumption scenarios, but 500 million users have also injected huge downward traffic into Danzai IP. With the launch of offline licensing cooperation and IP derivatives, Danzai derivatives that have penetrated into various cities have pushed IP to another level, making Danzai IP another way of life for people.

When “Party” Becomes “National Original Paradise”

Backed by the industry-leading UGC ecological advantages and the high national popularity of Danzi IP, “Danzi Party” has obviously completed the transformation from a single party game to a national paradise, and built a huge social network with emotions as a bond, attracting more and more people. The more users settle here.

Standing at an important juncture of product transformation, “Egg Party” further deepens and proposes a new brand positioning language “National Original Paradise Game”.

First of all, the game will continue to be deeply bound to the “national” tag.

On the one hand, national actress Yang Zi has recently been officially announced as the brand spokesperson for “Egg Boy Party”, triggering a new round of attention. Looking back at the last brand spokesperson Wu Lei, both of them have high national popularity and high reputation. They are highly compatible with Danzai IP and can help the product break into a larger pan-entertainment user group.

On the other hand, the game has reached a cross-border cooperation with the national IP “Bear Bears”, which has been popular for ten years, and has since successfully integrated three major national comic IPs (Pleasant Goat, Pigman, and Bear Bears).

As a childhood memory of those born in the 1995s and 2000s, the audience of “Bear Infested” is highly overlapped with Danzai users, and the call for linkage among the player groups has also been quite high. Combining the dual nodes of the Spring Festival and the release of the “Bear Bears” movie, this cooperation is expected to help the product build buzz and seize the Spring Festival slot.

In the longer term, the “high nationality” created by 500 million users, combined with the national animation IP “Bear Bears” and the joining of national actor Yang Zi, can play a sustained and significant role in mobilizing user emotions and linkage communication. Positive effect. Further refresh the reputation of the game and build a solid IP nationality.

Secondly, “Eggman Party” will give full play to its UGC ecological advantages to further improve the “original paradise”.

Behind the national original park, it means that “Eggman Party” is not limited to the massive content brought by UGC, but focuses on “co-creation” with players, and the scale of Eggman UGC can support higher-level original and Create an ecosystem together.

For example, the official previously announced “Co-create Egg Era” plan announced that it would invest 500 million yuan over a span of 2 years to encourage creators to create higher-quality works and help more creators maximize their personal value. Let creators share the dividends of user ecological development and help creators realize their personal value.

In order to encourage all people to participate in original creation, in the first phase of the “National Paradise Carnival” of the “Co-create Egg Era” plan, “Egg Party” invested 15 million real money, covering all aspects of creation, play and communication. . Among them, the “National Creation Competition-Spring Competition” will select 5 super masters to join the “Artisan Star Project” and each will receive a cash prize of 1.5 million and 10,000 egg coins.

It is worth mentioning that this event also added a special track for public welfare. Previously, the creator of Danzai has created environmental protection and child care themed public welfare maps such as “The End of the Sea”, “About Stray Dogs”, “Polar Bear Monologue”, “Yu” You Dream of the Galaxy”. Now the official government further encourages players to make public welfare maps, and players can also receive public welfare assistance funds by playing in the game, guiding the public to help public welfare.

Originality is not easy, and the most important prerequisite for the player co-creation ecosystem to thrive is to create a healthy creative environment that protects and respects original content.

In response, “Egg Boy Party” announced the launch of the “Creator Rights Protection Center”. Creators who encounter map plagiarism from third-party platforms can easily initiate rights protection requests and receive professional legal support and 1v1 full-process follow-up services. The official presence in person enhances the trust and sense of security of creators, and also demonstrates the importance of consolidating the “original paradise” ecology.


500 million users, 330,000 UGC maps produced in a single day, and more than 100 million maps accumulated in a year… Looking back at the entire domestic game market, there has never been a large DAU product that has achieved such an exaggerated level of co-creation of the ecosystem. It not only promotes Danzai IP to achieve high nationality, but also becomes the core competitiveness of the game that cannot be copied.

Now, as this game has truly transformed into a “national original paradise”, it has triggered deeper thinking about the future evolution of “Egg Boy Party”.

Contacted by “Danzi Linked Family Planning”, it was revealed that it holds “top international IP” that has not yet been revealed. Perhaps the next step for gaming will be towards universalization, diversification, and internationalization. A virtual paradise that is not limited by country, region, culture, and preferences is becoming increasingly clear.

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