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Today (June 19), exclusively distributed by bilibili Games, Jun Maeda’s tear-jerking new work “Burning Sky” officially announced a collaboration with the classic anime “Angel Beats!”. The collaboration event will start on the day of the public beta (July 17), and the popular characters of “Angel Beats!” “Tachika Kanade”, “Nakamura Yuri”, “Irie Miyuki” will all make a shining appearance, and have wonderful encounters and interesting interactions with many characters of the 31A unit in the game. At the same time, the soul of the original animation – the scriptwriter Jun Maeda will personally write the continued collaboration plot, and a new bond will be opened!

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Key’s super popular IP helps, and the tear-jerking animation linkage touches the players’ emotions

Angel Beats! is a project of animation, comics and other related works jointly planned by Key, ANIPLEX and Dengeki G’s magazine. The story of this work is written by the famous scriptwriter Jun Maeda of Key. The 13-episode animation produced by PAWORKS started in April 2010, and the comics began serialization in 2017.

The story mainly tells about the protagonist Yuzuru Otonashi who wakes up in the afterlife and meets the girl Yuri Nakamura at the afterlife school. At her invitation, he joins the afterlife front “SSS” to fight against the “angels”. In the process, Yuzuru Otonashi gradually uncovers the mystery of the world, and finally redeems himself with his friends and moves towards a new future.

With its rich characterization, positive and vital story core, and Jun Maeda’s signature delicate brushwork, “Angel Beats!” received a high score of 9.8 on Bilibili, becoming another emotional masterpiece after the “Tear-jerking Trilogy”. This work has a profound influence on the audience of the second dimension, giving rise to many widely circulated secondary creations.

As the public beta of “Blazing Sky” is approaching, Maeda Jun will continue the subsequent chapter of the “Angel Beats!” characters in “Blazing Sky” after more than ten years. From the official joint PV “Where the Cosmos Flowers Bloom”, it can be seen that the three joint characters of “Angel Beats!” will travel through time and space to meet the six members of the 31A unit, presenting a game feast that combines emotions and memories for fans.

Well-known playwright Jun Maeda is writing the sequel, and the blockbuster collaboration is full of sincerity

As a game with a storyline as its core, the joint activities of Blazing Sky and Angel Beats! can be said to be full of sincerity. The game does not only put the popular characters of Angel Beats! into the card pool and add a short activity plot, but focuses on the story writing of the intersection of two world lines. Players can enjoy an immersive plot experience of nearly 4 hours and full voice dubbing. In the story, there are a lot of Maeda Jun-style humorous plots, while also retaining the “original” Angel Beats!-style cruelty and burning pain.

In addition, the protagonist of this crossover story is also different. Instead of choosing the popular characters “Tachika Kanade” and “Nakamura Yuri” in the animation, the core is “Irie Miyuki”, the jazz drummer of the “Girls Dead Monster” band. On the one hand, the story of the former has been unfolded in more detail in the animation, and on the other hand, it is also very helpful to complete the story line of the animation. Jun Maeda unfolds from a new perspective, and I believe it will present a unique story experience for players and animation fans.

This approach of focusing more on the core audience experience has won rave reviews in overseas servers. In February 2023, the joint event of “Burning Sky” and “Angel Beats!” was launched, and it topped the App Store game best-selling list in Japan and Traditional Chinese regions, and also entered the top five best-selling list in South Korea, and was well received by players. I believe that this landing on the simplified Chinese server will also respond to the expectations of players with the greatest sincerity.

1 million reservations across the network have been reached, and the official linkage sharing activity is launched

Since the release of the simplified Chinese version of Blazing Sky in early February this year, the game has attracted a large number of ACG players. As of today, the number of reservations for Blazing Sky has exceeded 1 million. Go to the official website to make a reservation now to help unlock all the official website reservation rewards. You can receive 40 combos and SS Mao Sen Yue Ge and other benefits when the game is launched.

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At the same time, to celebrate the official beta release date and the confirmation of the joint activities, the “Blazing Sky” pre-heating sharing event is now online. Players who pre-order the game and complete the relevant tasks on the page can get lucky draws, and have the opportunity to win Macbooks, Nintendo Switches, “Blazing Sky” game figures/peripherals and many other luxury prizes! Players can also invite friends to participate in the pre-order event. For every successful pre-order of a friend invited, the inviting player can get 10 lucky draw opportunities. Up to 5 friends can be invited and get 50 lucky draw opportunities!

On July 17, “Blazing Sky” will officially start its public beta, and the “Angel Beats!” joint event will also be launched on the same day. I believe that whether it is a Japanese two-dimensional mobile game player or a loyal fan of “Angel Beats!” who has not seen it for a long time, they can use this opportunity to make up for their past regrets and recall the touching moments at that time.

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