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According to news on December 18, Perfect World today issued an internal announcement announcing organizational structure adjustments and personnel appointments. The purpose of this adjustment is to “implement flattening and management of game projects to improve resource utilization efficiency and improve project output.”

Perfect World stated in the announcement, “Perfect World appointed Tong Qing as President of Perfect World Holdings Group. Tong Qing will promote the group’s development of new businesses and explore new development opportunities and directions for the company. Tong Qing directly reported to Chairman Chi Yufeng Report. Thank you Tong Qing for his significant contributions to the listed company’s business over the years, and wish him excellent results in his new position.”

Interestingly, Tong Qing himself was previously nicknamed “Shopkeeper Tong” in the industry. After being appointed president of Perfect World Holdings Group today, Tong Qing has become the real “Shopkeeper” of Perfect World.

Tong Qing was appointed president of Perfect World Holdings Group

Public information shows that Tong Qing joined Perfect World in 2015. Before joining Perfect World, he was the producer of Changyou’s “Dialog 3D” mobile game project. Before developing “Dialog 3D”, Tong Qing worked as the director of the PC game He holds positions such as the chief planner of “Dragon” and the producer of the PC game “The Deer and the Cauldron”.

Around the National Day in 2015, with the active efforts of Perfect World, Tong Qing led the original team of the “Dragon 3D” mobile game to join Perfect World and took over the development of the “Zhu Xian” mobile game, which caused a sensation in the domestic gaming industry at that time. .

It is worth mentioning that the development cycle of the “Zhu Xian” mobile game project is not long, and the research and development is very compact and efficient. According to the information shared by Tong Qing before, the “Zhu Xian” mobile game project was established in November 2015, with a R&D team of 60 people. After the launch of Yueji, the revenue in the first month was 460 million, and the number of new users in the first month was 10 million, which was a great success. Tong Qing is also very proud of the development process of this game, “There will be no delays. Each test node will achieve its own goals and go online on time.“In Game-Time’s view, this reflects the strength of Tong Qing as a “gold medal producer” and the level of team research and development. Since then, Tong Qing has continued to lead his team in Perfect World to produce “Perfect World”, “Wulin Gaiden”, “Song of the Four Seasons of Yunmeng”, etc. A variety of mobile game products.

Seven years after joining Perfect World, Tong Qing relied on his previous performance and efforts to win the trust of Perfect World. He was appointed president of Perfect World Holdings Group and was given the important task of leading Perfect World to explore new businesses and directions. In his new position, What decisions Tong Qing will make will be worth paying attention to in the future.

In addition, Perfect World’s announcement today also made adjustments to the R&D team, as follows:

The first project center of the game business was split into Hardcore Studio and Qingyun Studio, each operating as an independent studio. Zhang Wei, head of Hardcore Studio, and Zong Zite, head of Qingyun Studio, report directly to Lu Xiaoyin, CEO of the game business.

The seventh project center of the game business was renamed Nebula Studio. Chen Jun, head of Nebula Studio, reported directly to Lu Xiaoyin, CEO of the game business.

The head of the game business Taohuayuan studio group was changed from Tong Qing to Bai Xue. Bai Xue reported directly to the game business CEO Lu Xiaoyin.

The following is the full text of the announcement:

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