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Let’s talk about the launch of SLG “Three Strategies”. How many industry perceptions has it broken? Japan follows the EU in enacting new laws: forcing Apple to support third-party app stores and third-party payments

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GameLook report/As the user market enters the stock stage, secondary creation has increasingly become an important way for games to consolidate core players and expand their influence. In this regard, as a two-dimensional game manufacturer, Mihayou is particularly familiar with the road.

Mihayou has always maintained a fairly open attitude towards secondary creations. As early as 2021, its “Yuanshin” released a “Guidelines for the Operation of Genshin Doujin Peripherals”, allowing and encouraging fan creators to make profits through secondary creations, which is in stark contrast to the conservative attitude of manufacturers such as Disney. It is also because of this that this pioneering move has shocked many colleagues in the circle.

And recently, Mihayou has once again done a hard job: it has carried out a round of upgrades for the second-generation peripheral service “Creation Stall” in its community APP Miyou Club, and officially launched the production service.

In other words, in the future, the second creators of Miyou Club will be able to focus more on the creation of works without worrying about the tedious production process. It has to be said that the transformation has extraordinary significance for the current secondary creation market, and it is likely to break the existing creative model.

What does “subscription production” service look like?

From the official introduction, this sub-production service mainly includes 6 rights and interests. Not only can creators be provided with a variety of products and crafts such as badges, mouse pads, and pillows, but the official will also give professional advice and guidance based on the provided pictures and intentions, and follow up the whole process on the production side. Even after the production is completed, some excellent peripheral officials will also give corresponding planning recommendations.

Among them, “hosted all-inclusive service” is the most eye-catching part. The good thing about this service is that it accurately captures the reason why potential second creators “did not take the first step”—that is, in addition to creation, they have to constantly spend energy on cumbersome links such as contacting foundries, merchandising, and delivery. If it is not for love, such energy does not match the final income.

Then, with the launch of the “managed all-inclusive service”, the above problems are expected to be resolved. According to the official introduction, in the “hosted all-inclusive service”, the official will not only follow up the proofing, but also supervise the production process of the bulk order until the product completes the quality inspection and enters the warehouse.

Compared with the two creators who do the copying by themselves, the advantage of mihayou’s official presence is that its staff are basically professional, and they can find many problems that non-professionals cannot find during the copying process, and give immediate feedback to the foundry, so as to greatly avoid the occurrence of defective products and ensure product quality and construction schedule.

It stands to reason that at the step of “warehousing”, Mihayou has actually completed its “mission”, and then it only needs to hand over the goods to the creators for sale. You know, Miyou Club has already set up a ready-made fan peripheral sales platform. After the creators get the goods, they only need to click on the shelves to sell, and then deliver the goods and wait to collect the money. It is very simple and direct.

But Mihayou obviously doesn’t think so.

In order to further eliminate the tedious links other than creation and reduce the psychological burden of creators, MiHoYo’s “on behalf of production” service even includes “packaging and delivery” and “after-sales” services. Coupled with the ready-made peripheral sales platform, Mihayou has indeed achieved “one-stop service” in supporting the second creation. In other words, even creators with zero experience who know nothing about peripheral OEMs can produce as long as they provide pictures, turning their love into revenue.

More importantly, with the support of a comprehensive service system, subsequent creators can focus most of their attention on creation, bringing more and better works, fulfilling the promise of “you just create, and leave the rest of the trivial things to Mihayou”, which is more conducive to the realization of small-scale second creators.

Judging from the player comments, there are not a few people who are excited.

But at the same time, some creators also reported the high proportion of service fees for “on behalf of production”. According to GameLook, the proportion of this part is 12%.

The upper, middle and lower reaches are all connected, Mihayou will redefine the secondary innovation market

Previously, when Mihayou released Yuanshen IP rights, many people thought it was an act of Mihayou to trap core users and expand the influence of IP. But now it seems that this kind of view still appears to be “small in scale”.

For now, the official launch of the “on behalf of production” service means that Mihayou has captured the upstream creators, manufacturers, and downstream consumers, and has truly completed the full coverage of the upstream and downstream of the secondary creation market, becoming the first game manufacturer in China to integrate the secondary creation industry chain.

Considering that MiHoYo has been dealing with foundries for many years, it already has stable and high-quality production partners. Extracting these high-quality partners from the official peripherals and covering the secondary market will not only help expand the market space and cultivate peripheral culture based on its own IP, but also give full play to the production capacity of the foundries, strengthen cooperative relations, and establish a new supply chain management model. This kind of change to the bottom layer of the market ecology is what MiHoYo wants most.

In GameLook’s view, the fact that Mihayou spends so much energy on secondary innovation actually demonstrates its unique insights into the future development of the secondary game market. As we all know, the second tour track has been very popular in recent years and has become the most competitive category. However, unlike the popular second game, the second game that made its fortune in the second game is still standing still, and the market can be called a ruin.

Why do you say that?

In fact, even now, with the exception of Mihayou, the second creation of most games basically relies on the author to “generate electricity for love”. Only a few people can get some business orders or incentives, and most people are in a state of making ends meet, let alone the so-called fan creation ecology.

In contrast, Mihayou has always endorsed fan authors with an official attitude in the past, and has taken the initiative to open publicity channels for them. But now that the one-stop service has been established, theoretically the official channel has become the best solution for fan authors to make a profit. As long as it is a second creation of Mihayou, basically it can only go through the official channel.

This kind of model that can support the fan creation ecology and firmly control the channels in their own hands can effectively avoid the illegal and irregular problems that often occur in fan creation, and at the same time ensure that the quality of the peripherals will not damage the image of the IP. After all, related incidents have also appeared in “Honkai 3” in the past, and it may even have a fundamental impact on the creation ecology of the second game, just like what Mihayou did in the second game circle (payment model, holy relic system), redefining the second creation.

After all, MiHoYo still wants to be the maker of market rules. And it has indeed done what its two-dimensional manufacturers have not done. Of course, after integrating the supply chain of the secondary entrepreneurship market, MiHoYo is not completely in charge of everything, at least in the creation process, it is still impossible to grasp the creator’s emotions. At present, it seems that this new model that may change the pattern of the secondary entrepreneurship market is “everything is ready, it only owes the creator’s idea”.

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