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UK games market grew 4.4% last year PS software revenue overtakes Nintendo From Butter Club to major international companies, why are game manufacturers doing this business?


Game-Time reports/Perhaps due to the normalization of domestic game version issuance, the number of new mobile game product releases continues to grow. According to preliminary statistics from Gamelook, a total of 28 mobile games are expected to be launched in April 2024.

Similar to the situation of version number approval, most of the new games scheduled for April come from small and medium-sized manufacturers. However, Perfect World, Bilibili, Xishanju, China Literature,, and Hero Entertainment all have new games coming soon.

It is worth noting that the games launched this month include SLG’s blockbuster overseas products that have been transferred to domestic sales, as well as mobile game versions of big-name IPs. There are also many two-dimensional and nationally-created games that are scheduled to be released. The number of card placement and simulation business categories There are quite a few. In addition, many new games in the small and medium-sized simulation games have appeared this month.

Among the second-tier domestically-created products, the most noteworthy are “Wu Hua Mi Xin” released by Bilibili, “Persona: Phantom of the Night” by Perfect World, and “Journey to the West 2” by

The overseas versions of SLG’s products “State of Survival” and “Puzzles & Survival” are top products on the track. Among them, the highest monthly revenue of State of Survival has exceeded 500 million yuan, and Puzzles & Survival also set a monthly turnover record of over 300 million yuan.

It is also worth mentioning that Xishanju’s blockbuster IP mobile game “Jian Wang 3: Unbounded” is scheduled to be launched in April.

The following is an introduction to the main game products launched in April 2024:

Two-dimensional, animation IP adaptation, and nationally-created games are on the scene.

Compared with the dullness in March, it is scheduled to be released in April.Second dimension, national innovation, IP adaptationThe number of games has increased significantly. It can be said that everyonescramblingGrab limited slots to avoidThe intensive release period of masterpieces in May and June, fromNew games for AprilIn terms of supply,Game quality and qualityIt is guaranteed.

Thunder Games “One Piece: Dream Pointer”

“One Piece: Dream Pointer” is an IP product authorized by Toei Animation’s genuine IP, jointly published by Thunder Games and Aofei Games, and costing 300 million yuan to create.

The core members of the research and development team Qianxunsha are basically from the “One Piece: Dream Pointer” project team during the Byte era. They have completely participated in the adaptation and production of many Japanese comic IP products such as One Piece and Naruto, and have many years of experience in comic book games. accumulation of experience.Players can experience the world view setting under the “One Piece” IP in the game, and engage in in-depth plot adventures and card battles.

After being launched on April 1, “One Piece: Dream Pointer” topped the free list of the App Store within 2 hours, and also ranked first on the TapTap popular list.

Perfect World “Persona: Phantom of the Night”

This game was first exposed in 2021. It is “Persona: Phantom of the Night (P5X)”, which is authorized by Sega’s genuine IP, deeply participated in the comprehensive supervision of ATLUS, and created by Perfect World. It is based on the world view of “P5” The “Persona” IP series derivative game that unfolds the story will be officially released on April 12, including PC and mobile game versions.

Reading game “Fights Break the Sphere: The Three-Year Covenant”

“Fights to Break the Sky: The Three-Year Covenant” is an officially authorized idle RPG mobile game. Based on the plot and characters of the Fighting to Break the Sky, it creates a fantasy world of Fighting to Break the Sky where players can take risks and fight.

Station B “Everything is new”

Originally called “Lai Gu Mi Xin”, it is a Chinese-style two-dimensional mobile game with the theme of anthropomorphic utensils. It focuses on war chess gameplay and is jointly published by Long Yuan’s Cipai Studio and Bilibili. It is recognized and expected by players for its antique style and dedication to spreading excellent traditional Chinese culture.

According to data from the game’s official website, the number of pre-ordered users of “Wuhua Mixin” has reached nearly 2.6 million.’s “Journey to the West 2”

“Young Journey to the West 2” is a Chinese two-dimensional card RPG with the “Silk Road Punk” label. The game is based on the myth of Journey to the West and Tang civilization, allowing players to embark on a multicultural adventure.

