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The new magic “Shine” that 3 million players have been looking forward to is back, and the dominant online game is once again ushering in a revival! The “Magical Baby: Resurrection” mobile game, which is officially authorized by SQUARE ENIX and developed by Shanghai Luyou, was officially launched today. At 10:00 am, the new Fran City officially opened its doors and welcomed the first batch of players, which also opened a new stage for this adventure journey that spanned 22 years of classic memories.

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The most important event on the day of the game’s public beta was the game’s spokesperson Liu Yifei’s“shine”The brand film was also released simultaneously, which not only added infinite brilliance and attention to the game’s public beta, but also cleverly combined the dreamlike charm of Magic Baby with real life, conveying a warm power.“shine”An exclusive version of the brand film is available for players to watch.

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Once the brand film was released, it was not only amazing for its excellent creativity and Liu Yifei’s beauty, but also for its moving content, it gained widespread resonance. Once the brand film was released, the topic instantly became a hot search on Weibo, with an exposure of over 10 million, and it also triggered heated discussions on platforms such as Douyin and Xiaohongshu. Now, you can watch it on the game’s official website ( to download the game and watch this thrilling“shine”Brand film.

Liu Yifei’s “Shining” brand film, how to warm people’s hearts with a game advertisement?

As the official public beta of the product, this brand advertisement carefully created by the official “Magic Baby: Revival” can be said to be well-made and full of emotions. Liu Yifei is dressed in a gorgeous magic dress, gorgeous and beautiful, and transformed into the captain of the magic whale ship in the world of “Magic Baby: Revival”. She travels through different spaces in the real world and leads a group of magical pets from the world of “Magic Baby: Revival”. She uses magic and the magical abilities of pets to help people in the real world find the little beauty of daily life and rekindle their love for life.

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As a game advertisement, it is extremely difficult to find a differentiated advertising presentation method based on the beautiful photos of Liu Yifei, and to reflect the unique connotation and charm of “Liu Yifei”. As we all know, as a world-renowned star, Liu Yifei has countless big-name commercials tailored for her, so why can this advertisement of “Magical Baby: Revival” trigger such widespread welcome and discussion?


First of all, the advertisement does not forcefully promote the selling points of the game, but focuses on some small states and common moments in people’s “daily life” in a very down-to-earth way: the hesitation caused by the forward thrust of life and time creates a sense of dullness. The rapid changes in shots and scenes quickly make people empathize.

At this time, a group of magical pets: water blue mouse, white wolf, demon grass, goblin, etc., set off with Liu Yifei’s magic to visit people in the real world, using magic and love to help them find the little happiness in their daily lives and rekindle their love and passion for life. This creativity not only deeply reflects the core value of “Magical Baby: Revival” – cherishing every beauty in life, but also demonstrates the perfect integration of Liu Yifei and the spirit of the game, conveying the positive energy of a positive and optimistic life.

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At the same time, the concept of “Magic Baby: Revival” was expressed through Liu Yifei’s narration: “The light spots hidden in ordinary life will shine again after a moment of pause.” Liu Yifei’s setting in the film is very consistent with the elements of the fantasy world, and through interaction with the real world, the advertisement is not only exclusive content that can be understood by game players. Most of the old players of the Magic IP can empathize with the emotions expressed by the people in the film when they encounter the insensitive state.

The perfect two-way match makes the Magic IP revitalized and upgraded

From the initial suspense preheating to the announcement of the spokesperson, to today’s public beta, every step of “Magic Baby: Revival” has condensed the ingenuity and sincerity of the official team. It can be said that this is a huge new upgrade from the perspective of IP and gameplay since the birth of the Magic IP. This upgrade is based on inheriting the essence and adapting the classic to the times.

Inviting Liu Yifei to be the game spokesperson has successfully won the love and praise of a large number of players and fans. As we all know, as a well-known “pet lover” in the entertainment industry, Liu Yifei often posts her warm daily life with her pets at home on social platforms, from which we can see her sincere feelings for her pets, which perfectly fits the spirit of never giving up between players and pets in “Magical Baby: Revival”.

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In the brand film that just went online“shine”In the game, Liu Yifei perfectly portrays a magic pet lover. Her interaction with the classic pet water blue mouse in the game will surely awaken the youthful memories of many magic players. At the same time, we can see that the classic pets in the game are all in a brand new 3D image. This is because “Magical Baby: Revival” retains the essence of the original work while comprehensively upgrading the pet image in the game. This time, players can happily interact with more realistic and lovely 3D pets.

Of course, in addition to showing off her charm in the short film, the Fairy Sister also came to the Farland on the day of the public beta. The game has now launched Liu Yifei’s exclusive activities and gameplay, with many rewards, so don’t miss it! Not only can you team up with the Fairy Sister in the game to adventure and fight together, and dance together, but you can also get various special props related to the spokesperson. It is worth mentioning that the official has designed interactive easter eggs very carefully. In the brand film, a letter written by Liu Yifei was actually sent to every player in the game. Such details are really amazing.


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Diversified pet battle and development, your adventure journey will never be the same

“Magical Baby: Revival” provides more than 500 kinds of pets, from the cute blue mouse to the soft but indestructible slime, satisfying all the players’ desires for collection and adventure. All pets in the game can be captured freely, and each pet has the potential to become a powerful helper in your adventure and grow into what you want. In addition, the game adopts a 1-person 5-pet battle mode, which supports players to build a diverse team combination, and achieve strategic upgrades through the unique skills and attributes of pets, doubling the fun of battle.

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In addition to the rich pets, the game also prepares a variety of professions for players. The same profession also has multiple schools of thought. With the five pets that the team can freely match, there is no strongest one, only the possibility of mutual restraint. Your growth trajectory is absolutely unique. If you don’t like fighting? It doesn’t matter. Everyone in the game can have their own pursuits, such as a powerful battle master, a pet master surrounded by cute pets, or a master craftsman who creates countless top-quality equipment, etc. The rich gameplay provides you with space to achieve all possibilities.

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“Magical Baby: Revival” also starts from the player’s perspective and prepares easy-to-relieve functions such as automatic combat and offline hang-up for everyone. You can get stable income even when offline. At the same time, you can freely trade top-quality equipment and pets in the game without any restrictions!


The public beta carnival starts today, and everyone can receive massive benefits

To celebrate the arrival of the public beta, “Magical Baby: Revival” has prepared a series of generous welfare activities for players, including but not limited to pre-order rewards, novice gift packs, daily login rewards and public beta launch activities, etc. There is also a chance to get Liu Yifei’s autographed peripherals, in-game limited pets and other rare gifts, ensuring that every adventurer who sets foot on the Fran Continent can return with a full load and embark on a journey full of surprises and challenges.


Since the official announcement of “Magical Baby: Revival”, from the first technical test recruitment, to the stunning appearance of this month’s spokesperson Liu Yifei, to the official launch of the public beta today, the official team has never ignored the needs and opinions of players, and always demonstrated sincerity from the details. During this period of time, the player community has received rave reviews. Many old players feel that “youth is back”, and new players are also deeply attracted by the high quality and innovative gameplay of the game, and have expressed their long-awaited expectations. As of the public beta, the number of reservations for the game on all platforms has exceeded 3 million. On the day the pre-download was launched, it topped the App Store’s free game list. “Magical Baby: Revival” has completed the redefinition and sublimation of the classic IP!

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