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Recently, the 2023 China Game Industry Annual Conference and the 2023 Top Ten Game Ceremony were held in Guangzhou. The top ten awards are the most representative, influential and credible in the game industry. They are recognized within and outside the industry as one of the highest awards in the Chinese game industry. At the top ten ceremony, Xishanju won the 2023 Outstanding Game R&D Team Award and won the award for “Jianxia World” 3″, “Jian Wang 3” and other outstanding products were nominated for the top ten outstanding mobile games of the year, the top ten outstanding traditional Chinese culture games, and the top ten outstanding social value games.

As one of the earliest game manufacturers in China, Xishanju won the 2023 Outstanding Game R&D Team this time, which also confirms the company’s outstanding capabilities in high-quality R&D. Previously, the virtual reality core engine platform and its supporting tools independently developed by Xishanju have reached the international advanced level and received support from the National 863 Program. It is of great significance to the development of my country’s national brand and catching up with the world’s advanced level. By introducing core technologies such as real-time movie fill light function, non-homogeneous height fog, global illumination, virtual polygons, and real-time virtual texture, “Jian Wang 3 Ultimate Edition” has brought about iterative improvements in picture texture and created a more realistic The natural beauty of the rivers and lakes. In April 24, “Jian Wang 3” will also replace a new generation of self-developed engine, and the operating efficiency will be greatly improved by then.

Based on its strong R&D capabilities and technical reserves, Xishanju continues to develop a diversified product layout. While deeply cultivating classic IP, it also innovates and expands game categories. The near-future sci-fi mecha multiplayer battle game “Unlimited Machine” we are developing symbolizes our important attempt in Chinese science fiction and mecha-themed works, and also demonstrates the achievements of Chinese game research and development in hard surface modeling technology. achievements and progress. Whether it will be first revealed at the 2023 TGA, or it will soon be launched on the dual mainstream platforms of PC and consoles, the birth of “Unlimited Machine” is not only based on the accumulation and continuation of the experience of the global layout of Xishanju’s self-developed games, but also marks the beginning of the game A new milestone stage in global strategy.

This year, Xishanju was once again invited to perform the Sichuan Opera “Jushan Guanchuan” with customized masks from all sects at the Top Ten Ceremony, bringing a brand new visual feast to the audience and once again shining the new glory of the game’s cross-border opera adaptation. “Residing in the Mountains and Viewing the Rivers” is an innovative fusion of “Jian Wang 3” and Sichuan Opera. It is an important achievement of Xishanju’s exploration of the modern expression of traditional culture. While performing various pure Sichuan opera techniques such as Ba Zi Kung Fu, Shui Xiu Kung, and sheathing double swords, the performers organically integrated Sichuan Opera classic characters with elements of “Jian Wang 3”. While showing the original opera art, Xishanju deeply integrates national culture and classic game IP, making Yangchun Baixue’s culture and art move from behind the scenes to the front of the stage in a form that young people love to hear and see, and radiate new vitality. Lifting the waist, changing faces…all kinds of pure Sichuan opera techniques are once again out of the circle and shine in the new carrier of the game.

At the end of the ceremony, Qiu Bojun, the founder of Kingsoft Software, attended the speech and conveyed Kingsoft’s original intention and vision for gaming – to make games and make high-quality games. He said that a high-quality game should have profound cultural heritage, lasting vitality and a complete world view. In order to create a good game product, it must originate from inner love, devote patience to cultivation, and put in all your efforts to create a high-quality product.

As Qiu Bojun emphasized, to create high-quality games, we need to maintain the original intention of love, adhere to long-term operations, and continue to work hard. With 28 years of ingenious operation, Xishanju is committed to expanding the diverse value of games with the “Game+” model, actively exploring the positive functions of games in all scenarios in education, culture, technology and other fields, empowering the entire industry with games, and promoting social progress. Quality development.

In the past twenty years, China’s game industry has achieved rapid development from scratch, from weak to strong; facing the next twenty years, Xishanju will also move forward hand in hand with game practitioners, focusing on technological value, cultural value and The three dimensions of social value vigorously expand the infinite possibilities and boundaries contained in games.

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