Ju Zhifeng “Above the Star Soul”

“Above the Star Soul” is a two-dimensional card placement mobile game. As a time traveler, the player comes to the Star Fate Continent. Here, he needs to summon his favorite two-dimensional heroes to participate in various levels and copies. The only way is to continue to participate. Only by taking risks and challenges can you find the lost Star God and lead your own camp to protect the peace of the continent.

Top overseas games return to the domestic market, Xishanju MMO debuts

With the continuous issuance of version numbers, a number of SLG head games that have previously achieved great success in overseas markets are gradually returning to the domestic market, and this month ushered in“State of Survival”,The Chinese version of “Puzzles & Survival” is now available.

Shanghai Dreammaking “Line of Defense”

“Dawn of Defense” is a popular SLG product that has been “sold domestically”. The Chinese version is published by Shanghai Dream. The overseas version of this game, “State of Survival”, was published by FunPlus. It was officially launched in overseas markets in 2019 and has since grown into a global hit. According to official statements, this game already has more than 200 million users. Three-party data shows that “State of Survival” has set a peak monthly revenue record of 500 million yuan.

Yiyu’s “Breaking of Dawn” iOS version launched

Also an export-to-domestic hit, the overseas version of “Breaking Dawn” “Puzzles & Survival” is published by Sanqi Interactive Entertainment. It adopts a doomsday theme and successfully integrates casual match-3 gameplay into heavy-duty SLG. Clear levels, and have 4X SLG gameplay of exploration, expansion, development and government. The peak overseas monthly revenue exceeds 300 million yuan. Unlike the overseas version, which is distributed by Sanqi Interactive Entertainment, the Chinese version is published by Yiyu itself. Its Android version has been launched on the domestic andriod channel on March 21, and iOS is expected to be released on April 10.

Xishanju “Jian Wang 3: Unbounded”

This is an MMO mobile game adapted from the IP of “Jian Wang 3”. After obtaining the version number at the end of October last year, the engine was changed and renamed “Jian Wang 3 Unsolved”. According to the official introduction of the game, players can play with PC version friends on both sides. Interoperability and truly achieve unbounded interoperability. According to Gamelook, the game may also launch a Vision Pro version. As of press time, the number of game reservation users has exceeded 7.77 million.

Hero Game “Interstellar Area 52”

The game is based on the well-known domestic science fiction IP “Red Tide”. It cleverly combines ancient Chinese legends, “The Classic of Mountains and Seas” and science fiction elements, greatly expanding the world view of the series. Through highly imaginative hero design and high-precision 3D modeling and rendering technology, the game It has created a Crimson Tide IP universe full of Chinese science fiction and romantic aesthetics. Players can recruit the three classic racial characters of Star Alliance, Goddess and Senluo, and use strategies to join forces to fight against the Otis Legion.

According to Gamelook, the game has been launched on iOS in overseas markets in 2022, and has topped the free charts in the United States and France many times. By the end of last year, it had been downloaded more than 3 million times, with sales exceeding $50 million, and an average score of 4.4 stars.

There are more and more simulation games

As many of the biggest purchasers have gained increasing income from simulation games, and in particular, many simulation games have achieved good results in WeChat mini-games, there are currently more and more new games with simulation gameplay.

Jinshan World Travel “Cat and Soup”

“Cat and Soup” is a healing simulation management and development mobile game developed by South Korea’s Neowiz Games and represented by Kingsoft World Games. It takes the deep relationship between humans and cats as its theme and allows players to easily pet cats online.

Tianzhimeng Game “My Leisure Time”

“My Leisure Time” is a life simulation game published by Tianzhimeng Games. Players can experience virtual leisure life in the game. They can plant flowers, make coffee, decorate items, etc. It also provides various tasks and challenges.

Chimeng Network “Dream Manor”

“Dream Manor” is a casual mobile game with tower defense + simulated business gameplay independently developed by Chimeng Network. Players can harvest crops, process goods in the factory, and continuously develop the manor. You can also open restaurants and build other buildings to create your own dream town. In addition, the game also adds a tower defense gameplay to allow players to defend their manor.

