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Game-Time report / It’s April 1st again every year. At a time when the mental state of the Internet is increasingly in danger, “April Fool’s Day” has become the best time for many netizens to go crazy.

Of course, since this day comes with any exaggerated expressions that can be understood as joke buffs, many game companies have also seized this point, put down their posture, and started to work hard. While making players laugh, they also Promote your own products.

This year is no exception. Game-Time has also summarized some good things that domestic and foreign game companies (basically Asian companies, after all, Europe and the United States have not yet reached April 1st) this year before the author finished the article. I invite you to share them.

“Jian Wang 3”: the first game for Xiaomi car owners

In addition to car bloggers, I didn’t expect that game bloggers like Game-Time could also enjoy the popularity of Xiaomi cars.

As the annual “serious revelation” of Jian Wang 3 mixed with true and false, Jian Nian officially announced on April Fool’s Day that the game will also be launched on Xiaomi’s cars after Mac, Apple’s Vision Pro and other platforms.

Considering the relationship between Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun and Kingsoft, it is not impossible that Jian Wang 3 will be launched on Xiaomi cars in cloud gaming mode. After all, Tesla has been working hard to port platforms such as Steam to its own cars, so there should be a certain demand for in-car entertainment scenarios.

“Code Name Kite”: Sorry, we ran away.

On April Fool’s Day, of course some products will choose the most classic running memes.

Not long ago, the otome game “Code Name Kite”, which was frequently searched due to the in-game plot and copywriting, suddenly released a “runaway announcement” in the game, which truly scared many players.

However, although this approach is not new, it is more effective. In other companies, it is a complete April Fool’s Day. When our own players are busy, many topics related to “Code Name Kite” have appeared on Weibo hot searches. .

“Aurora White Night”: Your prince can also be a frog, croak

To introduce, this is the latest light spirit in “Aurora White Night” and the player’s dream frog: His Highness the White Frog Prince.

There’s not much to say, Gua Gua is so handsome.

“Phantom Beast Palu”: ​​I’m sorry, Gua Gua, I’ve moved on.

Also playing the animal card is “Pallu the Phantom”. On April Fool’s Day, the game officially announced a love simulation game based on Pallu, and even announced that the R18 version would be released simultaneously, directly turning the desires of countless players into reality.

The official also said, “Actually, Phantom Beast Parlu was originally developed as a love simulation game, but due to impulse, it became the current game form. By the way, the CEO is currently in love with the naughty cat.”

Brother, you smell so good

“Arknights”: The essence of stock trading is fighting crickets

Stock trading is an art, and you deserve the “Tyla Investment Master Class”. Through the cricket fighting gameplay in the game, let the gold medal lecturer take you to the pinnacle of life.

However, although Game-Time does not know whether Arknights’ “Terra Investment Masterclass” is worth signing up for, the green interface somewhat evokes some bad memories.

If we were wrong, the stock price would have plummeted.

“Goddess of Victory: Nikke”: Not only “Sword Star”, our new 3A is also working on it.

Korean company Shift Up has also joined the array of Japanese companies that lie about new games.

The company’s mobile game “Victory Nikke” recently released the AAA girl shooting masterpiece “Dead Spicy” derived from the game, and released a PV video. Although the entire announcement is well-organized, considering that Shift Up is not a large company with a particularly large number of people, and the company’s PS5 masterpiece “Sword Star” is about to be launched soon, this PV obviously belongs to the array of April Fool’s Day activities.

“Pokemon Sleep”: I can definitely win this game

Are you still worried that KPL and LPL are too demanding to operate? Are you still afraid of being hacked and having your account banned by EA when participating in the Apex League? Come and participate in the 2024 Pokémon Sleep Masters. The eight-hour no-operation battle allows us to sleep powerfully, sleep with confidence, and challenge gold medal sleep quality with difficult sleeping positions.

It’s a pity for a jobber like me who has insomnia. I’m afraid I won’t be able to compete in the Pokémon Sleep Contest.

Capcom: Don’t worry *yin, come and take a ride on our helicopter.

Perhaps inspired by various overseas flight accidents this year, Capcom, a well-known helicopter crasher and whose games have many vehicle killers, decided to enter the aviation manufacturing industry this year, using the slogan “The pleasure of flying” and decided to Introducing helicopters “to provide comfortable air travel for everyone.”

Japanese players responded enthusiastically on Twitter, saying, “That’s great. I hope your business can become active outside of Japan.”

Epic: Acquiring Steam, I will meet your needs

As the saying goes, many true thoughts are expressed through jokes.

On April Fool’s Day this year, the Epic Game Mall directly turned its attention to its biggest competitor, Steam, announcing that it would acquire the platform and make all R18 games on it free.

It is worth mentioning that not long ago, Epic officials were still talking about the popularization of Bilibili. Why can’t Epic sell small butter?

The body is very honest

Azure Files: Do you want to be a Rap Star? Or the Master of Rima?

Rather than making memes, Nexon’s “Blue Files” chose to create memes this year.

Immediately before April Fool’s Day, the international server of “Blue Files” released a trailer and warm-up video, indicating that its two most popular characters will hold a Rap Battle with the theme of strawberry milk.

The Japanese server of “Blue Files” released a preview of the mahjong gameplay. It is currently unclear whether this gameplay will be implemented in the game.

“Epic Seven”: As long as I make fun of myself, no more trucks will hit me.

Compared with the various shocking speeches and activities outside the game, “Epic Seven”, which had just withstood the truck gift before, chose to use text in the game to laugh at itself on April Fool’s Day this year, including but not limited to numerical explosions and being rushed by players. The lost development system, “the scars are healed and the pain is forgotten”, etc., which made me feel bad about myself.

He also said, “I hope I won’t receive any protests from trucks. No, even if I did, I would have nothing to say.”

FGO (foreign service): Our FGO is a ball game

As in previous years, FGO has reorganized its activities overseas and released a brand new derivative game “Fate/Dream Striker”. Although the game’s setting is still nonsense and seems a bit high-end, it is actually a writing football, pronounced as ” Masturbation” products.

For specific gameplay details, please see the official animation below:

As for the FGO national server, it rarely participated in the April Fool’s Day event today, replicating the previous April Fool’s Day baseball gameplay in the Japanese server.

“Princess Connect Re:Dive” this time the advertising volume came true

Similar to FGO, CY Games this year launched a one-day limited web game for its own “Princess Connection Re:Dive”. Players need to save the characters in the game by experiencing various gameplays in restore purchase ads.

According to official data, the mini-game achieved the achievement of “the number of rescued characters has reached 1.5 million” at 11 a.m. this morning, which shows the enthusiasm of players.

“World Di Xing Meng Xing Chen”: It’s really up to me to make a living

As the most important player on April Fool’s Day this year, when everyone was joking, the game caused a game bug due to the April Fool’s Day event in the game. The product cannot be logged in. Players need to adjust the system time to a date other than April 1. Play normally.

Became the first person to “stew yourself in an iron pot” on April Fool’s Day this year.

“Twirling Rhythm”: Schrödinger’s April Fool’s Score

Like many audio games, “Third Rhythm” also launched special music and charts during April Fool’s Day. However, due to game bugs, players were unable to play the special April Fool’s Day content at the beginning during April Fool’s Day.

“Until anyone plays it, this April Fool’s Day chart exists and does not exist at the same time.”

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