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On December 16, the Tianfu Three Kingdoms E-sports and Music Industry Cultural Exchange Conference and the Tianfu Three Kingdoms E-sports Music Carnival Promotion Conference were held in Chengdu.Three Kingdoms E-Sports Music Carnival Launching Ceremony. The Three Kingdoms E-sports Music Carnival is organized by Shunwang Technology and Chengdu Star Entertainment under the guidance of the Sichuan Provincial Music Industry Leading Group Office, the Wuhou District People’s Government of Chengdu, the Chengdu Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau and the Three Kingdoms Creative Design Industry Functional Zone Management Committee. Culture, Shaanxi Green Tree E-sports, and Sichuan Sports Industry Federation are organized to popularize the cultural knowledge of the Three Kingdoms through the integration of the music industry, e-sports industry, animation industry, and the cultural and creative industries of the Three Kingdoms, and create a one-stop leisure, sightseeing and entertainment destination for travel routes , to promote the further development of Wuhou District’s tourism economy and further enhance the city image of Chengdu.

Cheng Jue, Director of the Strategic Development Department of Shunwang Technology, was invited to attend the meeting and delivered a speech.Cheng Jue said that for this carnival, we not only want to create an entertainment feast that integrates e-sports entertainment, modern music, passionate animation and other elements, but also create an experience that integrates the culture of the Three Kingdoms, Bashu culture, Tianfu culture, etc. to feel the charm of cultural diversity. An innovative experience that provides young people with a unique moment that combines the passion for e-sports leisure entertainment and music festivals with the atmosphere of traditional Chinese culture.

Shunwang Technology has joined forces with many partners to create the “Three Kingdoms E-Sports Music Carnival”, aiming to create a dynamic and creative entertainment event for the young generation Z group. At the same time, it will leverage the ChinaJoy brand and audience advantages of Shunwang to combine “music, e-sports and music.” Competition, animation, traditional culture” perfectly fits the scene, builds new future entertainment scenes, and explores new interactive entertainment models.Against this strategic background, the Three Kingdoms E-sports Music Carnival will showcase the four core cultures of music, e-sports, the Three Kingdoms, and animation.

In terms of music culture,The carnival will invite first-line stars, and by deeply exploring the music needs of Generation Z users, it will cover performances in rock, hip-hop, pop and other music types to meet user preferences in all aspects, allowing music fans’ favorite singers to be in place at once, creating a A unique immersive Three Kingdoms music party in the park. Based on the accumulation of Generation Z users, Shunwang Technology will create an offline pan-entertainment scene dominated by liveness and experience through music festivals. With the help of the empathy of music, it will use “happiness” to connect with young people. Further extend the pan-entertainment service scenario, strengthen the connection with Generation Z users, and further release the brand’s voice to the core group.

In terms of e-sports culture,The carnival will host the ChinaJoy National E-Sports Competition, as well as a series of events such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Invitational Tournament, Honor of Kings Series, Dream Three Kingdoms 2 Invitational Tournament, and Three Kingdoms Kill. Shunwang Technology, as a company that has always stood on the front line of the e-sports entertainment industry, has already established solid business advantages in e-sports marketing, smart competitions, e-sports hotels and other e-sports related scenarios. Influence, we will continue to expand the “e-sports +” ecology, fully embrace young groups, and actively incubate new scenarios.

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