TOEIC Network “Fortification and Exploration”

“Fortification and Exploration” is an ancient-style management simulation game with a unique style. In the game, players return to ancient times to manage their own industries and continuously develop land to gain more profits. There is also a battle mode designed in the game, where players can complete challenges to increase experience, and can freely experience more modes.

“Small Farmers in Fairy Mountains” by Nanjing Youbei

“Fairy Mountain Farmer” is a landscape management simulation mobile game developed by Yunhai Studio. Players can manage their own territory, cut down trees, fish, raise animals, have picnics, etc.

It is most common for other companies to place games

Magic game “Super Vitality Stickman”

“Super Vitality Stickman” is a cute version of MMO mobile game, which uses the classic stickman IP. Players can choose professions such as swordsman, mage, ranger, and dancer to explore a different world. It also adds the classic MMO face-squeezing gameplay. There are also various tasks and dungeons to unlock new skills and equipment to continuously improve your strength. In addition, the game also adds a free trading system.

Guangzhou Feituo’s “Xiaoyao Zhi”

“Xiaoyaozhi” is a Chinese-style card placement mobile game with a magical style. Players can play different roles and experience different paths to immortality.

“The Hero and the Castle” by Zhejiang Youyi

“Heroes and Castles” is an adventure card game that focuses on hero collection and contract construction. The characters in the game are cute in style. Players become adventurers to explore dungeons full of dangers, and complete exciting battles through collected decks of cards.

Moying Studio “Jianghu Moshilu”

“Jianghu Moshilu” is a martial arts-themed light strategy card game developed by Moying Studio. The player, as an unknown person, travels the rivers and lakes, retrieves the eight magic weapons from various sects, and upgrades his own martial arts. Tiantuan.

Shanghai Heyyou “One Hit”

“One Hit” is a casual shooting mobile game. Players need to use various scene props and traps to become an elite sniper who protects peace.

Understanding and entertaining each other “Ethereal Confucian Immortals”

“Ethereal Confucian Immortal” is a strategy tower defense game with the theme of cultivating immortals published by Xinxin Interactive Entertainment. Players play the role of cultivators and resist waves of monsters guarding scrolls. The game chooses a landscape and Chinese-style picture, and players can mix their own skills and let the character attack automatically.

“Unknown Ninja Jump” by Unknown A, B and B Studio

“Unknown Ninja Jump” is a martial arts placement fighting RPG game. Players can fight with swords and experience rich plots. The gameplay is idle and does not require hard-core operations. Players can easily travel around the world.

“The Seventh Fantasy Realm” by Hangzhou Miaorui

“The Seventh Fantasy Realm” is a vertical card placement game. The game is composed of female characters from all over the world. The main gameplay of the game is placement, team composition and character development.

Wuhan Kuaiyou Interactive “Cute Pet Battle”

“Cute Pet Battle” is an idle RPG game. Players play the role of brave warriors to save the magical world eroded by evil forces. They lead their pets and troops to fight against various monsters and defeat the leaders of evil forces. In addition to adventure and combat, players can also build their own homes in the magical world, grow plants, and study magic.

Dongpin Games “Da Vinci’s Chamber of Secrets 2”

“Da Vinci’s Chamber of Secrets 2” is a puzzle game published by Dongpin Games. Players become Da Vinci students and explore various puzzles, mechanical devices and complex inventions to find out the truth and prevent the mystery. Man’s conspiracy to seize the “Eternal Eye”. And through the artifact “Eye of Eternal Mark”, he traveled through time and space, witnessed a series of mysterious events, and witnessed the greatest discovery in human history.

Yimei Network “Poetry of Stars”

“Poetry of Stars” is a DBG strategy game that combines roguelike and poker elements. The game of the same name is currently available on the Steam platform. Judging from the information currently exposed on the game, the quality of “Poetry of the Star Song” has reached a moderate two-dimensional level, but the reservation information shows that there are no in-app purchases. If the information is true, then the business model of the game is either pre-paid like Steam. , or the IAA model will be adopted.

Shengtian Games “Star Wings”

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